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Little Unicorn – Deluxe Muslin Blankets Review

Do your kids have a special blanket in their life? To be quite honest, I try to make sure that our children don’t become exceptionally attached to just ONE specific blanket or stuffie.

I’ve seen it happen way too often when something happens to that beloved item and the heartaches are almost unbearable. So, even though I don’t encourage a strong bond to just one item, we do have some really nice blankets that get used more often than others.

Living in Minnesota, we definitely need some good blankets for the wintertime. They come in especially handy for car rides, since thick winter coats are unsafe in car seats. Our way of bundling up on the really cold winter days comes in the form of covering with a blanket in the car.

Of course, we also love using our special Little Unicorn muslin blankets to snuggle up on the couch or in front of the fireplace too!

Little Unicorn - Deluxe Muslin Blankets Review

Benefits Of Little Unicorn’s Muslin

There’s a reason you keep seeing ‘muslin’ in so many baby blankets these days, it’s a great fabric! An over-under weave makes muslin more resilient to frequent use and washing and that’s why Little Unicorn loves to utilize it on so many products! You’ll especially love Little Unicorn’s muslin as it features:

  • Versatility: Muslin is an extremely absorbent and soft material which makes it ideal for spit-up, teething, and keeping baby clean.
  • Premium Quality: Did you know that not all muslin fabric is created equal? Little Unicorn uses only high-quality fibers to create a more robust yarn, weaved in a high thread count. This detail creates a softer, longer-lasting blanket.
  • Breathable + Lightweight: The open weave in their muslin allows for improved airflow which works to reduce the risk of overheating and better regulating of baby’s temperature.
  • Gorgeous Details: From concept to final product delivered, the Little Unicorn team reviews every detail to ensure the final products are as beautiful as they are functional.
baby girl playing on blanket - Little Unicorn - Deluxe Muslin Blankets Review

Deluxe Muslin Baby Quilt – Rainbows & Raindrops

Say hello to Little Unicorn’s Deluxe Muslin Baby Quilt in Rainbows and Raindrops! This blanket is perfectly sized for the babies in your life and is certain to be a favorite choice from your little one’s blanket collection.

baby girl - Little Unicorn - Deluxe Muslin Blankets Review

Everyone LOVES how this blanket feels! It’s composed of 100% rayon made from bamboo. This delicate fabric is silky-soft right out of the box, which means it’s extra gentle on baby’s sensitive skin.

Sleeping baby girl - Little Unicorn - Deluxe Muslin Blankets Review

This deluxe baby quilt is perfectly sized at 30″ x 40″ and great for snuggles, tummy time, on-the-go in the car, or when riding in your favorite stroller.

The beautiful print is featured on both sides with Little Unicorn’s signature artwork and makes a beautiful touch to any nursery. It would also be the perfect shower gift!

Ruby loves snuggling up with her baby quilt and it comes in handy often as we go about our days. We’ve used it to play toys on, covered up when nursing, snuggled in the car to keep warm, played peek-a-boo, and more!

baby girl - Little Unicorn - Deluxe Muslin Blankets Review

Deluxe Muslin Quilted Throw – Fairy Gardens

The most special things deserve a bit more love and this blanket deserves to go to your favorite little person!

girl on couch with blanket:    Little Unicorn - Deluxe Muslin Blankets Review

Crafted with the same composition of high-quality materials as the baby quilt above, this gorgeous blanket generously measures in at 60″ x 72″.

No matter if you’re wrapping your tiny newborn or snuggling with your big kid – each moment will feel a little extra special with this blanket. My 8-year-old absolutely adores the pretty Fairy Garden print with its soft border and floral composition.

Little Unicorn - Deluxe Muslin Blankets Review

Final Thoughts On Little Unicorn Deluxe Muslin Blankets

If you are looking for a really awesome blanket, look no further than Little Unicorn. Everyone in my family wants one now!

I am super impressed with these deluxe muslin blankets! They are so soft that I find myself constantly touching these blankets when the girls have them near. The prints are also classic, simple prints that will never go out of style.

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Shirley O

Monday 11th of September 2023

Super cute little blanket and it sounds like the quality is exceptional. My granddaughter would love this!


Wednesday 1st of February 2023

They are so pretty and look so comfortable.

Maria Egan

Monday 23rd of January 2023

Having that special blanket sure makes a difference for naps and bedtime. Muslin blankets are so cozy.

Lauryn R

Monday 16th of January 2023

I have heard so many good things about muslin clothes and blankets! I sadly didn't have any when mine were babies, but I definitely wish I would have! Muslin has such pretty, soft patterns and look so comfortable! They will be first on my Wishlist when I have my next baby. I love that they make blankets now too, how perfect!