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6 Reasons to Let Kids Get Dirty [Featuring The Simplay3 Young Explorers Discovery Playhouse] + Giveaway!

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Summer is in full swing here in Minnesota. This has meant a lot of time outside for our little family of 3. Living out in the county and right next to grandpa’s farm, means that my son spends a lot of time getting into some messy situations. Check out why it is okay to Let Kids Get Dirty and how they can have lots of outside fun with the Simplay3 Young Explorers Indoor/Outdoor Discovery Playhouse

6 Reasons to Let Kids Get Dirty [Featuring The Simplay3 Young Explorers Discovery Playhouse]

Toddler boy laying on grass in front of tractor

1. Dirty Kids Have Healthier Immune Systems

When we think of dirt, we might think of things being full of germs and therefore unhealthy, but that is not always true and not necessarily a bad thing. Dirt is actually filled with all sorts of healthy microbes. When we let kids get dirty by exposing them to dirt, it can actually strengthen their immune systems which can help to prevent chronic conditions like asthma, allergies, diabetes, and obesity. Exposure to dirt and germs helps children’s immune systems.

toddler on grass by tractorAt first, I had a very hard time with letting my son get dirty. When we played outside, I was constantly trying to confine him to a blanket and wiped off his hands every 30 seconds. Then I realized that I need to just let him explore! This ‘protection’ is not actually protecting him, it could actually be harming him. 

2. When You Stop Worrying About Dirt, You Can Relax

I quickly realized that I was not only stifling my son, but I was causing myself extra worry and stress every time we played outside. When you stop worrying about a little dirt and lets kids get dirty, you can start to relax. My son is still quite young, so I do have to make sure that I am keeping him safe. While allowing your little one to explore the great outdoors, you do need to be watching for choking hazards and injury. Yet, once you survey your surroundings and find a safe spot, you can often start to relax if you just allow your child to explore and have some supervised fun.  

little boy sitting in garden

3. Improves Motor Skills

One of the greatest benefits of playing outside is that it teaches children motor skills. This is especially important for infants and young toddlers. 

toddler smiling in playhouseBabies that are introduced to the great outdoors while learning how to walk also experience a great advantage. Most children learn how to walk on indoor, flat surfaces. While this is a fine way to teach them, it doesn’t expose them to all the different surfaces they will experience. A sandy beach or a grassy hill can improve balance and coordination. Check out my list of 25 Activities for 6-12-month-olds, many of which can be done outside!

Toddler barefoot by tree

Things like picking up sticks, passing a flower back and forth between hands, and pointing at bugs help with fine motor skills. Things such as running, jumping, and climbing help with those large, gross motor skills. Both of these are crucial skills for kids to learn and there is no better way than learning them while outside.  

dirty hands

Another interesting fact, according to research done by Eastern Connecticut State University, is that by 10 months of age children already have a preference for what textures they like and dislike. So get those shoes and socks off early and lets those little fingers explore as well!

4. Teaches Kids About Nature

When children play outside they tend to not even notice that they’re learning. As they play in the mud and dirt, they discover different worms, insects, and other objects. Children start to learn what type of environment those different species prefer. They hear birds and other creatures that communicate through sound. They even learn different smells, which helps in learning about plants and decomposition. So go ahead and let kids get dirty because you are also letting them learn.

toddler sitting in rock bed holding rocks5. Gets Kids Off Of Screens

It seems fair to say that today’s children are spending more and more time on screens and less and less time outside. The things that children are exposed to while watching tv, playing video games, and surfing the internet can lead them to discover content they are too young to absorb. It can lead to increased violent behavior and even tendencies towards ADHD behavior.

toddler on tractor toyChildren who play less are more likely to show aggressive and antisocial behaviors. Play can actually help preschooler’s emotional health and mastery motivation. The outdoors encourage play, particularly unstructured play. 

6. Kids NEED The Outdoors

Did you know that inmates at maximum-security prisons in the U.S. are guaranteed at least 2 hours of outdoor time a day? While half of the children worldwide spend less than an hour outside each day, according to Kids need to be outdoors to get fresh air, run free, make noise, and soak up those rays of sunshine! Just like all living things, kids need a little water and sunshine to properly grow. Check out these sun safety tips for babies

toddler playing farm outsideSo Now What?

By now, I hope you aren’t afraid to let kids get dirty. The best way to let kids explore, get dirty, and use their imagination is through getting outside and engaging in active play. The Simplay3 Discovery Playhouse is the perfect way for your little ones to have some fun outside (or inside, too!). 

boy and girl in playhouse looking at each otherSimplay3 Discovery Playhouse

The Simplay3 Young Explorers Indoor/Outdoor Discovery Playhouse is designed for kids ages 1.5 to 6 years of age. My son and his almost 6-year-old cousin had tons of fun together while playing on the Simplay3 Discovery Playhouse.  This multi-station playhouse is the ultimate system for pretend play. Kids can have all kinds of imaginative play whether they want to ‘cook’ lunch, water the garden, or just hang out with their favorite toys in a nice shady space.

toddler playing with blocks in playhouseIt features an all-around play set up which allows more opportunities for multiple children to entertain themselves both in and around the playhouse. It can even work in connection with other Simplay3 activity sets, like the Simplay3 Young Exporers Adventure Climber, and fits through a door frame to easily be used both inside and out.

girl and toddler playing on Simplay3 PlayhouseMy son loves the tunnels that he can easily crawl in and out of on the bottom level. His cousin enjoyed the large platform for playing blocks, dolls, and other creative play. We love the roof that offers the perfect sun protection on hot summer days. This Simplay3 Discovery Playhouse really offers something for all little explorers!



  • Two levels of play with crawl-through spaces
  • Two doors in the front and rear with slots for pretend mail delivery
  • Climbing wall and ladder with steps
  • Easel and marker tray for creative play
  • Built-in drink holders double as flower or herb pots
  • Pretend stovetop and sink with faucet sit in a pass through-window sill

toddler climbing up rock wall ladder

So Let Kids Get Dirty

No matter what time of year it is, it is so important to let kids play, explore, and get a little dirty. Just be prepared, sometimes letting kids explore does come with some bumps and bruises. I recommend protecting your youngest explorers with Sandra Aris padded pants

toddler standing next to playhouse

You will also always want to have a me4kidz first aid kit handy. This is the perfect first aid kit for on the go. The travel size pods have everything you might need while getting a little dirty!

girl smiling holding me4kidz first aid kit

Check out all the great indoor and outdoor toys Simplay3 has to offer for your child to learn, explore, and get dirty any time of year. 

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