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My Detailed Kyberlight Sabers Review

a figure holding a lightsaber with a text overlay that says, "Introducing Kyberlight Sabers - a light saber that's out of this world!"

Que your favorite Star Wars tune! We are a family of Star Wars fans and like most die-hard fans, there’s no other piece of Star Wars gear that is more coveted than the lightsaber.

Both of my boys are especially into Star Wars and both have had various lightsabers from time to time. When Kyberlight Sabers came across my screen on one fine day of perusing the internet, I could not believe what I was looking at!

I had never seen anything look as realistic as these sabers and I knew I had to try one out! Kyberlight sent me a Kyberlight Saber and additional accessories (pictured in the post below).

I’m confident that if you or anyone else in your family are Star Wars fans, this is one piece of the Empire you are going to have to have!

Kyberlight Sabers Review

Why start off with a picture when you can jump right into seeing these sabers in action? Pictures just don’t do justice to how awesome these fighting sabers are!

Check out the video below of how much fun you can have with a Kyberlight Saber:

Kyberlight Saber boxes

Upon arrival it was clear, the Kyberlight meant serious business! The box was heavy and tall, which made me even more excited because, as someone who typically gets lots of packages delivered, it meant this product was going to be well-made!

The Kyberlight blade comes nestled in the larger box, wrapped in foam along with it several customization accessories. A second smaller box was packed with additional extras that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on!

a Kyberlight saber outside of a Kyberlight box.

I’m not gonna lie, I told my kids we were reviewing the saber for the boys, but in truth, what adult doesn’t dream of being a Jedi for just a moment and challenging the dark lord with their own lightsaber? I also may or may not have waited for the kids to get home from school before I opened the boxes.

The first thing I noticed when handling the saber was it’s weight. This saber is not even close to the last light saber I bought my kids last year at our local toy store.

In my hands, the Kyberlight Saber felt and moved as I would imagine Luke Skywalker’s saber did the first time he picked it up.

Lightsaber Accessories from Kyberlight

a collage showing the many accessories you can get for a Kyberlight.

I think it’s safe to say, the Kyberlight has more accessories than I do! The customization of this saber is practically endless, but a quick favorite in our house became the Red Dwarf Accessory.

The colors are bright on all of the different hilts and the provided screws and tools make it easy to change.

Instructions to Change Accessories

  1. To change the top piece remove the set screw and slide it off.
  2. To change the sleeve remove the set screw at the bottom and the covertec wheel and then slide upward.
  3. To remove the pommel piece just twist counterclockwise and remove.
the portion of a Kyberlight saber where the power button is located along with the location where you will charge it.

It’s as simple as that! 

Using Kyberlight Sabers

The saber is very easy to use and charge. The power button at the top turns the saber on and off when you hold it down.

You’ll know when it’s got juice because as it turns on and off it makes some delightful lightsaber sounds! The middle button changes the lights (there are 20 different colors built right in to choose from). Each time you press the button, the color changes.

The last component pictured above is the charging port which brings me to one of my favorite features about this saber – NO BATTERIES!

The charger you use with a Kyperlight saber.

The unit comes with it’s own two-prong charger that plugs directly into an outlet. The saber cannot be turned on during the charging process and it’s best to let it charge fully before using.

Once it’s charged the Kyberlight has quite an extensive battery life with approximately 2 hours and the LED on the charger will turn from yellow to green when it is ready. The charge will last 3 hours of continuous use and up to 8 hours of sporadic use.

We used it for several hours of trick-or-treating and the saber never lost power.

Speaking of trick-or-treating…

Two little kids dressed as Princess Leia and Kylo Ren from Star Wars with Kylo Ren holding a Kyberlight saber that is red.

Our Kyberlight Saber arrived just in time for Halloween and our youngest Levi couldn’t wait to include it as part of his Kylo Ren costume. His big sister joined in the Star Wars fun as Princess Leia.

The Kyberlight made him quite literally the coolest kid on the block and while out trick-or-treating we heard over and over comments like “Wow! Mom look at that light saber!”, “Woah! That lightsaber is so bright!”, “Is that lightsaber real?”, and my favorite, “Could I hold it?”.

As the night wore on, the light and sounds of the saber never faded and the darker it got, the brighter the saber shown. By the end of the night we were all using the Kyberlight to light the way home.

Why We Love the Kyberlight Lightsaber

little girl holding a Kyberlight lightsaber

The Kyberlight Saber truly is a fighting saber. The blade portion, though lightweight is virtually indestructible.

We only reviewed one saber but as you can watch in the video at the beginning of this post, the Kyberlight blades crashing and smashing against each other brings out the flashes and sounds of a real saber.

We recreated this at our house with some of the kids’ old sabers (ones that have now been retired to the bottom of the toy box because everybody wants to fight with the Kyberlight) and even if you only plan on bringing one Kyberlight Saber home to your empire, there is still plenty of fun to be had! The saber will flash and make sound effects simply through fighting movements or when you hit the saber against something.

My boys tested this and the quality of the Kyberlight out several times by accidentally pointing it all the way up to our ceiling fan (not something I recommend) and bringing it crashing down to our floor.

There were no nicks or gashes on the blade and no effect on the sound effects or brightness of the saber. As a Mom, I appreciate that as bad as this weapon looks it’s very safe for kids of all ages to play with as they become their own favorite Star Wars character and fight evil Sith lords or become one with the dark side.

Our family still hasn’t grown tired of playing and fighting with our saber. Right now it’s charging in the living room so that it’s ready for battle in the morning.

From its indestructible quality to its indescribable sound effects and bright color-changing blade, the Kyberlight Saber is definitely one of the hottest toys for both kids and adults who are Star Wars fans!

There’s truly nothing on the market anywhere like the Kyberlight!

Buy Your Own Kyberlight Lightsaber!

Click HERE to order your Kyberlight Saber today and start defending the galaxy (ARV $199)

Kyberlight backs up their product with a lifetime warranty: If for any reason  you break the blade, send it back to us and we will replace it plus shipping. The hilt and electronics comes with a 1 year warranty. If your Kyberlight hilt or electronics are damaged or broken within 1 year after purchase, due to normal use including combat, we will replace or repair it for free. We do not cover water damage or intentional abuse. 

LeAnn Harbert

Monday 28th of November 2016

I like all the built in colors.

Cathy Jarolin

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Cathy Jarolin

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heather w

Sunday 27th of November 2016

I love that these are customizable! And they have different types of color.

Mikaela Richter

Sunday 27th of November 2016

The coolest thing about these are that you can customize them any way you'd like or build your own!!