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Kushies Ultra Lite AIO Diaper

I was provided a Kushies Ultra Lite AIO diaper at no cost to faciliate my review, however all opinions are my own. 

When I first started considering cloth diapers, I read SO many reviews to try to find out what would be best for our family. Saving my family money was a top priority at that time, but I also wanted a diaper that worked well and was easy to use. A lot of what I read made me feel like I should stay away from All in One diapers (commonly abbreviated AIO) because they:

  • “took forever to dry”
  • “didn’t have the best absorbency”
  • “cost a substantial amount more”

Consequently, after reading all of those things, I decided to purchase pocket diapers for my daughter. Now, don’t get me wrong, those pocket diapers have all worked out great for us and I love them. However, now I had another baby and have TWO kids in diapers, that means double the diaper load. I have been spending a lot of time stuffing diapers and frankly, I just don’t always have time for that with everything else I’m doing. I decided I would give AIO diapers a try and have set out to try all of them and find my favorite(s)!

Kushies Baby was nice enough to send me one of their Ultra Lite Diapers (AIO) in the Infant size for review. Here’s what it looks like:

Kushies Ultra Lite AIO

Now, this diaper says it will fit babies 10-22 pounds. I tried it first on my son who is 10.75 pounds and it was still a little loose around his legs. I think another month or so (and another pound or 2) and it will fit him just fine. My daughter is 23 pounds so I tried it on her next and I got a great fit!

Kushies Ultra Lite AIO

Here are some of the things I love about this diaper:

  • NO Stuffing! Just wash, dry and it’s ready for use! You CAN stuff it with extra soakers if you need to, however, such as for overnight or long car rides.
  • This diaper is pretty trim. It’s also easy to get a great fit because of the hook and loop closure.
  • I haven’t had one leak yet, and I’ve been using this diaper a LOT since we got it about 3 weeks ago.
  • 1 Kushies Infant Sized Ultra Lite AIO is just $14.49! That’s about $5 cheaper than the big name pocket diapers!

Inside of the Kushies Ultra Lite AIO Diaper

Here’s a look at what the inside of the Kushies Ultra Lite AIO diaper looks like. As you can see, the flap on the inside has an opening so you can stuff it for extra absorbency.

Kushies Ultra Lite AIO

Kushies Ultra Lite AIO

Kushies Ultra Lite AIO

The only negative thing about this diaper is that, yes, they do take a little bit longer to dry. What I have started doing is washing my diapers first and then a load of my kid’s clothes. When my pocket diapers are dry, but my AIO’s still need a little bit more time, I just throw the AIO diapers in with the clothes to finish drying. It’s worked out great for me!

In conclusion, my leak protection is just as good as any other diaper I’ve tried, I save time, AND these diapers are substantially cheaper than all of the other diapers I’ve purchased. I’m impressed with my Kushies Ultra Lite and would love a few more for my daughter’s diaper stash!!

You can purchase Kushies Ultra Lite AIO diapers at

Kushies Ultra Lite AIO

About Kushies Baby

Based in Ontario, Canada, with U.S. headquarters located in Niagara Falls, New York, Kushies® creates and provides an innovative collection of quality baby products and accessories. Trusted by moms since 1987, Kushies offers more than 350 superior baby products including stylish layette and playwear, washable diapers, the award-winning Kushies Zolo toy collection and a broad range of baby essentials. The worldwide market leader in reusable cloth diapers and accessories, Kushies takes great pride in operating as a responsible company and as an environmentally concerned member of our planet. For more information on Kushies visit

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