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Krinner Tree Stand Review

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If you’re strictly here for the Krinner Tree Stand review, scroll down. If you’d like the back story of why I’m interested in Christmas tree stands, keep reading. 

Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

Why Does the Christmas Tree Stand Matter?

As most of you know, I was raised for a large portion of my life by a single mom. My parents separated when I was 6 years old and from that moment on, things in my life were a bit more difficult.

Christmas was always one of those more difficult times. We had always purchased a real tree every year and my mom decided to keep that tradition.

That was great…until it was time to tie the tree to the car and then get it into the stand. I can remember hours and hours of working to get that tree in the stand.

We’d have sap all over us by the time it was done. I remember years of us having to use a handsaw to try to cut off branches and make it flat on the bottom.

You guys, it was just NOT a fun time. By the time we finished wrestling that tree into the stand, no one felt like stringing it with lights and decorating it that night! 

But, it gets worse than that. We had to anchor the tree to the wall. Well, really it was this massive painting my grandfather had painted that was basically bolted into the wall. It was so big it took up nearly the whole wall. My mom put a tiny nail in the corner of the frame that we would then tie a string from the nail to the tree. 

We had to anchor it with that string or else it could topple over. 

It was because of this great hassle that eventually after a few years we purchased an artificial tree. Not forgetting the hassles of a live tree, when I moved out, got married, and celebrated my first Christmas outside of my childhood home, I also opted for an artificial tree. 

Well, it’s been 15 years of marriage and 15 years of using that same artificial tree.

We moved a few months ago for my husband’s job and our new home is much smaller with a very limited amount of storage space. Because of that, we decided not to keep our artificial Christmas tree. 

The romantic side of me was super excited to have a live tree again, I’m not going to lie. However, the practical side of me was dreading the hassle of getting it in the stand. We even had our artificial tree come down a few times.

It felt like there HAD to be a better way to secure a Christmas tree in a stand, so in my research to find a better solution, I stumbled upon Krinner Christmas tree stands. 

What are Krinner Christmas Tree Stands?

In 1987, a man named Klaus Krinner invented a Christmas tree stand. Shortly after receiving the patent for his invention Mr. Krinner founded the company in Strasskirchen, lower Bavaria, Germany.

Krinner Christmas tree stands were brought to the US in 2002 with the promise that they could help create a hassle-free Christmas tree stand experience. 

Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

Krinner Tree Stand Review

Like most things that offer a solution to a problem, I was skeptical. Could it really be THAT easy to get a tree into a stand? Would it actually be straight? Would it not fall over?

I knew I needed to provide a Krinner Christmas tree stand review for all of the other skeptics out there who have dealt with crooked trees, falling trees, and finding themselves covered in sap, needles, and sweat by the time they have finished getting their (still crooked) tree in the stand. 

No Assembly Required

I was thankful to see that the tree arrives fully assembled. Just unpack it from the box and you’re ready to go! The box would be great to save to repackage from year to year. Our box, however, was damaged during shipping (but not the stand – yay!) so I decided not to save it. 

Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

Multiple Sizes

The Krinner tree stand comes in a variety of sizes including small, medium, large, XXL. You can also find a number of special-feature stands, including the XXL Deluxe, a wooden stand, a steel stand, and an indoor/outdoor stand made of galvanized metal. 

I’m the kind of person who likes to plan for the future. While we have a smaller tree this year because our rental home is so small, I hope to be in a larger home in a year or two and then we’ll have a larger tree. I didn’t want to have to get a new stand then, so we got the XXL Deluxe. 

Instructions for Using the Krinner Tree Stand

It’s simple. You just slide the button on the pedal to the unlock position. Pump upwards until the claws are fully open. Drop the tree into place. Pump down until the tree is secure. With the deluxe model, you will hear a ding sound and the unlock button will automatically slide into the locked position.

Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

When you are ready to remove your tree, slide the button into the unlocked position again and pump up to release. I’m sure it would be helpful to have a second adult or teenager to help hold it in place while you are doing this, however, I believe 1 person could also accomplish it just fine. 

Our Real-World Experience Using the Krinner XXL Deluxe Tree Stand

We ended up with a tree even smaller than we had planned on. The trees in our area sold out REALLY fast and early this year, so we were limited on our choices. Our tree is about 6 feet tall – well, it was but we cut the top off of it a little bit to fit our star. 

My husband brought the tree inside while I pumped the handle to loosen the claws. By the time he had it to the stand, the claws were open and ready. 

He placed the tree in the stand and then pumped the pedal until we heard the ding. We stood back and (imagine a sound effect of angels singing) it looks perfect! Neither of us had a drop of sap on us, no needles all over the place. It was truly effortless! The whole process took about 2 minutes. 

Krinner Tree Stand

We were both amazed and SOLD on the Krinner tree stand. What. A. Difference!

Despite many little hands from my children adding and removing ornaments (and piling them all in one area), the tree hasn’t budged. 

As an added bonus, there is a gauge that tells me when I need to add more water! 

Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

What’s the Difference Between the XXL Deluxe and the XXL stand?

From what I call tell, the main (possibly only) difference is that the Deluxe model makes a “ding” sound when you’ve tightened it correctly. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the extra $10 or not, I’ll give you my own personal experience. 

While putting our tree in the stand at one point my husband said, “Is that it? Is it tightened enough?” I told him it should ding and he proceeded to pump it a few more times.

Then it dinged. Had we not had the ding sound, I think he would have quit probably at least 4 pumps before. It takes a bit of downward force to engage it to the proper amount and so, for us, having that “ding” is worth it. It takes the guesswork completely out of getting the tree in the stand for a secure, straight tree fit! 

Would it have fallen over or had issues if we had stopped pumping before hearing that ding? It’s hard to say. I wasn’t about to test it out. We have too many special ornaments and precious children here to take that risk! 

What About Bigger Trees?

As I mentioned, my tree this year was fairly small, however, my brother and his family happened to also own a Krinner tree stand. They get a big tall and fat tree. Have a look!

Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

This is their tree and they also rave about how well this stand looks. They were able to achieve an effortless install and have had no issues with their stand either. 

In Conclusion

Would I recommend the Krinner Christmas Tree Stand? Yes, without a doubt! It does cost more than a stand that you manually tighten screws into the tree, but this stand saves SO much time, energy, hassle, and the tree looks straight and won’t fall over. 

You can purchase the tree stand on Amazon (the XXL Deluxe model is currently almost $25 off!) and also on the Krinner website.

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Peggy Nunn

Tuesday 12th of January 2021

I hope the tree stand worked well for those that used it. It looks nice.

Ashley Chassereau Parks

Wednesday 30th of December 2020

I've never had a real tree either, but I do love the idea of one! I love walking through the tree lots and taking in the aroma of all the trees! My hubby grew up with live trees, so I know he would like to have one one year. I love the stand!! I like that the gentlemen who invented it had the first name Klaus! That seems appropriate! haha! I love that it comes in multiple sizes and that there is a galvanized option for outdoor use! Sounds easy to use!

Sarah L

Wednesday 30th of December 2020

Excellent review for a very useful product. I remember some of the cursing that went with the other kind of tree stand.

Dandi D

Monday 28th of December 2020

This looks amazing, and I would have loved to use to for our tree this year!

Laurie Nykaza

Monday 28th of December 2020

This is a great review of the Krinner tree stand. I love finding new products that I didn't know about and after seeing how easy it was to use I would love one for next year to use too.


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