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What to do When Your Kids Won’t Stop Fighting

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Does anyone else's kids fight nonstop? Do you get tired of yelling, screaming or banishing them to their rooms? Then it's time to try something different!

Does anyone else’s kids fight nonstop? Do you get tired of yelling, screaming or banishing them to their rooms?

Then it’s time to try something different.

Don’t Intervene Every Time

We are raising a generation of kids who can’t solve problems because we always jump in.

We aren’t giving them  opportunities to solve problems on their own. Should we let our kids kill each other?

That is definitely NOT what I am proposing. I am proposing that instead of running to the room when you hear yelling & fighting,  stand outside the door and listen to see if they can work it out on their own.

Teach Them the Lost Art of Communication

One of our jobs as parents is to educate our children to help them to become productive members of society. Communication is a skill they will need no matter what profession they choose.

Learning to communicate with their siblings is the perfect practice. Kids don’t come out the womb knowing how to talk through conflict.

Teach them how to articulate their feelings and also how to listen when their brother or sister is speaking (without interrupting).

Listen to All Parties

Don’t assume that the oldest child is always a bully or that the youngest always breaks things. I remember the frustration that my siblings and I felt growing up when my parents screamed at the oldest ones when the youngest was crying.

Sometimes the youngest was just crying because he couldn’t get his way.

I know they are fighting ALL the time. I know the noise is deafening.

But listen to your kids. Find out what they were fighting about.

Give Them Chores as Consequences

Teach them that all actions have consequences. If behaving is boring, then give them work to do.

The plus side? They learn to responsible, and you have one less chore to do.

Oh, and perhaps maybe they’ll be less fighting if the consequence is more than mom yelling until she gets completely stressed out.

Be Consistent

It’s easy to turn a blind eye when your kids argue. Or punish them all.  Or yell and scream. Or ignore them.

Whatever method you choose, be consistent. Kids thrive from consistency. Sometimes they will push your buttons just to see what you will do. Don’t let them take you to crazy town.

Be Careful Not to Always Assume Fault

Sibling fights have been going on for centuries.

If your teenagers can’t stand each other, don’t think you’ve done something wrong, or that you are a terrible parent.

Sometimes their disdain for each other is real–but temporary.

Don’t cry, this too shall pass.

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