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KidCo Designer Auto Close Gate, Anti-Theft Stroller Lock & CoolShade Fan Reviews

We Needed a Gate for Our Determined Baby

Our sweet Ruby just turned one and, let me tell you, she’s a girl on a mission. That mission is usually to get into her siblings’ bedroom every single chance she has.

One thing that most parents probably already know is that babies are FAST!

As soon as she realizes that the bedroom door is ajar, she’s on her way. Unfortunately, their room isn’t baby-proofed. It has LEGOS, a bunk bed ladder, and other small toys that are a choking hazard.

So to help keep her safe, we recently installed the KidCo Designer Auto Close Gate in the doorway.

KidCo Designer Auto Close Gate Review + Stroller Accessories

KidCo Designer Auto Close Gateway Review

We already have the KidCo Auto Close Gate by our office doorway upstairs (and absolutely LOVE it) so this time, we decided to try out the Designer Auto Close Gate.

This gate is a bit different in terms of style. Instead of the typical metal bars, the Designer Auto Close Gate features a mesh panel. This provides a softer ‘landing’ if a baby stumbles and bumps their head on the gate.

baby girl by gate - KidCo Designer Auto Close Gate Review + Stroller Accessories

I’m not big on screwing things into my walls that are temporary. Because of that, a pressure-mounted gate is ideal, and I love that KidCo has utilized this design with their Designer Auto-Close Gateway.

It also features their Magnet-Lock Technology which automatically draws the door closed and guarantees it locks each and every time.

baby girl by gate - KidCo Designer Auto Close Gate Review + Stroller Accessories

So even though this is an auto-close gate, it also has a hold-open feature for those times when the door needs to stay open until it is pushed closed, making this gate perfect for heavily traveled doorways or room openings.

I really like the look of this gate. Since we installed it in a central part of the house, it’s seen by almost everyone who visits. The mesh panel gives it a nice, unique look. While I chose black, it’s also available in white.

KidCo Designer Auto Close Gate Review + Stroller Accessories

The spacing between sections of this gate is perfect. As soon as it was installed, the first thing Ruby tried to do was get her body parts through to enter the bedroom, although she quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen!


Installation Of the Gate

KidCo Designer Auto Close Gate Review + Stroller Accessories

There are no tools needed for installation. Surprisingly, this gate took longer to install than I expected.

My husband prefers to not read instructions until necessary and he didn’t realize that installation was different when using an extension. Once he figured that out, we were golden.

KidCo Designer Auto Close Gate Review + Stroller Accessories

Note: KidCo does not recommend pressure mount gates for top-of-stairs use, even with hardware-mounted wall cups. There is a bar at the bottom of all pressure mount gates that helps keep the gate in place and this bar can be a tripping hazard when placed at the top of stairs.

Why Are KidCo Gates The Best?

There are many reasons why KidCo is the gate company I choose. This includes:

  • They are manufactured with precision, robotic welding, and form-fitting.
  • KidCo Gates meet and exceed US Child Safety Standards.
  • They are made with top-quality raw materials: thicker, virgin steel, furniture-grade hardwood, reinforced resins, and certified non-toxic (no lead) paint.
  • These gates are designed with unique features not found on other gates.
  • KidCo’s commitment to quality means you’re getting the best!

We are super happy with our new gate and I think it’s a great choice if you’re on the search for a pressure mount gate with an auto-close feature.

See KidCo Gates In Action

KidCo’s New Buggy Gear Lineup

If you use a stroller or wagon stroller, KidCo has some great new products you’ll want to check out. They have travel fans, buggy hooks, stroller locks, swaddle clip, smartphone holder, rechargeable fans, and more.

We’re heading to a waterpark next month and I’m excited about our new Anti-Theft Stroller Lock and CoolShade Fan.

If you’re heading somewhere like DisneyWorld, I think both of these items would be extra handy as well! Stroller theft has become a more widespread issue and, while you can’t lock your stroller to an object as Cast Members need to be able to move and rearrange, you can lock the wheel itself.

KidCo Buggy Lock

I was starting to fret about bringing a stroller or wagon along on our trip as I don’t want to have to miss out on swimming, slides, and fun by having to babysit it, so the Stroller Lock is the perfect solution for me.

I plan to just place the lock around two wheels to make it fairly immobile and definitely difficult for someone to steal.

This anti-theft device offers convenient security while at the park, home, or traveling. The new technology aircraft grade stainless steel cable offers great strength with a vinyl coating to prevent scratching your buggy. A long cable of almost four feet allows for the lock to be looped through one or even two wheels, locking your buggy to itself or loop it again around a stationary object. The three digit re-settable combination dial is perfect so you don’t have to worry about losing any keys. Push button retraction provides easy coiling. A universal attachment fits all strollers and keeps the lock tucked out of the way until you’re ready to use.

The instructions were super clear on how to reset the combination so I was able to easily and quickly do that as I practiced using the lock

KidCo Buggy Shade Fan

Because water tends to wear the kids out, I’m also excited to have the CoolShade Fan. The waterpark is usually nice and warm so having a cool breeze on Ruby as she rests and recharges will be perfect!

I love KidCo products! Tell me, which one of these is your favorite?

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Jodi W

Tuesday 14th of February 2023

I like the Custom Fit Auto Close ConfigureGateĀ® (30" Door)

Darlene Carbajal

Friday 10th of February 2023

I like the Convertible Crib Mesh Bed Rail Telescopic.


Tuesday 31st of January 2023

I like their Play N Go Pod. Would be perfect when traveling

Yvonne Woodstock

Monday 30th of January 2023

For myself, I''d love their bladeless turbine neck fan at! One of my favorite ways to exercise daily is on my Meta Quest VR headset but I get very overheated and I've been told using a neck fan like this one can be very helpful! Plus I would love to have it in the summer or when traveling to warmer places to keep me from overheating as well! At my age, I can tend to overheat even when it is winter!


Thursday 26th of January 2023

Custom Fit Auto Close HearthGate.