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Joovy Too Qool Ride-On Board Review

Joovy Too Qool

I was provided with the Joovy Qool Ride-on Board at no cost to facilitate this review.

A few months ago I told you about one of the newest, coolest double strollers on the market: the Joovy Too Qool. You can read my full review of that stroller here. Now, the Too Qool is equipped for two passengers, but as many of you know, we recently expanded from 2 to 3 little ones. Since my oldest child is only 4, I knew that there would be times she would need some stroller assistance for all-day outings. Insert the Joovy Too Qool Ride-On Board!

Joovy Ride-On Board 3

To put it simply, this ride-on board allows you to use the Too Qool for two seated children and an additional standing child. The Ride-On board is made of sturdy plastic and attaches to the back of the stroller in mere seconds. It’s so easy to attach and detach, you won’t even need to read the instructions. Trust me! Once attached to the stroller, it can be used by children ages 2 and older, up to 45 pounds. When not in use, you can either detach or just flip it into the basket (if the second seat is not attached).

Joovy Too Qool Board 6

We took to our local park for some real world testing. My husband was first to try out the board, with our two youngest riding in the seats and my 4 year old on the board. He said it made the stroller a little awkward to push; he kept accidently walking into the board and needed to be more conscientious of the way he was walking so as not to hit it.

Joovy Too Qool Board

Next it was my turn to try it. Unlike my husband, I found it quite easy to walk with the board attached. I walked a long way with the stroller and was really quite pleased with the board attachment. I have pronation and tend to walk inward, while my husband’s stride tends to have a more outward motion, so it’s possible that is why our experience with pushing the stroller differed.  My mother-in-law who was also with us at the time pushed the stroller and was also pleased with the board. She was especially excited when I showed her that the pushbar could be adjusted. At just 4 feet, 11 inches, she sometimes has trouble pushing strollers, but the Joovy Qool worked great for her.

Joovy Too Qool Board 1

We let both my Maggie (age 4) and Jacob (age 2) ride on the board at different times. They both loved it and both had no problems riding it.

Overall, I really like the addition of the board and think it works great for our family. Although my husband was annoyed that he had to pay more attention to his stride while pushing the stroller with it attached, he also agreed that, for pushing 3 kids, it’s a pretty good solution. I love how easily it glides through the park, over grass, on pavement, and up & down hills and turns. If you are are looking for a stroller solution with 3 young children, I’d definitely recommend the Too Qool with Ride-on Board attachment.

Joovy Qool Ride-on Board 4

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Disclosure: I am a Joovy Mom brand ambassador. I received the Joovy Too Qool Ride-on Board at no cost in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own and may differ from yours. Amazon links are affiliate links.

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Friday 21st of September 2018

I have a big problem with the wheels, I have been searching for replacements everywhere but it seems impossible, I really need help for search on this wheel. I really don’t want to purchase a new stroller just because of the wheel. Am extremely struggling with the stroller because it’s a daily basis and it’s ao difficult to push it, because of the front wheels won’t work. Thanks for any info


Monday 24th of September 2018

Have you tried contacting Joovy customer support to see if they can help you with a replacement wheel?


Wednesday 27th of August 2014

Thanks for sharing this review! I have been looking for good strollers that grow with a family. I had seen the Too Qool and the Ride-on board but most of the pictures with the board attached only have one seat in the stroller. It is nice to know that the stroller will work for three!


Wednesday 27th of August 2014

Yes, I LOVE that the Too Qool grows with families too! My 4 year old doesn't always want to ride, but it's so nice she has the board option now when she needs a break. She loves riding on it too!