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Joovy Caboose Stroller Review

I was provided a Joovy Caboose Stroller at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Are you in need of a double stroller? Are you looking for a tandem stroller (where one child rides in the front and one rides in the back)? Are you looking for a budget friendly stroller? If so, the Joovy Caboose Stroller might just be the stroller you need. Choosing a stroller is big decision so let me share with you my Joovy Caboose Stroller review.

Functionality For Two

One of my favorite things about this stroller is just how functional it is for two. There are actually 2 versions of this stroller available. The original Joovy Caboose stroller or the Joovy Too Caboose for about $30 more.  The original Joovy Caboose stroller is a sit-and-stand tandem stroller, giving your older toddler the ability to ride while standing or sitting on a small platform seat. If you opt for the Joovy Too Caboose, you’ll have the sit-and-stand functionality of the original Joovy Caboose, but with the added bonus of a (removeable) full second seat.

Let me show you what I mean. Take a look at the following photos. From top to bottom you’ll see the stroller used with the back child sitting on the platform seat, standing, then finally sitting in the “Too” seat.

Do you have a baby and want to use this stroller as a travel system? Well you’re in luck, because it does that too! With a universal car seat adapter, this stroller should work with just about any infant car seat on the market. Here’s how it looks when using the infant car seat with the Too seat in place:

As you can see, the Joovy Caboose stroller gives you many ways to ride!

Quality Built

I’ve had the chance to review a number of Joovy baby gear products over the year and I love that they are all built to last. The 2 year warranty is 4 times longer than the Baby Trend Sit and Stand warranty and 2 times longer than the Graco Ready2Grow warranty! I love it when a company really stands behind their products!

The fabric used for the stroller is durable and the plastic feels tough as well, not cheap and flimsy. The standing board is high quality and made to last.


Maybe more than anything else, I love that the Joovy Caboose stroller is SO affordable! The suggested price on it is $149.99 but (as of this writing) you can get it as cheap as $112.99 through Amazon. That is a STEAL on a double stroller! If you’re in the market for a double stroller, chances are you already have one child (unless you’re having multiples) so you probably already have an infant car seat. Since this stroller has the infant car seat adapter, you can have a double stroller travel system for just over $100!

If you’d like the Joovy Too Caboose, it is priced at just $179.99. You also have the option to purchase the Joovy Caboose now, then save up and purchase the Too seat separately as an accessory at a later date.

Our budget is pretty tight, so I know how it’s important to make every dollar count. The Joovy Caboose let’s you do that!


There are two things I found unimpressive about the Joovy Caboose stroller:

  1. No parent cup holder/tray/organizer. It’s really nice to have a place to set your drink, and I wish this stroller had it. You can purchase a Joovy organizer to go with it or look for a universal cup holder to add as an accessory. The other option is to pack a drink bottle and keep it in the basket. There is however a tray with cup holder for your front child, so you could always keep your drink up there, if that child/baby wouldn’t spill it.
  2. Small canopy. The fact is, this canopy is not going to cover both children in the stroller at the same time. It is fully adjustable so you can move it to whatever location you’d like, I just wish it was a little bit bigger. I do have an easy solution for you though — use your swaddle blanket to cover the back portion of the stroller. You most likely have one of those with you anyways if you have a little one, so this is a free, easy fix. I demonstrate that in my video review. You can watch it below. If a small canopy is a deal-breaker for you, check out my review of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller.

Other Features To Note

I think every stroller needs a basket, and this one has a basket that is reasonably sized. The one drawback is, should you use the Joovy Caboose with the Too seat, if your older child sits in the back their feet will dangle into the basket.

The stroller is approved to use with up to 90 pounds (45 pounds per seat), so it will definitely last quite a while!

The seats (front and Too seat) on the Joovy Caboose are adjustable to give your child a good bit of recline, if they need a nap while you are out. The front seat also features an adjustable foot rest, plus a tray for your child with built-in cup holders.

Steering the Joovy Caboose is a breeze! This is the kind of stroller I like to take with me when I go shopping at the outlets or take the kids to an amusement park. It’s so easy to weave in and out of crowds and the bright color makes it easy to spot if you need to park it somewhere for a bit. Should you desire for any reason, the front wheels can be locked. I prefer to let mine swivel for maximum maneuverability.

The parking brake is connected, so you’ll only have to engage/disengage it on one side.

When it’s time to fold the Joovy Caboose, it’s really quite easy. You just pull upward on two plastic pieces on the push bar and then fold the stroller forward. It weighs in at under 30 pounds, so it’s fairly easy to get in/out of the trunk as well. If you want to see how small it is when folded, watch my YouTube video review above. The fold is towards the end of the video review.

Overall Thoughts

While this stroller might be missing the large canopy and adult cup holders that I love, it hits the mark with everything else and at a price that really can’t be beat. I love that you have the option to purchase this stroller with the Too seat, should your family situation need it (at a price that is still amazing!), or purchase it for less without.

Make sure you check out my post comparing the Joovy Caboose to the Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller so you can see these two strollers side by side. 


Thursday 21st of December 2017

Thank you for this review . I just purchased this Joovy Caboose graphite with the too seat for $110 from 😎. I am due in March with baby #6 and my other little will be 22 months when the baby comes. I have been going back and forth between babytrend sit and stand double and this Joovy. With having such a big family, as you can understand with 4 Kids of your own, I have to try and minimize how much space my gear takes up in my van. I love how this folds up so small and the length is much less than that of the babytrend. I love the universal car seat adapter! I have a newer brand, Urbini Sonti from Walmart that is not listed but should go with this stroller. I’m so excited to get my hands on this stroller and take it for a test run. I just need to get my stroller organizer and mom hooks and I’ll be all set!


Tuesday 9th of January 2018

Congratulations on number 6! I'm sorry I'm just now seeing your comment but I hope you love this stroller! Sounds like you got a great deal on it!

LeAnn Harbert

Monday 24th of July 2017

I could really use this when I have my granddaughters.


Monday 24th of July 2017

I love what a small footprint this has for being a double!

Christy Rivers

Monday 24th of July 2017

I have a 2yr old and 1yr old. Things get tough pushing one in a crappy stroller and trying to get the other to stay by my side walking. This would be a huge life saver. I am a single mother with not much help. So both girls go where i go. It's tough but a stroller like this would be very helpful.

Lauryn R

Monday 24th of July 2017

I absolutely love this stroller! My youngest two are only a year apart and I have always struggled when it comes to picking out a good stroller for them. I love that this one has a removable seat, which allows them to sit both ways AND stand! That is such an awesome feature! It seems like it is a lot more compact as well, which is a huge bonus when it comes to doubles. :)