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How to Babyproof a Fireplace Hearth

Fireplaces are so nice and look so pretty in the home! If you’re a parent though, you also know that they can be a big hazard to little ones.  All it takes is one fall to send your little one to the emergency room! It’s so important that you know how to babyproof a fireplace hearth!

A few years before I had my daughter, I used to work at a daycare that was run out of a house that had been converted into a large daycare center. The owners opted to not take out the fireplaces that were already in place. There were 2 of them and although they did purchase the protective edge wraps for it, they never worked very well.

For one thing, once the toddlers started to walk, the loved to go over and pull and pull at them until they came off.  We were constantly sticking them back on. Also, the edge protectors did not protect far enough. I can’t tell you how many times the children learning to walk would trip and their heads would fall far enough onto the brick that they still ended up with bumps/scratches on their foreheads. Ouch! Those little edge protectors were not a good solution!

How to Babyproof a Fireplace Hearth

Jack-Mat Patented Child Hearth Safety Seats contacted me about reviewing one of their awesome protective fireplace covers, but unfortunately I don’t have a hearth to try them out on. I WISH we had a fireplace! It’s about 30 degrees outside right now and I love the warmth that they bring!

Regardless, I think that the Jack-Mat is a really clever, useful product that many of my readers will be interested in knowing about, so I wanted to share them with you.  If we had a fireplace in our home, we would be getting one of these mats for sure!

How to Babyproof a Fireplace Hearth with the Jack Mat

The Jack-Mat hearth cushion provides the ultimate in baby fireplace safety, while providing comfortable and attractive seating around your fireplace. Every Jack-Mat hearth seat is durably constructed of 100% fire retardant material and completely customizable to fit your fireplace decor.

This hearth cushion will provide piece of mind and let your children play without worry. Their patented hearth seat is easily installed and provides maximum safety across the entire surface, not just the edges. In fact, the Jack-Mat has been featured on the NBC TODAY Show and was rated a top choice for fireplace safety by the Good Housekeeping Institute. Create a babyproof fireplace hearth while adding stylish seating at the same time!

The Jack-Mat is constructed like a piece of furniture to fit any shape or size hearth. This is a completely removable product. It is built on a wood frame with fire retardant foam, batting, and fabric. The cool thing about this product is that not only does it add safety to the fireplace, it also brings comfortable additional seating and can match any décor you may have. The Jack-Mat comes in six stock colors and over 100 special order colors.

How to Babyproof a Fireplace Hearth

Jack-Mat Features

  • Pads the hearth to help baby proof your home.
  • Provides child safety for the fireplace
  • Adds attractive comfortable seating to your room while protecting your children.
  • Custom made to fit over any hearth.
  • Is available in many fire retardant fabric colors, monogramming available.
  • Installs and removes easily – no assembly required.

You can find out all about the Jack-Mat by visiting their website, Hearth and Home Store. They are happy to help you design the perfect baby-proofing solution for your fireplace!