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Ingenuity High Chair – The Beanstalk 6-in-1

I was sent an Ingenuity Beanstalk 6-in-1 High Chair for this review. All opinions are my own.

As a new parent, knowing what type of baby gear you will need and want can be a bit overwhelming and expensive. It is nice to find baby equipment that can be used in multiple ways to save money and space.

When Ingenuity contacted me about reviewing their Beanstalk 6-in-1 High Chair, I knew I had to check it out. The fact that I could use a high chair in 6 different ways really caught my attention.

Children Posing With High Chair-Ingenuity Beanstalk 6-in-1 High Chair

Ingenuity Beanstalk 6-in-1 High Chair Review

When it comes to picking out a high chair, I look for two main things right away. The first is that it’s easy to wash. As we have experienced either with our own or other people’s children, they are messy eaters. Ingenuity’s Beanstalk High Chair has a dishwasher-safe tray and a wipeable seat pad for easy cleaning. 

Girl Posing With High Chair-Ingenuity Beanstalk 6-in-1 High Chair

The second is the bulkiness of the high chair. I look at how much room the baby high chair will take up and how far do the legs of the high chair stick out.

This Ingenuity High Chair has a nice compact size but I do wish that the legs of the high chair stuck out less. If this is a deal-breaker for you though, I still recommend sticking with the Ingenuity brand but choosing a different model. I have had multiple experiences with high chairs, since I operate an in-home daycare. I currently own 3 other Ingenuity brand highchairs that I absolutely LOVE that have more compact legs. 

Even though the legs stick out further than I’d prefer, there are still many great qualities about the Ingenuity Beanstalk 6-in-1 High Chair. A new feature to me is the infant cradle piece that attaches to the seat of the baby high chair.

How cool is that to be sitting around your dining room table and get to have your infant high enough for them to see and for you to still interact with them during family dinners. The seat includes soothing vibrations and a toy bar with 2 plush toys to help the baby remain calm and entertained.

Girl Posing With High Chair-Ingenuity Beanstalk 6-in-1 High Chair

Another great feature about this high chair is that it is compatible with each stage of a child’s development and growth, from ages newborn to 5 years old. Now that is what I call multipurpose!

The different modes of use for the Ingenuity Beanstalk 6-in-1 Highchair are:

  1. Cradling Infants Seat
  2. Full Size High Chair
  3. Infant Dining Chair
  4. Chair Top High Chair
  5. Toddler Chair
  6. 2 ways to seat 2 kids at once

Keep your child secure and comfortable with the adjustable 5-point harness and a 2-position adjustable footrest in the high chair and toddler chair modes.

Assembly of this Ingenuity High Chair

Assembling the Beanstalk 6-in-1 Ingenuity High Chair was very simple. Involving only 6 screws, most of the high chair was snap-together parts. It took about 10 minutes total to read the instructions and assemble it.

Switching to different high chair modes involves all snap-on pieces and does not involve any screws for easy accessibility to switch out or change.

Highchair Leg Assembly- Ingenuity Beanstalk High Chair

Overall Opinion of the Beanstalk 6-in-1 Ingenuity Baby High Chair

There are a number of great high chairs out in the retail world, but the Ingenuity Brand has always taken the cake for me. Ingenuity’s Beanstalk 6-in-1 Highchair is durable, washable, and can grow with your baby from infant to school age. 

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Monday 10th of January 2022

This looks like a great high chair! I really like all the different ways you can use it and the fact that two kids can utilize it at the same time in different settings.