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The Importance of Music and Movement In The Classroom

Working in a preschool/early child care setting requires a teacher to have certain standards, lesson plans, etc. These standards are usually provided by the state, but are, because of the children’s ages, usually still flexible. We do not have as many requirements as say, elementary or secondary school teachers, but we do still have to document, assess and provide quality care for our children.

One of the criteria that we have to meet daily is 90 minutes of vigorous activity, which also has to include two teacher-led activities. It sounds simple, right, yet this becomes one of the most stressful activities to work into our day! Preferably it occurs outside, but with West Virginia winters, sometimes we are just stuck inside. This, along with meal times, nap time, diaper and bathroom breaks, etc., makes it hard to squeeze in that 90 minutes. The two teacher-led activities aren’t too hard, but they do require some strategic planning!

To make this possible, as a teacher, I made sure to incorporate the vigorous activity and teacher-led activities into almost every aspect of my day. One of the easiest ways to accomplish a bulk of this task was during our Music & Movement Time. Here are a few simple ways to incorporate vigorous activity and teacher-led activities without the children even knowing what you’re doing! Make sure to remember,—you can expand/adapt any of these activities to your specific classes’ age, ability, time frame and requirements. You can actually incorporate all of your learning standards (art, science, math, drama, etc.) into Music and Movement in the classroom. Children are more willing to learn if it’s fun, so make sure to keep the energy level high, loud, crazy, yet still educational. Many of these activities will fall into multiple areas of requirement skills. These activities are also great for home-schooling moms, church teachers, or really for any children who get bored!

So many good ideas!

90+ Simple Music & Movement Ideas

  1. Cup Stacking
  2. Masking Tape Lines On Floor
  3. Line Dancing
  4. Craft Stick Actions
  5. If You’re Happy & You Know It
  6. Cheer leading
  7. Simon Says
  8. Head & Shoulders
  9. Gymnastics
  10. Musical Chairs
  11. Wheels On The Bus
  12. Baton Twirling
  13. Parade
  14. Charades
  15. Jumping Rope
  16. Obstacle Course
  17. Copy Cat/I Can Do It Too
  18. Hula Hooping
  19. Animal Actions
  20. Scarf Dancing
  21. Relay Races
  22. Yoga
  23. Bean Bag Toss
  24. Sack Races
  25. Zumba
  26. Ribbon Twirling
  27. 3-legged Races
  28. Daily Exercise Routine
  29. Parachute Play
  30. Speed Walking
  31. Pilates
  32. Run & Color
  33. Swimming
  34. The Tissue Game
  35. Giant Dice Actions
  36. Football Toss
  37. The Balloon Game
  38. Soccer
  39. Jumping Jacks
  40. Number Line-up
  41. Kickball
  42. Shape Jump
  43. Alphabet Line-up
  44. Flag Football
  45. Kids Golf
  46. Hopscotch
  47. Basketball
  48. Rolling
  49. Ring-A-Round The Rosie
  50. Maze Running
  51. Sally The Camel
  52. Duck Duck Goose
  53. Sock Hockey
  54. The Tooty Ta
  55. London Bridges
  56. Indoor Ice Skating
  57. Shadow Jumping
  58. Trashketball
  59. Scooters
  60. Freeze & Hug
  61. Hot Potato/Pass The ____
  62. Indoor Bike Riding
  63. Cardboard Box Cars
  64. Freeze Tag
  65. Indoor Mountain Climbing
  66. Red Light, Green Light
  67. Freeze Dance
  68. Monster Stompers
  69. Red Rover
  70. Hide & Go Seek
  71. Animal Actions
  72. 10 In The Bed
  73. Hide The Object(s)
  74. Transportation Actions
  75. The Cha-Cha Slide
  76. Follow The Leader
  77. Wii Interactive Games
  78. The Macarena
  79. Science Experiments (Motion)
  80. Twister/Twister Moves
  81. The Chicken Dance
  82. “Cave” Paintings Under A Table
  83. Kid Scramble
  84. The Cupid Shuffle
  85. Draw To A Song
  86. Kid Spelling
  87. Body Part Tracing
  88. The Hokey Pokey
  89. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
  90. Tunnel Play
  91. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
  92. Ballroom Dancing
  93. The Whip-Nae-Nae