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I Could Use Your Help!

I’ll get right to the point – when you’re blogging, you are writing in hopes that people will read the content you are putting out. Makes sense, right?

The problem these days is that is getting increasingly harder to BE seen and I could use your help in order to stay in business.

There are ads on this site and, although I don’t love them anymore than you,(trust me) they help to make the many hours I invest on the blog worth it.

Any time I spend on the blog is time I’m taking away from my husband, kids, and “me” time. It’s gotta be worth it for us as a source of income.

Not only that, but having a blog isn’t free. There are quite a few monthly and annual expenses that go into it.

I do love to write. It’s my outlet with other adults and keeps my mind fresh. I have made friends through my blog over the years. I’m very thankful for this blog.

As our family has grown, the ads on this blog have enabled me to help contribute some income as our expenses have gone up. And, as I’m sure all of you have noticed, weekly expenses are going up for everyone.

Going to the grocery store is painful these days, not to mention gas and electric prices have gone up too. We’ve also had a round of unexpected medical bills, meanwhile, ad revenue on this site has been cut in half over the last few months.

large family

Some Back Story

When I first started my blog (hard to believe it’s been nearly 14 years now!) it was fairly easy to connect with people. I was on Facebook BEFORE there was an algorithm. When I posted an update on Facebook about a new post, most of the people who followed my page saw it.

Those were the days.

If you have followed this blog for that long, I miss those days! Remember when I’d have flash giveaways right there on Facebook? They were a lot of fun!

I know this may sound hard to believe, but FAR more people were shown my Facebook posts when I had 2000 followers on Facebook than see them now at 73,000 (unless I share something like a funny meme that goes viral).

Now Facebook wants me to pay to promote posts in order to show them to people. The same has happened with all of the other social media sites as well.

The simple fact is that it’s not easy to reach many people on social media anymore.

The Age of AI

As exposure on social media waned, Google searches picked up the slack, for quite a few years.

But, now there’s AI and the Internet is changing again. Many, many bloggers like myself are struggling.

It’s not just me being affected, it’s bloggers all over. You’ve probably seen how now when you Google for something, Google will first try to answer a question at the top of the search, instead of having you click on any links.

How You Can Help

If you like this blog and you find the content good, please share it! That really helps to get the word out better than anything.

Post it on social media, send a link to a friend when you think someone else might like it, etc.

When you see a post from me on Facebook, interact with it somehow. Give it a like, comment, share it – all of those things will help Facebook show the post to more people and it will also help my posts to appear in your feed more often.

When you find a recipe you like, pin it to Pinterest.

I’d also encourage you to do these things for any other blogs you enjoy. I’m in blogging groups talking to lots of other bloggers and they are hurting. Many have had their income cut at least in half, some up to 90%!

Another big thing – if you have an ad blocker on your browser, get rid of it. I know, I know. Ads can be really annoying. I get it.

But, when I visit another blog for a recipe or to read an article, I’m happy to have ads on my screen to support the blogger whose writing is helping me. Unless you are paying to access a blog, the ads are what help that writer pay their bills.

If you can avoid using AI, do it. When Google gives you results, scroll down and click on a website. It’s often better, more reliable information anyway.

Lots of bloggers are talking about quitting. I don’t want this to be one of those blogs that shuts down.

Moving Forward

Finally, I wanted to ask you if there are things you’d like to see me write more about. (Let me know in the comments.)

And also, I wanted to ask you to be patient with me as I work to get new posts up more frequently. Life with 7 children (5 of them homeschooling) is just very busy. My kids are growing old quickly. I want to spend as much time with them as I can.

I have an upcoming mattress review that I’ll be sharing soon. I also plan to write a blog post about our chore system that’s been working SO WELL. I just need a bit more time.

I really hope that the posts I write are helpful to you!

I don’t have nearly as much time to write as I once did, but I’m trying to still make time for it. Can you help me make it worth my time and effort?


Thursday 13th of June 2024

Hi. I've been following your blog for a long time. I'm interested in homeschooling posts. Now that your children are getting older, it would be neat to read about their college plans. Perhaps you could write posts about how homeschoolers can apply for scholarships (that's of great interest to me).

Lisa Vance

Tuesday 11th of June 2024

I'll do my part.