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Hypersabers – Affordable, Quality Lightsabers


Are You Ready to Battle with Hypersabers?

Our son Jacob loves playing sword fight. LOVES it. It is a common theme most days for him to ask to sword fight or wrestle or some other form of combat sport. He’s instilling that same love of imaginary combat in his younger brother, Gideon, as well. Walking through our home sometimes feels like a dangerous exercise for me as I never know when a band of vicious ne’er-do-wells might spring their carefully-crafted trap and assault me with foam swords or laser tag rifles or tiny fists and feet flying at the speed of a hummingbird’s wings.

They are relentless opponents.

However, I have to admit that I love it too. I was the same way when I was their age and, to be honest, I’m still basically twelve years old at heart. If I have nothing pressing for my time, I’m more than happy to throw off the grown-up facade and engage with them in faux battle. Well, Jacob has reached the age that I was when I got really into that little-known saga called Star Wars. Ever heard of it? This being the case, he found an appreciation for the coolest sci-fi weapon from the mind of George Lucas; the lightsaber.

When I was a kid, the closest thing to a lightsaber I initially had was a large dowel rod that had been crudely painted like a lightsaber hilt and blade. I was content with that. Later toy lightsabers would be produced with a collapsible, translucent blade and a light bulb in the hilt to illuminate it. That was a definite step up from a painted dowel rod!

Every lightsaber I had as a child was made of wood or plastic. There was nothing else available outside of attempting to fashion your own from a flashlight and good old-fashioned creativity. My oh my how things have changed! I could never have imagined then the kinds of awesome products that would become available to us in the internet age… including this:

Hypersabers Lightsabers

Gone are the days of low-quality lightsabers. Today is the day of high-quality lightsabers with metal hilts, sound effects, LED tech, and polycarbonate blades and Hypersabers has the best bang-for-the-buck options out there! I wish I could take a handful of these back to my childhood self so I could have the time of my imaginary life! You know what’s even better, though? Getting to watch my kids have the time of THEIR imaginary lives using these fantastic lightsabers.

Hypersabers was gracious enough to send us a few different models of their sleek, affordable lightsabers to check out including:

  • “Metal Series 2.0 Black Edition” with a black aluminum hilt with an ice blue 12 watt LED, a changeable head/emitter, and a 3mm thick 37-inch polycarbonate blade
  • “Hero V1” with a sleek aluminum hilt with an emerald green 12 watt LED and a 3mm thick 37-inch polycarbonate blade
  • “Apprentice” with a sleek aluminum hilt with a ruby red 5 watt LED and a 1.5mm thick 28-inch polycarbonate blade

The Apprentice from Hypersabers

The Apprentice saber is the perfect “beginner” lightsaber for your “youngling” Jedi-in-training. The hilt is a modest 9.84 inches long which is perfect for smaller hands like those of our middle son, Gideon (almost 3 years old). The blade is shorter and a little thinner than the standard blades which is great for him as he isn’t quite strong enough to wield the full-size sabers with any sort of control and finesse. The shorter length and lighter weight are perfect for him to be able to march into battle with control over his “weapon”. Fully assembled, the Apprentice is 38.2 inches.

Also built into the Apprentice lightsaber are the “Guardian” sound font and a Duel Clash feature. The Guardian sound font features the standard lightsaber sound effects including activation, resting hum, swinging hum, 10+ clashing sounds, and deactivation. The Duel Clash feature is a bit harder to describe if you aren’t familiar with Star Wars but this is a sound and lighting effect that the lightsabers make when their blades are pressed against one another. Duel Clash is activated by the power button on the hilt rather than automatically via motion or striking as the other included sound effects. The speakers built into Hypersaber products are surprisingly loud and clear so, if you want a bit of silent lightsaber action, the sounds can be toggled with a long press of the power button.

You wanted a smaller and elegant saber, and we heard your call. With a curved design and lightweight feel, your saber spinning and fighting will be faster than ever. Improved mobility, quality, and a strong LED are only a couple of reasons to be excited about this saber.

The battery in the apprentice is a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium. Charging is completed with an included USB cord that plugs into a port on the hilt of the saber. Be sure not to charge the saber for longer than 3 hours. A full charge will last between 1-2 hours depending on use. A light on the power button will blink when charging is complete.

Hypersabers The Hero V1

The Hero V1 is modeled after Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber hilt from Return of the Jedi and The Last Jedi films. Obviously, being the weapon of the franchise hero, this is the saber of choice for our oldest son, Jacob. He loves to be the hero who brings justice to the bad guy (amusingly, I am ALWAYS the bad guy) and saves the galaxy. The hilt measures a solid 12.2 inches and the overall assembled length of the saber with the blade attached is 49.2 inches so Jacob will need to use both hands to maintain control of his lightsaber. I love that he will be able to grow into the Hero V1 and enjoy it for years to come!

Where the Apprentice has a single sound font, the Hero V1 has three. These include “Nebula”, “Caliban”, and “Warrior” with “Caliban” being the normal lightsaber sounds. As with the Apprentice, the same sound effects are present such as activation, resting hum, swinging hum, 10+ clashing sounds, and deactivation. The other two sound fonts respond to the same movements or clashing but with different effects. These are great if you get bored with the same sounds every battle. The Duel Clash feature silent mode are also included.

With a sleek and elegant design, this saber has the hero and premium feel that will allow any light side user to fulfill their potential in the force.

The Hero V1 is a 3000mAh rechargeable lithium. As with the Apprentice, charging is completed with an included USB cord that plugs into a port on the hilt. Again, do not charge for longer than 3 hours. A full charge will be indicated by a flashing light around the power button. A full charge will last between 1-2 hours depending on use.

Hypersabers Metal Series 2.0 Black Edition

Aesthetically, the Metal Series 2.0 is a custom design of Hypersaber’s own making. This thing is awesome looking! The head/emitter is changeable between some rather sinister-looking spires and a less sinister rounded head. Both options look great on this saber! This model is quite hefty and solid in the hand. Also available as an accessory is a matching coupler that is used to combine two Metal Series 2.0 sabers into one large double-bladed saber.

We are proud to introduce the new Metal Series 2.0 Black Edition! With features such as Flash on Clash, 3 sound fonts, and more customizable options, the Metal Series has never been of more quality at an affordable price.

The guts and functions of the Metal Series 2.0 is the same as the prior discussed Hero V1 with three sound fonts, clashing effects, Duel Clash feature, silent mode, and charging of the 3000mAh battery.

Experience with Hypersabers Lightsabers

Now that we talked about the nuts and bolts, let’s delve into the more fun aspect of Hypersabers. Fighting with them! The image below shows the three sabers next to each other. The next image shows the brightness of each in darkness. Note that the Apprentice model is slightly less bright with its 5 watt LED when compared with the 12 watt LEDs of the Hero V1 and the Metal Series 2.0. Regardless, the apprentice is plenty bright for some awesome nighttime lightsaber representation!

Since these sabers are a Christmas surprise for our boys, our oldest daughter, Maggie, helped me check out the features and test them. She enjoys watching Star Wars with me and was pretty excited to try them out before her brothers get a chance to. Her favorite Hypersaber was the Metal Series 2.0 and she said she’s looking forward to battling her brothers with them once they receive their gifts.

When we tested combat with the apprentice, we took it a bit easier since the polycarbonate blade is a bit thinner (1.5mm) on that model. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be ginger with it either. The blades on the Hero V1 and the Metal Series 2.0 are both 3.0mm blades and can take quite the beating.

The best part about Hypersabers is battling in the dark. The blades look amazing! I love the motion blur you get in darkness and it adds a moody flair to the pretend combat with my kids. Combat lit only by the colorful glow of the coolest sci-fi “weapons” is just cool. No other way to say it. Obviously, I know that without a doubt, Jacob and Gideon are going to love it too. (In fact, I begged my wife to let me give them the Hypersabers early because I’m so excited about them, but she wouldn’t relent!)

If you have some young Jedi at home, look at Hypersabers for your lightsaber needs. They’re more affordable than other brands, have great build quality, and most importantly, they’re fun! Visit the Hypersabers website to see all of the lightsabers they have to offer!

Linda Manns Linneman

Monday 17th of December 2018

These are awesome. My grandchildren would love doing this. I am quite sure their dad would also like to get in on the action. Thank you so much for sharing this

Lauryn R

Tuesday 11th of December 2018

These are definitely awesome lightsabers, love the name too! We have gotten our kids a few cheap ones before, but they never last long. I will definitely have to get a few of these! Thanks for sharing. :)

Deborah D

Monday 10th of December 2018

My nephews and nieces will love these.

alice f

Friday 7th of December 2018

What kids wouldn't love these? I like the sabers and I know any child would love to receive this on Christmas morning.

Mia Rose

Thursday 6th of December 2018

These are some high tech light sabers. No wonder the kids love playing with them. So neat.