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How To Use Flipp {And Why You Should!}

I am a Flipp ambassador, however no monetary compensation was received for this post about Flipp and my favorite shopping list features. I just love it and know you will too!

I started using the Flipp app in May and my grocery shopping hasn’t been the same since! To put it simply, Flipp helps make my shopping a breeze! The app has literally revolutionized the way my husband and I shop, so I wanted to take a moment to share it with you today, specifically the Shopping List feature.

Synced List

Although we utilize many of Flipp’s features, the shopping list is the core feature that has turned us into loyal users. I say we because my husband and I take full advantage of Family Sync, a new feature to Flipp that allows you to share your Shopping List with a significant other, friend or family member who also has downloaded Flipp. Now, when we go to the store, we can edit the exact SAME Shopping List in real-time, meaning we can both edit from our individual phones, ensuring that we’ve picked up everything needed and allowing us to divide & conquer.

You guys know how it is. Your spouse is at the store to pick up 10 items. You realize after they leave you need bread too. So you send him a text. Five minutes later you realize you also need bananas again. So you send another text. Then you remember you need chicken broth, apples, and carrots, so you call him. Then you realize you also need trash bags, so you call him again. (At this point, he’s getting a little tired of you blowing up his phone while at the store.) He arrives home and he forgot apples because you mentioned it over the phone when he was in the cereal aisle.

Now that we started using Flipp, that scenario doesn’t happen anymore in this house. If Orin is at the store shopping and I realize we need toilet paper, bananas, and cold medicine, I open up my app, add them to the Shopping List, and immediately they are going to sync with the Shopping List he’s already looking at.

Adding Items is Easy

When it comes to adding items to your Shopping List in the Flipp app, it’s really simple. You can click on the Recently Added icon to select any items you frequently shop fort. There is also a Popular Items list, where you can check off a bunch of items you’re most likely going to want added to your list (things like bananas, cheese, eggs, bread, butter, etc.).


If you don’t see an icon for an item you want to add to your list, or you’d like to list a specific brand name, you just click the Add+ button and type the item. Items are added to your list and grouped according to category. The app is very intuitive and knows that Tide should be added to the Household section, while Frosted Flakes is going to show up in the Pantry section.

Items are listed in each category alphabetically and you can check them off as you put them into your cart.

Take A Picture of Hand-Written Shopping Lists

Do you like to handwrite your shopping list? No problem. Flipp’s Photo List feature lets you take a photo, and all of your items are transcribed into a digital Shopping List. (Yes, it really works, I’ve tried it!). I’m a list writer myself and I’ve written my fair share of grocery lists……only to forget the list at home or in the car. This feature has been a Godsend because inevitably if I forget my list, I forget items on it, and have to make another trip back to the grocery store sooner than planned.

Utilize Circulars

Lastly, if you’re a budget shopper like me, you can scan the the circulars in advance on Flipp to find out which store has the best deals that week. What I do each week is search for the most expensive items on my list. For instance, this week I know that I need to purchase more Tide and I usually buy the big containers. I do a quick search for Tide, and Flipp will tell me which stores feature a sale on Tide that week.

Once I decide on the store that offers the best sales on my biggest items, I then use the store circular to plan our meals around the other items they have on sale that week. For example, if I am going to Martin’s Foods because they are offering buy one get one free on Tide and I see that their chicken breasts, hamburger, and pork chops are also on sale that week, I plan our weekly menu around those meats. I also use the circular to find items we frequently use and if the sale is good, stock up while I’m there. By adding Flipp to my shopping routine, planning ahead by browsing circulars in advance, and creating a digital shopping list that is always with me, I estimate I’ve already saved hundreds of dollars since I started using the app in May!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, as I’m looking through the circular, if I see a sale item I want to be sure to purchase, I don’t even have to type it into my list. I simply tap on the item in the circular, Flipp will circle it for me, and then it will add the sale item to my shopping list under the my clippings section. You can see an example below.


So there you have it. That’s the basics of how the shopping list portion of the Flipp app works. It is truly so simple and easy to learn. Using it saves us time and money every week and best of all, the app is completely free!

Flipp is free to download in the App Store and at Google Play.

Erica Carrie

Thursday 7th of September 2017

The flip app saves time and money


Thursday 7th of September 2017

I love the shopping list where you can share it with others and sync it in real-time.

Richard Hicks

Thursday 7th of September 2017

I will have to give this app a try. It looks like it would be super helpful

Jo-Ann Brightman

Thursday 7th of September 2017

i love to save money and this app would help me do that. It also would make shopping easier.

Sarah L

Thursday 7th of September 2017

To be able to share the list in real-time is a BIG value.