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How to Save HUNDREDS on Baby Clothes

This post about how to save hundreds on baby clothes is sponsored by Carter’s, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

It is not uncommon as a mom of five small children to be stopped frequently by strangers to ask questions about our family. One of the number one questions we receive (after, are they all yours?!) is, how do you afford so many children?! The answer is simple: we set a strict budget and stick to it. But, here’s the thing, having a strict budget does not mean you can’t have nice things! I’m going to share with you my secrets that I’ve learned over the years that have helped me to save hundreds on baby clothes!

baby clothes are, let’s face it, freaking adorable! I can’t walk into Carter’s without my ovaries aching for another baby! It can be hard to not purchase every single piece of clothing in the store. Trust me, I get it! I’m going to teach you today how to build a functional, affordable baby wardrobe so you can enjoy cute clothes from Carter’s and still stick to a budget. 

How to Save HUNDREDS on baby Clothes

Shop at Carter’s

This post is sponsored by Carter’s, yes, but the truth is, I shop at Carter’s ALL. THE. TIME. Ninety percent of my children’s’ wardrobes come from Carter’s. They are seriously the best store to shop at for your children’s clothing. The clothes are affordable, they are functional, and most importantly, they are super cute! Not only that, but they have great resale value at the consignment store or on Facebook marketplace. People trust and love the Carter’s brand, so it’s always a good choice!

Shop Carter’s Little Baby Basics Line

The best way to create an affordable wardrobe for your baby is to stock your wardrobe with at least 80% of items from the Carter’s Little Baby Basics line. These are the basics that you will need for your child’s wardrobe, so think of them as the building block pieces.

You can get SO many pieces at a great price when you shop Carter’s Little baby Basics line. For example, a 5-pack of bodysuits is priced at just $26 (regular price), but I often find them for as little as $11. Then I purchase a 2-pack of pull-on shorts (regular price $26-$28 but again, typically much cheaper). With sale prices, that means I walk away with FIVE outfits for about $25-$30. And, while bodysuits used to typically be all white and a little bland, the bodysuits these days are ADORABLE. So many cute ones to choose between. Carter’s even has sleeveless bodysuits perfect for summertime! (Don’t worry, you can still get white ones if you want them too!)

During cooler months, I do the same thing, except I purchase the long-sleeve bodysuits and 2-packs of cotton pull-on pants. 

You also need Sleep and Plays. While they are regularly priced at $16 a piece, I frequently buy for about $8 a piece! At $8 a piece, that means I can get 7 Sleep and Plays for just $56! Keep in mind, that all of these prices are BEFORE the additional savings from things like Rewarding Moments rewards and Fun Cash! 

When we are staying home for the day, my babies live in either the Sleep and Plays or bodysuits with pants/shorts. If we are running errands, they are often still in a Sleep and Play or bodysuits with pants/shorts. Those are so comfy and cute! I do, however, like to purchase a handful of outfits for them as well. Carter’s Little baby Basics line includes a number of 1-piece outfits that are adorable and affordable! I picked up these two outfits on my last Carter’s trip and, with my discounts, they were both around $6 a piece! SCORE!

Shop Sales and Promotions

Carter’s offers so many great sales and promotions. Have you signed up for their emails? If not, stop what you are doing and do that immediately! They will let you know when there are specials like free shipping and they also send out coupons.

Carter’s also offers Rewarding Moments rewards. This is basically like having a gift card to the store that you have a limited amount of time to use! I currently have a $10 one (yay!).  Another great thing that Carter’s offers is Fun Cash. Fun cash gives you a discount when you make a purchase of a certain amount. For example, currently, I have $30 in Fun Cash that I can use towards an order of $75 or more. 

I save SO much money by shopping the sales and promotions at Carter’s! 


Those adorable baby clothes your little one has just outgrown can help fund the purchase of your little one’s next size up clothing. Because Carter’s clothes are so loved by other moms, they are easy to resell! I have had great luck reselling items on Facebook Marketplace and also by dropping them off at the local consignment store. 

By reselling gently-used baby clothes you will have money to add back into your baby wardrobe budget. 

Store Clothing For Later

Since we knew we’d be having more children, instead of reselling baby clothes, I have stored them in our basement and now reuse them with younger siblings. I have one section with saved baby boy clothes and another section where I’ve stored all of my baby girl clothes. This is another reason I like to buy Carter’s clothing. It holds up well to multiple children plus it still looks adorable and in style years later! 


Finally, one of the cheapest ways to build your baby‘s wardrobe is to share with someone you trust. I have a couple of siblings and we all have children. At this point, we just pass a lot of the clothing we’ve stored between us, saving all of us some money!

Dandi D

Wednesday 12th of June 2019

We love shopping at Carter's/ OshKosh! Their clothes are so cute!

Casandra LaMonaca

Saturday 11th of May 2019

Clothes aren’t cheap especially when they are constantly outgrowing them. We too love and trust the Carter’s brand.

Alice F

Friday 10th of May 2019

Children's clothing is so expensive! However, can we talk about the obvious? Baby Aram is beyond adorable! I am just melting inside, his smile will sink ships. :)

Lauryn R

Friday 10th of May 2019

This is such a helpful post, thank you so much for sharing! I definitely loved being able to swap baby clothes with friends and family when mine were babies, it saved us so much money! I also love that my oldest daughter can hand down her clothes to her younger sister. I love used baby stores as well, and there are even online used baby/kids clothes stores where you can not only buy, but sell old clothes as well.

Dandi D

Friday 10th of May 2019

Children's clothes are so expensive, so this is really helpful!