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Home PE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box – Get Active At Home!

This ‘Home PE: 6-Week PhyEd Subscription Box’ post was first seen on Thrifty Nifty Mommy.  Sponsored by Gopher Sport, as always, all opinions are my own.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

Has schooling at home so unexpectedly been a challenge for your family?  I honestly can’t imagine how uprooted parents and children alike are feeling these days.  There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accommodate all the learning that is being assigned.  Not only that, but kids are feeling cooped up too.  With restrictions in place preventing time with friends, group recess, and gatherings, kids are climbing the walls.  So I’m really excited to share that I’ve found something to help!  The Home PE Box from Gopher Sport is a 6 week PhyEd Subscription Box loaded with everything you need to get kids active and moving as well as allowing you to cross one subject off your list each day.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

NOTE:  Did you know that kids and adults are healthier when they get 30-60 minutes of physical activity each day?  Whether you are new to homeschooling, schooling at home, crisis learning, or avid homeschoolers, this subscription box is awesome for all!  

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box

Home PE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box

Have I peaked your curiosity yet?!  The Home PE Subscription Box is the perfect option to help get that PhyEd credit in.  I’m sure you have some questions so today, I want to provide you with answers.  Also, be sure to check out the video below for some active home challenge ideas as well as great info about the Gopher company.


What Exactly Is The Gopher Sport Home PE Subscription?

Home PE is a 6 week subscription program that offers families an easy way to have phy-ed class at home.  Subscribers will receive the exact same equipment kids get to use in school, PLUS, instructions on 30-40 different ways to use the equipment.  So don’t worry about having to come up with ideas or curriculum; it’s all done for you!  You can choose to host a “family recess” and do the activities with your kids, or they can do the activities independently.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box

But What’s In Each Box?

Each week, you will receive a box containing a new set of institutional-quality equipment as well as activity instructions.  The instruction sheets are written in clear, simple language featuring numbers and bullet points; making it easy to follow along and bring gym class home!

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

What Kind Of Quality Should I Expect To See?

These items are exactly what kids play with at schools so they are designed to withstand a lot of use.  Because this equipment is geared for use by hundreds of kids each day, everything is thicker, tougher, heavier, more colorful, and more durable.  All these features offer you the best possible performance that is built to last.   So while Home PE equipment costs a little more up front, it’s extremely worth it in the long run.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!
HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

I’m No Teacher Though, How Will I Manage To Run A Success PE Class With My Kids?

As I mentioned, each box provides you with the equipment and instruction sheets you’ll need to be successful.  The instructions are written by professional PE teachers and are extremely easy to understand.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box

Do I Need The Basic Or Deluxe Version?

The basic subscription provides the perfect amount of equipment and ideas for 1 to 2 children.  If you have 3 or more kids, consider upgrading to the deluxe version as it adds a few more items to your box each week and allows for additional activities.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

Home PE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box Review

We have five kiddos so we chose the deluxe Home PE Subscription Box for our family and we’re excited to share what we thought of our boxes!   But before we get into that, I want to point out that you get to keep your equipment forever.  So not only do you have a 6-week physical education program handed to you, your family gets to continue to enjoy the equipment, games, and ideas for years to come!  

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

The Boxes-

Each week brings about a new theme and equipment.   The included sheets are easy to read and provide ideas, skills, and lessons to work on pertaining to what equipment was sent that week.  I LOVE the instruction sheets!  Even though I’ve been homeschooling for many years now, I’ve always felt like I’ve lacked the skills for teaching phy-ed.  My Home PE Subscription Box has not only made it easy to teach this class, it’s been fun too!  The kids can’t wait for phy-ed hour each day now.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box

Week 1:  4 Square Box

The classic playground game we all grew up with can now easily be played at home! The Home PE 4-Square Pack includes everything your kids need for endless outdoor fun. Whether they’re playing by themselves, with a friend or sibling, or the whole family, this box has got you covered.  The variety of equipment sent along with unique activity instructions (featuring over 40 game ideas!) will keep everyone moving and having fun!

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box

Week 2:  Jumping And Skipping

Jumping rope is one of the best and most fun cardio-vascular activities out there.  But if you’ve tried purchasing a rope at the local store, you’ve probably been sorely disappointed.  Home PE delivers the quality you remember from school which will get everyone hopping in no time.  Rope jumping is great at developing agility, timing, and muscular endurance and the activities will show how to progress through increasingly challenging and impressive jump rope activities. 

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box

Week 3:  Tossing, Catching, & Juggling

If the only hand-eye coordination your kids are getting currently is from video games, they need this box!  The entire family will have fun doing these activities to develop hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching skills, and even (hopefully….) learn how to juggle!  More than 50 activity ideas provide endless amounts of fun.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box

Week 4:  Sports

No Home Phy-Ed pack would be complete without including institutional-quality equipment for your favorite sports.  Nearly 50 game and activity ideas (including individual, partner, and family options) will teach kids a variety of skills and provide an endless amount of fun.  We all learned a LOT from the included lesson plan for sports week!

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box

Week 5:  Scooters

The kids go CRAZY during Scooters week and if we’re going to be honest, the adults do too!  Scooter games are a wildly popular activity in physical education and most grown-ups have vivid memories of scooter days from their childhood.  Kids will have a blast as they sit, lay, or kneel on the scooters and develop important coordination, balance, and dodging skills, plus muscular strength.  And lets not forget how much FUN they are too!

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box

Week 6:  Fitness

Strength, flexibility and muscular endurance isn’t just for jocks, it’s important for everyone.  The Fitness Box works to introduce kids to a variety of cool fitness activities they’ll love.  Thirty different cardio and strength activities can be performed individually, with a partner, or family and can keep everyone active for hours.  Plus, building fitness routines young can help lead to healthy life-long habits.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box

Our Final Thoughts On The Home PE Subscription Box

I am seriously so 100% impressed with our Home PE Subscription.  Not only have the kids been having an absolute blast, my husband and I have also been joining in on the fun too.  

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

Fun, High Quality Equipment

We love getting to experience some of the same fun equipment that is used in the schools and I feel like an actual gym teacher these days.  With the lesson plans and skill ideas to work on, I don’t have to overthink things.  Plus, everything we’ve tried has been easy to understand, yet challenges the kids to reach new levels of skills.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

Unique Activities

While each box, in itself, is quite unique; we are really enjoying the activity sheets.  One thing I wanted to also note is the fact that Gopher Sports has even included safety tips on some!

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

The only thing I’d love to see Home PE by Gopher incorporate is a binder with all the activity sheets neatly inside.  This would help keep them nice for years to come.

Our Favorites

I have to say that it’s actually hard to choose which week was the favorite.  Every single box held fun activities and high quality equipment.  While I honestly thought the scooter box was going to be an automatic win, it turns out that EVERY single week was awesome.  My less sporty kids are having just as much fun with this subscription as the more athletic kids.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

The Fitness Box was pretty unique as that was filled with equipment we wouldn’t normally have experienced.  Everyone, (including the adults!), has been utilizing the activity sheets and exercise equipment almost daily from that box.

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

And finally, I have to say that while we may never be professional jugglers, it’s sure been fun learning the art!

HomePE: 6 Week PhyEd Subscription Box - Get Active At Home!

In closing, we all know that kids need to be active.  Studies even prove our brains are better equipped to learn during and after physical activity.  So check out Home PE by Gopher as they make getting kids moving easy.

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Yadhira Aponte

Monday 8th of November 2021

I am a PE teachee and I would like to bring this concept to Puerto Rico or how can it be done. Thanks and have a nice one!

monique s

Thursday 28th of May 2020

I think anything that gets the kids exercising and away from the screens and mobile devices is great.

Ashley Chassereau Parks

Monday 25th of May 2020

This might be good for the summer time too! We are taking a break from school, but this would provide some fun outside structured activity or we could play in the garage on rainy days. Everything looks awesome!

Peggy Nunn

Monday 25th of May 2020

I know all this equipment will come in handy this summer. It is good to get exercise all the time.

Debbie Welchert

Saturday 23rd of May 2020

Wow, I love this subscription box. Such a wonderful way to keep the kids active.