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Step2 Home Depot Kids Workbench Review

Step2 Home Depot Kids Workbench

I know that if you are a parent, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Step2. They make fabulous toys! They make their products sturdy and durable with thick, molded plastic. We are always happy to add a new Step2 toy to our house and were very excited about the Step2 Home Depot Big Builders Workshop Playset that arrived a few weeks ago! This new Step2 Home Depot kids workbench is loaded with great features!

Step2 Home Depot Big Builders Workshop Playset Details

The Home Depot Big Builders Workshop playset includes 50 pieces! It comes with real work light, working vise and a handsaw. Foam wooden pieces are included so you can build four separate projects. There is tons of storage space so you can easily tuck away all your tools and accessories.

This Step2Home Depot Kids Workbench features:

  • Authentic “particle board” work surface with working vice, cup/parts holder, hard building surface, drill and screw storage pockets
  • 2 Large storage cabinets and shop “fridge”
  • Electronic features include drill (requires 2 AA batteries) and overhead light (requires 3 AAA batteries), batteries not included
  • Silver and gray metallic molded-in finish
  • Realistic Durafoam™ “wood” foam projects
  • Authentic decals featuring diamond plate, perforated metal, shop light, and digital clock
  • 50-piece accessory set includes drill bits, screws, nuts, saw, hammer

Step2 Home Depot Kids Workbench

The Toys”R”Us exclusive line of The Home Depot Toy Tools and accessories offers kids a safe, fun, and educational introduction to different types of tools, their uses and enable them to emulate their parents at home! The perfect interactive learning tool, The Home Depot toy workbenches, toy chain saws, trimmers and power tools function with battery operated light and sound to give children the real feel of tackling a project with Dad. The Home Depot Toy Tools are as strong, sturdy and long-lasting as real tools and promote creative play, dexterity and unmatchable family bonding time.

My Review of this Step2 Home Depot Kids Workbench

Maggie has had a blast playing with her Step2 Home Depot Kids Workbench! She loves the light that she can turn off and on. She is just tall enough to reach it! The working drill is a lot of fun, and we’ve had a great time building the “wooden” projects together! It’s Step2, so it’s made really well; we haven’t had any problems with things breaking.

Step2 Home Depot Kids Workbench

Step2 Home Depot Kids Workbench

It was also pretty easy for my husband to set up. Maggie loves to watch her daddy work and mimic what he’s doing with her own tools. Maggie, Orin, and I have all enjoyed playing with this toy and know that we continue to do so for years to come!

This toy is only no longer being sold in stores, but if you’re lucky you can pick one up at a yard sale! You might also like this newer Step2 Kids workbench.