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Hitting The Bike Trails With Polisport

I received the Groovy RS Plus Child Bicycle Seat from Polisport to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

We LOVE to go for family bike rides during the summer.  It had been a couple of months now since our last one but we got to hit the trails for a little bit recently.  While I used to pull our youngest in a bike trailer, I struggle with the weight.  So I was super excited to partner with Polisport for an easier way.  And while Lucy thinks she’s perfectly capable of riding bike like this….. The rest of us aren’t thrilled with the pace she sets!

Hitting The Bike Trails With Polisport

Child Bicycle Seat

So as I struggled to keep up with the crew this past summer, I kept thinking there had to be a better way.  My mind continued to drift to the child bicycle seats that attach to the back (or front) of bikes.  But I haven’t used one since I was a teen and babysat for a young family.  So I wasn’t sure if this would be the solution I was looking for.  Turns out, it is!

Polisport Groovy RS Plus Child Bicycle Seat


I came across the Polisport Groovy RS Plus and it’s definitely been the solution I had was seeking!  The thoughtful design and high quality was perfect for keeping Lucy a part of our Sunday Family Bike Ride tradition.

Polisport Groovy RS Plus Child Bicycle Seat


  • New Reclining Feature
  • Arm Rests
  • Adjustable 3-Point Safety Harness
  • Secure One-Handed Child Proof Buckle
  • Reflective Safety Sticker
  • Security Frame Belt
  • Feet Protection Straps
  • Ergonomic Designed Created To Accompany The Use Of A Helmet
  • Adjustable 4 Position Foot Rest To Grow With Child
  • Comfortable Waterproof Cushion
  • 3 Position Solid Seat Mount (To fit a variety of seat sizes and designs.)
  • Quick Release Latch (which allows the seat to be quickly removed from bike)
  • Fits Children From 19-45 Pounds
  • Available In Several Color Options

Polisport Groovy RS Plus Child Bicycle Seat


There really isn’t “assembly” involved per se’ as the seat is fully assembled.  But it does nee to get attached to the bike.  Nothing difficult though and the instructions were clear and even included pictures.  We needed to attach the mount to the bike frame, secure the seat strap, and snap on the foot guards.  Then, just slide the seat into the quick-release holder.

Polisport Groovy RS Plus Child Bicycle Seat

Favorite Features

I mentioned all the features of this Polisport Child Bicycle Seat above but I want to show a little more of our favorites.  One of my tops is the safety involved in the design of the feet protection.  Both the strap to keep those little feet in as well as the leg guards are a must have.

Polisport Groovy RS Plus Child Bicycle Seat

Another very noteworthy feature is the comfort and design behind the entire seat.  From accommodating a helmet to the comfort seat, Polisport really created a great seat.

Polisport Groovy RS Plus Child Bicycle Seat

Plus, it’s a breeze to get children in and out with the easy to use buckle.

Polisport Groovy RS Plus Child Bicycle Seat

The recline feature is also nice for when biking with a tired child.  It’s a slight recline but enough to still make a difference.

Polisport Groovy RS Plus Child Bicycle Seat

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I LOVE our Polisport Groovy RS Plus!  I am SO excited for spring to get here so we can get back out on the trails each week.  Knowing that I’ll be able to keep up with everyone next year makes me giddy with excitement!

Polisport Groovy RS Plus Child Bicycle Seat

Buy It: Head over to Polisport to learn more.


Friday 29th of July 2022

My youngest would love this.

Sue E

Monday 28th of March 2022

Time does fly faster and faster!! I keep telling it to slow down, but who am I to ask such a thing!! I read the things you do with your family and I get kind of emotional. These are just memories now for me. I love to hear that you savor these times too! We used to ride bikes all the time. Where we lived, riding bikes were the major form of transportation. Schwinn’s was the famous brand at that time. We hand the hard pedaling bikes and a couple of three speed Huffy bikes! It was hard to pedal those heavy bikes with a seat on it. I would have loved a bike seat like the one in your article. My concern would have been when the child fell asleep that they might hurt their necks. These new seats sound like they fixed that concern with the slight recline that was mentioned in your review and the protective straps, for their legs too. After all we want our kids to have a fun safe ride. I’m really glad that I read your review of the Polisport Groovy RS Plus! I have to pin this! We really have come a long way on upgrading a lot of older products! Thank you for sharing! (Sorry for writing too much!)

Linda Manns Linneman

Wednesday 4th of July 2018

It is so much fun taking our little ones for a bike ride. This sounds so nice. I love the safety harness and how comfy this is for our little ones. Thank you so much for sharing this