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Hazli Gymnastics Balance Beam And Mat

I received the Hazli Foldable Balance Beam and the Hazli Home Gymnastics Mat at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Like many parents, I have kids who are excited to be involved in sports. My oldest is on her high school swim team and my three youngest kids have taken up the exciting sport of gymnastics. A couple months in, the “Littles” are all still pumped up for class every week. I quickly learned that gymnastics is a sport of repetition. I also learned one of the difficult aspects of gymnastics is that most of the skills kids need to practice, require equipment. I’m not quite ready to sign the kids up for Olympic-style training, with time in at the gym every day, but I wanted to find a way for my kids to have tools at home that would help them to excel and would inspire them to reach for the stars. I found Hazli’s Foldable Balance Beam and Mat for at-home-practice and it has helped all of my kids advance in both skill and confidence!

Hazli Foldable Balance Beam


  • NON-SLIP SUEDE FOLDABLE BALANCE BEAM – Our balance beam for girls and boys is made of a supportive EVA foam,  covered with high-quality suede like the competition balance beams. The anti-slip surface of the suede folding balance beam allows children to exercise more without the risk of getting hurt. For more safeness, we recommend using our Hazli balance floor mat underneath the folding gymnastics beam
  • EASY TO SET & TO MOVE AROUND GYMNASTIC BEAM – Ideal for limited space at home, our Hazli folding balance beam for kids weighs only 5.7 lbs. and it is easy to be carried and stored in any corner of your house. This child balance beam is light enough for kids to take it out, set it up anywhere and move around on their own
  • FOLDING GYMNASTICS BEAM WITH ADJUSTABLE SIZE SYSTEM- Hazli BALANCE BEAM is 8 feet long, 4 inch in height, with a 4-inch-wide top and an 8-inch wide base that offers extra stability. Our gymnastic beams for kids are the main piece of a beginner’s gym equipment. For more advanced exercises that require more length, you can easily enlarge the balance beam for kids and reach the desired size without stress

Of all my kids, Eva is the fearless one. She’s the first to sign up for new adventures or try food no one else would think of touching (pickled cow tongue anyone?). She loves to try new things and is always determined to do her best. So when Eva got up on the high beam for the first time and totally froze, I couldn’t have been more surprised. Of course, the Mom in me wanted to run on to the gym floor and tell my baby it was okay, she didn’t have to do the beam, but I knew this was a great lesson for my girl. Luckily, that very week, the Hazli Foldable Balance Beam arrived and Eva couldn’t wait to start practicing!

Eva was quick to remark how much the Hazli beam felt just like her beam at the gym! Eva and her brothers took turns for over an hour working on drills, practicing “beam feet”, and more! Having a practice beam takes a huge chunk of fear out of the equation and by the end of the first night with her new beam, Eva had successfully landed her first cartwheel on the beam! She was so proud, but I’m pretty sure I was prouder. It was such an awesome sight to watch her overcome her fear!

The beam is so light that Eva can fold it up and move it around our home all on her own. Living in a townhouse has caused me to be very intentional about indoor products and this beam is top notch when it comes to portability. I’m grateful to have a product that doesn’t require me to carry and set up, but instead reinforces my children’s own ability to be independent and self-motivated to practice. Just after a week of having her own beam at home to practice on, Eva’s confidence and balance skills more than doubled. She couldn’t wait to show her coach all that she had been practicing! At her very next gymnastics class, Eva climbed up on the beam “beaming” with her head held high, just letting her feet do the work that she’d been practicing all week.

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Summer Sky Gymnastics Mat

  • HOURS OF PLAY ON SAFE TUMBLING GYM MATS– Invest in only high-quality tumbling gymnastics mat for beginners gymnasts. With a comfortable foam pad, dense and supportive EPE foam, the Hazli gymnastic exercise tumbling mat are , are firm enough to absorb the shock without interfering in the execution of the trainings
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT, SET AND FOLD IN 5 GYM MATS FOR KIDS – Our gymnastics mats for home allow you to save space and be able to store it anywhere without stress. Keep your Hazli gym equipment for home in any corner of the house. Our mats are lightweight and have 2 handles that make our gym floor mats suitable to be easily carried even by a child
  • SIZE ADJUSTING & LINKING SYSTEM – Our exercise mats for home gym are large enough to allow one child to practice their routine. Measuring 6 ft length x 2.5 ft width x 1.5 inch thickness, we’ve designed our junior gymnastics mat as a great gymnastics mat for toddlers, but also as a gymnastics mat for teens. All our gymnastics mats for home offer the possibility to link them between, side to side or lengthwise.

Just like the Foldable Balance Beam, the Hazli Gymnastics Mat gets an A+ for portability, packability, and ease of set up. All three of my kids, Levi being the youngest at age 6, are able to get the mat when they want to spend some extra time stretching or working on the basics and can also fold it back up and put it away when they are done. The handles make it extra easy for them to carry and the material is perfect for wiping down after working out. It’s a beginning to end perfect mat for practicing any gymnastics routine!

With three kids in gymnastics, there’s always some sort of stretching, tumbling, cartwheeling and hardstanding going on. Now that the weather is officially cold, all of the gymnastics activities have moved inside. The boys love the brightly colored mat and all of the kids use it frequently for practicing splits (hallelujah for no more carpet burns!) and handstands. They use the mat in other ways too! It’s perfect for practicing “donkey kicks”, as a tool for proper technique in round-offs, and a safety mat for beam practice.

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I’m so grateful for the Hazli beam and mat! In just a few short weeks, I’ve seen all of my kids improve in their skills in leaps and bounds! But the greatest blessing hasn’t been the advance in their techniques, it’s been the increase in the level of confidence I’ve seen in each one of them. Making an investment in at-home gym equipment is definitely not an inexpensive one. My experience with Hazli equipment has been a favorable one all the way around. I’m thrilled with the quality and functionality of their products as well as the ability my kids have to set up and tear down the equipment all on their own. I know without a doubt, this equipment has not only helped my kids be better gymnasts but has helped them grow in their own determination to succeed.

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Mia Rose

Monday 10th of December 2018

What a great way to encourage practice at home while having fun and staying safe.

Lauryn R

Friday 7th of December 2018

These are awesome gifts for a gymnast! I would have loved to have my very own balance beam when I was one. Thank you so much for sharing!

gloria patterson

Thursday 6th of December 2018

OMG if my great niece was just a year older I would get this wfor her. I have added it to my next year shopping list. Zay is only 2 and the mat in the next 6 months or so would be perfect.

Deborah D

Thursday 6th of December 2018

My niece would love these. She loves gymnastics.