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My Experience Using GSP Rushfit

GSP Rushfit was kind enough to send my wide rear end the complete Georges St-Pierre RUSHFIT 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program. I was so psyched! I am a huge MMA fan and the thought of getting into the same kind of shape as Georges St-Pierre (GSP) was exciting. While I am certain that these aren’t the workouts that GSP does during his training routine the program (if followed properly) will net you some serious results!

Why I Chose to Try GSP Rushfit

When I started the program I was 25 years old and weighed in at 170 lbs at a height of 5’7”. Yeah… not great. I was at the very top of my Body Mass Index rating. Not exactly good shape, right? I put on a few too many pounds of sympathy weight during my wife’s last pregnancy!

There is no shortage of DVD workout programs out there so why should you choose RUSHFIT to begin with? First, it is much less expensive than programs like P90x or Insanity. Second, the workouts are much shorter. Don’t misunderstand “short” as “easy”. These workouts are intense and effective. It just takes less time out of your day, which for most of us is a good thing.

So How Does the GSP Rushfit Program Work?

The basic flow is as follows:

  • 10 minute warmup
  • 25 minute workout broken down into (5) 5-minute sets with a small rest period between each set
  • 7 minute cooldown

The exception to this is the Bonus DVD which you measure your physical ability against GSP himself to show how you’re improving throughout the program. This is done 6 times during the 8 weeks in the beginner workout schedule.

If you are out of shape like I was you will probably find that even the warmups are tiring. Just stick with it! It’s worth it!

My Personal Review of GSP Rushfit

Honestly, this isn’t a program for the dude who wants to look like Ronnie from Jersey Shore, while I’m sure you will get some muscles from it. The program is for overall fitness.

As far as straight strength training, disc 1 has 3 rounds where you use dumbbells, and outside of a bit on disc 5, everything else uses just your body weight. I would say this program’s sort of a lite version combo of p90x + Insanity. And I don’t mean lite in a bad way, this is actually a very solid program, and if you put your all into it you will see results.

The main instructor here is GSP’s real-life trainer, an ex MMA fighter, Erik Owings. He’s very serious and to the point, so if you like a more light-hearted approach, look elsewhere. While GSP is in every workout, he’s not really there for much else than the fact that he’s GSP and the workout has his name on it. He does toss in bits of wisdom here and there, and reminds you that you need to push harder.

Here are the pros of the RUSHFIT program:

  • The workouts are much shorter than p90x or Insanity, but when you finish one you’ll still feel you had a great workout, you don’t need to work out for 1.5 hours to get results. I was pouring sweat after every workout.
  • GSP himself struggles with some of the exercises. I like this because it adds a bit of humanity to the program. You aren’t just watching a ripped individual mentally beat you down because you can’t do a certain exercise.
  • The program can be re-done on intermediate and advanced levels. You’re doing the same workouts, just more frequently. Because you’re supposed to push to your max intensity, there’s really no reason you couldn’t go back and do this program a dozen times and still see results. It’s just a good set of basic workouts.
  • It costs a whole lot less than p90x or Insanity.
  • All you need is 2 dumbbells. No expensive equipment required.

Here are the cons of the RUSHFIT program:

  • This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but some people might not like the fitness test portion of the program where you test your ability against GSP. GSP can pound out some huge numbers which may dishearten some people. Just remind yourself that he’s in peak physical condition.


Now for the best part, my results! I started the program at 170lbs (I’m 5’7”) which is overweight for my Body Mass Index scale. I am now at 152lbs and went from size 34 jeans to size 29! Check out the pic below!

GSP Rushfit Results


This program really does work! The only limitation is your own motivation! I am looking forward to seeing the results I get as I move into the intermediate and advanced workout schedules!

Ready to try the program yourself? You can purchase GSP Rushfit at Are you looking for a diet program to help you lose those excess pounds? Check out my Medifast weight loss results!