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Great Blanket Storage Ideas For the Home

It’s January and I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood to organize! I’ve been working on toy organization since my kids added in some new toys for Christmas plus reworking our shoe storage now that Matthias is wearing shoes too and everyone’s shoes are getting bigger and therefore taking up more room.

You might also remember that I recently got two rattan sideboards for our dining room to help with some of the organization in there. (Like I said, I’m in the mood to organize lately!)

One of the other areas of organization I wanted to work on was our blanket storage. As a family of 9, we have quite a few blankets. We need blankets for the beds and I like to keep plenty of throw blankets on hand for our living room and family room. We even have a few seasonal-themed blankets.

I realized I was either going to have to give some of my blankets away or work on our blanket storage solution. Because I love blankets, I decided to do the later.

Blanket Storage Ideas

If you’re reading this post, it’s safe to say you are probably looking for blanket storage ideas. Here are the ones I considered:

  • Cedar chest (We own one of these already. It’s big and I love it!)
  • Storage tubs/bins (We have some of these as well and I use them to store the seasonal throw blankets.)
  • Closet shelves
  • Storage bench

Cedar Chest

Cedar chests are a great option for blanket storage. They smell great (and so your blankets end up smelling great too!) and the wood is beautiful. One drawback to a cedar chest is that they often are wider and therefore take up a good bit of floor space. We have one in our home that I use to store some of our blankets and extra sheets.

two kids sitting next to each other with a Christmas blanket

Storage Tubs/Bins

We have a LOT of storage tubs/bins for storing everything from kids clothes to holiday decor. I typically do not use them for blankets except for my seasonal blankets. They aren’t easy to get in/out of (we keep them stored up high in our garage) and so it’s just not a practical blanket storage solution for us.

Closet Shelves

Closet shelves are a great place to store blankets IF you have ample shelves. We have 9 people in our family so any shelves we have are already claimed for other items.

Storage Bench

Ultimately I decided the best solution for us right now was to add a storage bench. I am limited on closet and floor spaces to store my excess blankets. Something at the foot of our master bed seemed to be the best solution for us. As a bonus, it could work to store the extra sheets to our master bed too.

My cedar chest was too wide for the spot but I found a narrow storage bench that’s the perfect fit!

Vasagle Ekho Collection – Storage Ottoman Bench

I decided on a new storage bench from Vasagle. It’s a gorgeous camel brown color made with vegan leather.

Vasagle Ekho Collection Storage Ottoman Bench in front of a bed.

One of my favorite things about this storage bench is that it required minimal assembly – just attaching the legs! It stores a good amount of blankets (on the inside it’s 13.4″x40.5″x9.4″ – a 25 gallon capacity) while still being trim enough to not take up too much room as we walk around our bed.

This storage bench is built with a solid wood frame, so it can support an impressive weight of up to 660 lb! It’s available in colors caramel brown, forest green, and ink black.

We’re able to store our extra blankets, sheets, even an extra pillow, and it offers us extra seating in our bedroom too.

Vasagle Ekho Collection Storage Ottoman Bench openned to show a blanket and pillow inside of it.

Although we have our bench in our bedroom, it would work well as entryway storage and living room storage too.

You can purchase this storage bench on Vasagle also has a few other blanket storage options on Amazon.

little baby boy sitting on top of the Vasagle Ekho Collection Storage Ottoman Bench.

Maria Egan

Wednesday 17th of January 2024

I have a ceder chest that I store blankets, even my kids old baby blankets. The storage bench looks like it would go well in any room and be so versatile.

Ashley Parks

Friday 12th of January 2024

I love storage benches or ottomans! We've had a large storage ottoman for years! When our kids were babies/toddlers, we always used them for baby toy storage and then for pillow and blanket storage.


Saturday 6th of January 2024

Thanks for all the ideas.


Thursday 4th of January 2024

I have a lot of throw blankets and usually end up getting more each winter. A storage bench would be perfect for them!