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GABB Black Friday Special Is Going On NOW!

This post is sponsored by Gabb Wireless. As always, all opinions are my own.

GABB Black Friday Special Is Going On NOW!

We have had Gabb phones and now the new Gabb Watch3 for our kids for a couple years now and I have to say, we have been quite happy with their products and service. So with their Black Friday sale starting today, I just had to share more about them with you!

GABB Black Friday Special Is Going On NOW!

Who Is Gabb Wireless And What Is Kid Safe Tech?

If you’re new to hearing about Gabb, they are a company who provides safe tech for kids. They are on a mission to protect kids. So their phones have NO internet and NO social media. (Both of which have many hidden dangers for kids.)

GABB Black Friday Special Is Going On NOW!

All New Gabb Phone 3 Pro

More access when your teen is ready. No internet browser or social apps!

Give your teen the tools they need with the safety and flexibility they deserve. With third-party apps to grow with their needs, and the best camera and hardware on any Gabb device, it’s the phone that meets teens where they are.

GABB Black Friday Special Is Going On NOW!

Parent enabled apps!

All optional third-party apps have been carefully vetted by Gabb. Optional apps can only be added to your child’s phone by enabling them through the Gabb parent portal.

We are expecting our new Gabb Phone any day now so I’ll come back and update this post once we have had a chance to check it out!

New Gabb Watch 3

GABB Black Friday Special Is Going On NOW!

Kids smart watch-rebuilt to do more GPS, safe zones, and step counting. Gabb Watch 3 is the perfect first device for a child — allowing them to safely connect with family and friends every step of their day.

GABB Black Friday Special Is Going On NOW!

The Gabb Watch 3 is the best-in-class kid-safe smartwatch— combining the functions of a safe cell phone, a reliable GPS device, and an interactive watch.

Lucy (who is 9) has had the Gabb Watch 3 for almost a month now and she is LOVING the freedom it gives her. She is able to call or text me when she’s done with church class on Wednesday night so now I know exactly when to pick her up. I also love being able to see where she’s at as well as reach her when she’s out walking around our farm with her cousin. Over the past several weeks, the kids have also been taking a homeschool writing class and it was extremely convenient for her to text me as I ran errands if she needed things.

One of her favorite things about the watch is that there’s a little game on it she likes to play. (It’s pretty old-school and cute so I don’t mind her playing it at all!) She has also been texting me ‘good night’ and ‘I love you’ from her bed each night after tucking her in, which I love. Plus, she is so happy she’s able to send emojis too.

All in all, we are LOVING the new Gabb Watch 3!

GABB Black Friday Special Is Going On NOW!

Connect With Gabb:

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Get The Gabb Black Friday Deal NOW:

Black Friday Gabb special is: Save 55% OFF a Gabb Phone 3 Pro or Gabb Watch + receive 3 months of FREE service with promo code THRIFTY!

  • *No contract required. New lines only. Customers who purchase a Gabb device will have the option to delay service activation until Christmas! 🎁

👉 Buy With Prime: This deal also applies to customers using ‘Buy With Prime’ through You MUST enter THRIFTY at checkout to receive your three months free service when you activate your device!

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Maria Egan

Saturday 18th of November 2023

Good way to give kids freedom but yet safety in what they can access on their phone or watch. Nice that there is no contract required.