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Fun Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

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When I used to think of water tables for kids, my mind went immediately to summer and sunshine, hoses and the sweet smell of grass.  However, being in Minnesota and living with winter half the year, it was time to get creative!  It’s so easy to feel dragged down by the long cold spells (and currently negative wind chills!).  So I have to find ways to make being indoors fun. 

From pajama day to beach day, field trips and more, we like to spice things up!  With 8 kids under the age of 13, it can be a challenge though.  But today, I’m excited to partner with Step2 to bring you ideas on how to use a water table for kids.

Multiple Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

Water Table For Kids – Not Just For Water

Until recently, I only used our water table outdoors in the summer months.  Which, of course, the kids loved.  But then I got to thinking, there are so many ways we could be utilizing this investment all year long.  And since February seems like the longest month ever (since we know Spring is JUST around the corner but still out of reach),  I decided to bring our Step2 Fiesta Cruise Water Table for kids into the house.  So not only is it a fun addition to our Beach Day, we have also found a variety of ways to use!

Multiple Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

Snow And Ice – Everything Cold And Nice

Living in Minnesota, where there’s often snow, it only made sense to fill our table with snow for some arctic play.  We had snow, icebergs, and some warm water for melting.  The arctic animals bring loads of fun in this water table for kids.

Multiple Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

Melt Dinosaur Eggs

This one takes a little prep but kids love it.  Freeze some small dinosaurs in ice.  Give kids cups or bowls of warm water and eye droppers.  And let them hatch their dino eggs all in the safety of their water table for kids.  The mess stays contained but the activity usually keeps kids busy for awhile!

Water Beads

Add a couple handfuls of water beads and water to hydrate them and kids will be busy for HOURS!  They feel so slippery and fun that nobody can keep their hands off.  (Adults may be guilty too.)  Watching them grow is an experiment in itself and the variety of colors available is super neat.  Toss some small toys or scoops in for added play. A small amount of water beads goes a long way since they expand so much, making this a really affordable addition to a water table.

Island Getaway

Grab a bag of play sand from your local store and then create an island getaway.  Give the kids whatever fun pieces you have on hand for your chosen theme.  Rocks, trees, and dinosaurs (can you tell we have dino fans?)  If you have a doll house, grab some people and furniture that could be used on this adventure.  The sky is the limit! Change it up every time to keep it fresh and exciting.

Multiple Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

Watercolor Snow

Again featuring that pesky snow we have outdoors.  Place a layer of snow in your Step2 Water Table and give kids watercolor paints and a brush to paint the snow.  I love how easy and effortless this one is and kids enjoy being creative and seeing the colors take root in the snow.

Colored Rice Or Beans

In small ziplock bags, place the desired amount of rice or beans, a small squirt of rubbing alcohol, and a few drops of food coloring.  Shake until coated.  Dump out on parchment paper to dry.  Then place the colored rice/beans in your Water Table along with jars, measuring cups, and spoons and watch the kids get busy mixing, measuring, and playing.  You can also utilize any toys that came with your water table.

Multiple Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

Step2 Fiesta Cruise Water Table For Kids with Umbrella

A fun new choice from Step2, the Fiesta Cruise Water Table with Umbrella for kids has lots to offer.  I love the included umbrella which will be perfect once Summer actually arrives here in this currently frozen tundra.  This set also features a nice variety of included toys, which makes play extra fun.

Multiple Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

The big red twisty slide has been an especially big hit here.  Whether sending the little people down or dumping a cup full of beans, everything slides well and someone is almost always manning this slide.

Multiple Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

One side of the Fiesta Cruise Sand & Water Table features a green diving board where kids can send the included people flying into the “pool”.  It’s a nice feature but I’d love if the piece actually clipped onto the side of the table nice and tight so it wouldn’t come off.

Multiple Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

The smaller slide is also a fun area to send swimmers slipping down.  Short and sweet, the kids still love it.

Multiple Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

The Step2 Fiesta Cruise Water Table actually features a unique, split design.  Underneath the white portion is a separate compartment which makes playing sand on one side and water on the other a cinch!  Or even having water (or sand) on both sides would work too.  Each compartment features its own drain plug making emptying a breeze.

Multiple Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

Everyone was having so much fun and the colorful beans really make for bright indoor play.  Plus, even when the kids dropped some out of the Water Table, they could easily pick them up.  And the few beans left behind at the end of play were quickly swept up with a broom.

Multiple Ways to Use a Water Table for Kids

So Much Fun Utilizing Our Water Table For Kids Indoors

The kids have truly been enjoying playing with their water table indoors.  Even when it’s filled with snow, using a “summer toy” just makes play so much more fun.  While we are definitely counting down the days for summer and sunshine, for now, Step2 has helped make the rest of winter a bit more bearable for our crew.

There are many great water table options available at Amazon, like the Step2 Paw Patrol Water Table and the Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table!


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