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My Freestyle Diapers & Wipes Review Plus 30% Off Coupon!

As a mom of seven, I’ve used a LOT of diapers over the year, both cloth diapers and disposable diapers. And, since I love checking out new products for reviews and giveaways, I was excited to check out a brand new disposable diaper brand, Freestyle World Diapers. I’m always on the hunt for the best diapers, especially ones that are safer for my baby’s skin!

Just a note that this review was originally published in January 2023. I’ve had an opportunity to use this diapers a lot more since then AND try out their wipes, so I’ve updated this post as of November 2023 to reflect that.

two packages of Freestyle diapers in front of a door.
A shipment of Freestyle Diapers (2 sizes for 2 kids)

What Makes Freestyle Diapers Different From Other Diapers

Usually, when I’m talking about a new product, people want to know what sets this product apart from others, so I’ll start with that.

Freestyle Diapers are Made Differently – With Bamboo!

Did you know that traditional diapers use a lot of trees (wood pulp to be exact)? Instead of trees, Freestyle diapers are made with a BambooTek core and built around sustainable organic bamboo pulp.

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth, meaning it’s the most renewable source of future diapers. My cousins have some bamboo growing on a property they recently purchased. They can tell you it’s true, this stuff grows fast!

And because bamboo is so dry, these diapers are 55% more absorbent. BambooTek is also 24% more protective against humidity and retains 39% more, which translates to fewer diaper rashes, leaks, and blowouts.

These hypoallergenic diapers are helping to lower the environmental impact of diapers, and that’s something everyone can agree is a great thing!

Freestyle Diapers, size 2 and size 5
2 packages of Freestyle diapers in size 2 and 5.

On top of all of that, Freestyle’s supply chain is plastic and carbon negative, meaning that you’re actually removing plastic and carbon from the environment when you buy Freestyle!

Freestyle Offers a Modern Look for Diapers

There are two types of people – those who care about presentation and those who don’t. Ironically, the day these diapers arrived I had an unrelated discussion with my husband about brand presentation, specifically brand packaging.

Personally, I must confess that packaging does not impress me. I just don’t care about that sort of thing. I actually didn’t think many people cared about that. I just care that the product performs the way it should and that the price is right.

My husband on the other hand apparently cares about brand packaging a lot. (You know what they say, opposites attract!)

I say all of this to say, if you care about the packaging of your diapers, wow, Freestyle does it right! Within the box of diapers was a paper that looked like a newspaper with info about the diapers and brand. It was very unique and something I’d never seen before. Even the cardboard box itself was colorful on the inside!

packing inside of a Freestyle Diapers delivery box
The paper that was included with my box of Freestyle Diapers.

The diapers themselves are also packaged in modern colorful plastic packages and inside you’ll find diapers with 1 of 2 different prints. One print is a pretty green and white print and the other has colorful emoji smiley faces. And if you’re the kind of person who loves having a wetness indicator, these have that too!

Freestyle diapers in size 5 and Freestyle diapers in size 2.
Here are the two print options on Freestyle Diapers.

My Freestyle Diapers Review

I tried out these diapers on two of my children. The first child I tried them on is a baby who is about 4 months old. I have him in size 2 diapers. I also tried them on my 2-year-old (32 months) and used size 5 on him.

As an update, I’ve been using these diapers pretty often still with my baby (my 2-year-old mentioned above is now 3 and potty trained). He’s now in a size 4 diaper at 15 months old.

For comparison, I have tried a LOT of diaper brands over the years, including Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, Honest Company, Hello Bello, and Seventh Generation, as well as store brands from Food Lion, Lidl, Target, and Martins/Giant. It’s possible the only kind I haven’t tried yet are Coterie diapers.

The ladies at my church threw a baby shower for me so I received a number of different types of diapers. Because of that, I can compare the quality of these Freestyle diapers to Huggies, Pampers, Target, and Nature’s Promise – all brands I have used within the past 2 months with him.

A variety of size 2 diapers. From left to right: Huggies Little Snugglers, Freestyle Diapers, Target brand diapers, and Nature's Promise (Martin's/Giant brand of chlorine-free diapers).
A variety of size 2 diapers. From left to right: Huggies Little Snugglers, Freestyle Diapers, Target brand diapers, and Nature’s Promise (Martin’s/Giant brand of chlorine-free diapers).


These diapers are advertised as being more absorbent than others and I have to say, the absorbency on them is great. I would say that Freestyle diapers are right up there with Huggies and Pampers (which, in my opinion, do have a higher absorbency than the other brands you will find at the grocery store.

There are some diapers I refuse to put on my 4-month-old before going to bed, including the Target brand and Nature’s Promise diapers. Those leak through every night! The Freestyle diapers have been great overnight.

These diapers also have a color-changing line to let you know when they are wet.

Feel of Freestyle Diapers

They aren’t lying, these diapers are soft, even the outer layer! They feel great on the inside and I know must feel great on my kids’ bums.

Fit of Freestyle Diapers

These diapers fit much like the other diapers I’ve tried. They appear to be sized very similarly to other brands of the same size. I would say they lean towards larger rather than smaller when compared to diapers from other brands of the same size. (See for yourself in the image above.)

The stretchy tabs are generously sized with just the right amount of give to them.

The back of the diaper goes fairly high up the back to help prevent blowouts. (So far I haven’t had to deal with a blowout from either child with these diapers.)

Cost of Freestyle Diapers

These diapers do cost a little bit more than a typical store brand. That’s to be expected with a higher-quality product.

If you choose to purchase the diapers one box at a time (one box is a month’s supply) it will cost you $92. However, if you sign up for a subscription, the cost is just $78 per month.

As a comparison to the big-name brands you’re probably familiar with, a box of size 2, 186 Count Pampers Pure diapers currently costs $65.44 on Amazon at regular price or $55.62 if you unlock 15% off with Subscribe and Save. (Obviously, this price can and will fluctuate.)

A size 2 package of Freestyle diapers contains 192 diapers so you ARE going to get a few additional diapers.

Now, if we compare these diapers to a brand that is more similar in construction, like Dyper (another bamboo diaper brand) these diapers are actually currently a bit cheaper.

Coupon Code for Freestyle Diapers

If the price is the only thing holding you back from trying these diapers, don’t worry, I’ve got a discount code for you!

Freestyle diaper boxes with a text overlay that says to use code TNM30 to save 30% on the first diaper subscription from Freestyle Diapers.

Use code TNM30 to save 30% off of your first subscription order! Utilizing this code will make your first order cost LESS than the Subscribe and Save cost of Pampers from Amazon!

Overall Thoughts on Freestyle Diapers

We’ve been using them for about a few months now and I’m really happy with these diapers. Yes, they do cost a bit more than other diapers, but that’s to be expected with a higher-quality product. I LOVE that they don’t have any of the harmful chemicals that other brands have.

I would assume that these diapers would be less apt to cause sensitivity issues and I love that these diapers have clean ingredients. That’s a huge plus to me! My children haven’t suffered from any diaper rash while using these diapers.

a baby wearing Freestyle diapers in size 4
Baby in Freestyle Diaper

Bottom line – if the thing you care about most is finding the cheapest diapers, these aren’t for you.

However, if you’re looking for a diaper that’s modern, features tree-free ingredients is soft, and/or is ultra-absorbent, Freestyle is here for you! If you want to switch to biodegradable diapers that are better for our environment, these are the diapers for you!

I also love that you can set up a monthly subscription so diapers are one less thing you have to worry about remembering to buy every month at the store!

Freestyle Wipes

As mentioned above, this review was originally published in January of 2023 but I am coming back today (November 2023) to update it because I was recently able to try out Freestyle’s Wipes as well.

a package of Freestyle diapers size 4 and Freestyle wipes

My personal preference with wipes is that I do not like them to feel slippery (I think Pampers feel this way) and I like them to have the right amount of thickness to them. (I think Huggies wipes are the thickest).

I’m pleased to report that Freestyle wipes are not slippery feeling. They are also not overly thin or thick. They are light and easy to use and do a good job of wiping away all the mess you want to wipe away, whether is from a dirty diaper or you are using them on a dirty face or hands. They are large enough that I feel like I was using fewer wipes, which is always a good thing!

a baby playing with Freestyle Diapers wipes

I didn’t notice any scent when using these wipes. They use a clean, EWG Verified formulation that’s 99% water and are made from bamboo, just like Freestyle diapers.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly wipe that’s bamboo-based, I haven’t found one better than these!

Freestyle Diapers Wipes

Buy Freestyle Diapers

Ready to buy these diapers and try them out yourself? Click HERE to be taken to their website to purchase. Remember, use code TNM30 to save 30% off of your first subscription order. You can cancel any time!

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Pictures of Freestyle diapers and a baby wearing a Freestyle diaper with a text overlay that says "Freesstyle Diaper Review and Discount Code".

Maria Egan

Friday 17th of November 2023

Finding quality diapers that even work through the night at a discount is a big plus.

Tara Enright

Saturday 28th of January 2023

I have a co-worker that is due in March and I would love to gift these to her to try out. thank you


Friday 27th of January 2023

They look like they'd be very comfy for baby.

Stephanie A

Wednesday 25th of January 2023

I love that they're bamboo and that you've tested them overnight!

Belinda B

Saturday 21st of January 2023

I love that these are made of bamboo which is super soft and absorbent. And the fact that they are better for the environment is a big plus!