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My Feltman Brothers Clothing Review

I come from a family that has a strong connection to its roots. Growing up, I heard many stories about how our family came here from Sweden all those years ago.

And about the family we have that still lives there today. My dad has traced our roots back over 200 years to 1817 and takes pride in where he comes from.

Growing up, I remember my grandparent’s house being filled with family heirlooms.

Now that I own my own home, some of those treasures have been passed on to me and I’m also excited to start acquiring my own special heirloom. 

I’m excited today to share my Feltman Brothers Clothing review – a huge thanks to Feltman Brothers clothing company for gifting me with these items for our new baby. 

Why It’s Important to Me to Have Heirloom-Quality Clothing For My Baby

This past Christmas, my grandfather gave me his old toy box from when he was a kid. I imagine that having been born in 1936, he probably did not have an overflowing toy box like many children have nowadays.

I am sure this toy box was treated with the utmost respect and probably housed all of his favorite treasures. Little did they know, my husband and I had just found out that we were expecting our first child just a few days before we celebrated Christmas with them.

This was a very special moment for me, who is the sentimental type. One of many family heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation.

Family heirloom toy box with rabbit

Oldies But Goodies

My grandparents recently moved. Since they were downsizing and I’m the oldest granddaughter and one of only three grandchildren, I inherited the majority of the family heirlooms.

These items included a vintage tea set that my grandfather sent my grandmother as an engagement present when he was spending time in Germany while in the military.

Also, some Christmas dishes that served our most special meal of the year throughout my childhood. These types of family heirlooms are things that my family and I treasure.

Five generation photo
Five Generation Photo

Things Don’t Last Forever

I could go on and on about all of the family heirlooms we have. Fine china, quilts, a rocking chair and a baptismal gown that both traveled here from Sweden over 100 years ago, etc.

But the key theme you would see is that many of them are not things that can be used until much later in life, if at all. The ones that are “made for kids” are now so old that it might not be safe to use with a newborn of this era.

This had me thinking about how much I would like to have a few special items of my own to start using with my firstborn that can be passed down throughout the generations, that can be used safely and enjoyed over the years to come.

One day, my granddaughter will have access to retro baby boy clothes she can use with her baby boy!

Feltman Brothers Blanket

Feltman Brothers Clothing Review

The Feltman Brother’s company has been around since 1916. So they have a long history of providing top quality, exquisitely styled, hand embroidered clothing for children.

They offer a distinct collection of finely crafted clothing and accessories for children ages newborn to 4T. Their collection includes things such as clothing, blanket, booties, bibs, and special occasion attire. Feltman Brothers offers a vintage style that is sure to be timeless throughout the ages.

If you’re looking for antique baby clothes for your child and not finding them, Feltman Brothers offers new clothing options that are a great alternative. The quality of their products guarantees that these pieces would make the perfect family heirloom to be passed on for years to come.

Yet, they are practical and comfortable for baby both now and in the future.

Feltman Brothers Clothing Review

The Newest Retro Baby Boy Clothes From Feltman Brothers

Nautical Sailor Creeper

I knew that the first item I would want to pass along would be a truly timeless and standard baby boy outfit. We are so proud to be having a son to pass along my husband’s family name and thought that the Nautical Sailor Creeper was the perfect item to start with.

I can’t wait to see our baby boy in this nautical piece which features a sailor collar that folds over the back and has matching detailing on the sleeve cuffs.

It has a button-down front that is accented with rows of handmade embroidery of a sailboat and stars. It buttons down the front with snaps at the crotch for easy diapering and changing convenience.

This style may be old-fashioned, but the softness of the fabric, ability to be machine washable, and convenience of the buttons and snaps are anything but old-fashioned!

family heirloom

Diamond Knit Cardigan

The next piece of retro baby boy clothes we received is the diamond knit cardigan. Think cute, think cozy, think a Feltman Brother’s cardigan.

This sweet little cardigan comes in either a light blue color or white. In my opinion, either color could be gender-neutral with the proper laying pieces.

This cardigan features an intricately knit body with ribbed edges. It is the perfect way to keep your little one warm without sacrificing style. Best of all, it is machine washable.

family heirloom

Diamond Pointelle Knit Blanket

We all know how quickly babies can change sizes. That is why I wanted to make sure I passed along at least one family heirloom item that was a one size fits all, gender-neutral item and a staple in every babies life: a blanket.

The Feltman Brothers diamond pointelle knit blanket is made of the softest poly/cotton blend. It is the perfect size at 40 inches by 40 inches, allowing it to work perfectly for snuggling, swaddling, or covering up in my Joovy Qool stroller or bouncer seat.

This blanket comes in four colors, blue, white, pink or sea coral.

Family heirloom

A Quality That Lasts

My Feltman Brothers clothing review offered me a great opportunity to get an up-close look at several items from this brand.  Feltman Brothers offers a variety of infant, toddler and preschooler sizes in both male, female and gender neutral colors and patterns.

With all of their products being made with the highest quality fabrics, precise craftsmanship, and attention to detail, this brand really does offer great products that can be passed down from generation to generation as the newest family heirlooms.

I firmly believe that one day these will become treasured antique baby clothes for future generations. 

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Mia E.

Saturday 13th of April 2019

I treasure the items that have been passed down from parents and grandparents. I like the clothes featured but especially like the knit blanket.

Lauralee Hensley

Sunday 7th of April 2019

They really do have cute clothing for the little ones. Their baby bonnets are my favorite.


Saturday 6th of April 2019

I never thought about clothing as an heirloom but it is so practical. I admit I have sent many heirlooms to Goodwill because I just don’t have the room to store them and there is no way I will ever use them. My parents don’t understand, but our generation seems to not hold on to those display type heirlooms that aren’t functional. Baby clothes would be perfect because they are easily tucked away, can actually be used, and can be photographed for generations with each new family member.


Sunday 7th of April 2019

Hi Jenna, I completely agree! Clothing is easy to store and still functional for years to come. I wish we would have more clothing that was passed down than some of the more fragile items that won't ever come back out of the box. Glad I can start the tradition of passing down clothing from Feltman Brothers.