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Check Out Our New Feandrea Cat Tree and Litter Box Enclosure in One!

A little over a year ago we adopted a small gray kitten our family named Gandolf. About 3 weeks later a feral, stray tabby kitten showed up outside. It took months, but slowly she began to trust us. We named her Mrs. Proudfoot (another Lord of the Rings character).

We took Mrs. Proudfoot to the vet and then brought her into our house. She’s been inside now for over a year. Despite her living in our home for over a year, she is still learning to trust us. She’s more skittish than our other cats yet she can also be very sweet to us at times.

Tabby cat on a cat tree

My son, Jacob, has always had a sweet spot for Mrs. Proudfoot. She’s undeniably his favorite. He really wanted her to be able to sleep in his room with him at night. The problem was that he shares a room with his baby brother, so an open litter box sounded like a very bad idea.

Finally, we found the solution! Let me introduce you to the Feandrea Cat Tree with Litter Box Enclosure.

feandrea cat tree with litter box enclosure

Although this was a gift for our cats this Christmas, (we know have four cat thanks to a pregnant mama cat who showed up here a few months ago, but that’s a story for another time) you would have thought it was a gift for Jacob.

Assembling the Feandrea Cat Tree and Litter Box Enclosure

He was SO excited to get this cat tree with litter box enclosure set up in his room. My husband and I worked together on it and had it assembled in less than an hour. It was very easy to assemble but you definitely need a little bit of time to get it done.

I highly suggest this cordless screwdriver from Worx for assembling things like this. It made the job so much easier than using a manual screwdriver because there are definitely a lot of screws!

My Review of the Feandrea Cat Tree and Litter Box Enclosure

Once we had it assembled, our cats wasted no time climbing on to it. They LOVE it! Here is Mrs. Proudfoot enjoying it right after we assembled it.

cat sitting on a cat tree

This cat tree has everything a kitten or cat might want. It’s got a regular-style bed on the very top plus a hammock-style bed on the level below that. Both are super soft!

There are also two boxes where cats can play and sleep. Those boxes have soft padding inside of them as well.

We keep a small bowl of food and another small bowl of water in the top box on our tree, that way Mrs. Proudfoot can eat and drink during the night.

There are multiple flat areas where cats can perch and there are posts where cats can scratch. Having a place for cats and kittens to climb AND scratch is so important!

cat scratching a scratching post on a cat tree

Thoughts on the Enclosed Litter Box Area

My biggest questions when I selected this cat tree were: will the litter box area be big enough and will our cat be willing to use it since it’s enclosed?

Here is a photo of our litter box inside of the enclosure area. There is more than enough room for a litter box. As you can see from the photo, cat’s enter from the side.

cat litter box inside of a litter box enclosure

The added space is also a great way to help trap some of the loose litter that cats typically have on their feet when they are done. It hasn’t totally kept litter from appearing outside of the box but it has certainly helped.

As far as if our scaredy cat would use the enclosed box, I am so excited to report that yes, she does! We haven’t had any issues at all getting her to use this litter box consistently.

Overall Thoughts on the Feandrea Cat Tree and Litter Box Enclosure

We’ve had it assembled now for about 3 weeks and I have zero complaints. Our cats and kitten love to climb on it, sleep on it, and the litter box is frequently used.

cat sitting inside of a box on a cat tree

Best of all, it’s enabled Mrs. Proudfoot to be able to sleep in the room with Jacob and Matthias. Even during the daytime, I find that Mrs. Proudfoot spends a large portion of her time sleeping on this cat tree.

It gets two thumbs up from our cats and me too. I would definitely get another one! These cat trees with litter box enclosures are sold on Amazon. Buy yours on Amazon here.

I’m pleased to offer my readers a chance to win this cat tree! Enter the giveaway HERE.

Kate Bond

Sunday 28th of January 2024

Hi! Love to hear the positive review! How does it do with odor? I have 3 cats and one decides he doesn’t like to bury his #2 😆 Sometimes it takes us a little while to to find out about it.

Jodi Hunter

Saturday 27th of January 2024

My kitties would love this.

Anne Perry

Saturday 27th of January 2024

I love the Litter Box Enclosure.

Kathy Pease

Friday 26th of January 2024

This setup looks so awesome and would be perfect for my furry babies.


Friday 26th of January 2024

What a smart innovation in cat furniture design. Our six cats would like this tree.