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Fall For Nature & Switch To Lunapads {+Giveaway!}

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This post is sponsored by Lunapads.  All opinions are my own.

Going green is on the minds of so many these days.  We all know how important it is to take care of the Earth.  The motto “leave it better than you found it” is a great way to live life.  So as we share our Falling For Nature Event with you this week, we just had to include the amazing company Lunapads.  If you are a woman and never heard of them, this post is for you!  (***Disclaimer, if you’re a man reading this, please continue!  Lunapads is on a mission is to encourage a positive attitude towards periods, and to normalize discussion and understanding of periods for everyone, men included.  They actually want to encourage men and boys to read and learn about periods and help support the women in your life!)

Lunapads Washable Reusable Pads

Aunt Flo

So I still remember my very first period.  Thankfully, I had my 7th grade sports physical a few days before and they detected blood in my urine.  So I had a heads up that it was coming and started wearing liners for a few days.  However, I was NOT as ready as I thought.  I had no idea that something “so natural” could be so painful, uncomfortable, and completely annoying.  Not only that, but I knew it was going to return to torture me every month!

To prepare, my mom loaded up the bathroom drawer with disposable pads.  And because I didn’t want the risk of toxic shock syndrome with tampons, wearing what can only be described as half diapers was my life for almost two decades.  But a few years ago, I discovered an alternative with Lunapads.

Lunapads Washable Reusable Pads

A Better Alternative

The very first time I tried Performa Lunapads, I couldn’t believe the difference.  They were SOOO comfortable, even on my heavy days!  Plus, I didn’t have to worry about adhesive sticking where it shouldn’t.  (Serious ouch when that happens!)  Nor did I have that discomfort when it was hot out.  The difference was truly amazing.

Lunapads Washable Reusable Performa Pads

The Choice Is Clear = Lunapads Performa Line

Since 1993, Lunapads has been embracing a healthier way of life and inspiring healthier relationships for women and their bodies.  Their newest line, Performa, is:

  • Better For Your Body:  Unlike disposables, Lunapads has NO added chemicals, perfumes, or adhesives.
  • Helps You Save Money:  Even with a slight investment up front, Lunapads are reusable for 5+ years and each pad replaces over 120 disposables!
  • Easy To Use:  Featuring a snap closure, just place in your panties and snap the wings around your underwear to keep them secure.
  • Comfortable:  Performa Pads feature a patented, high-performance moisture management top layer that moves fluid away from your body.  They are soft, breathable, and absorbent.
  • Protective:  Performa Lunapads feature a leak-proof backing that even extends throughout the wings.  This provides the added protection and security for both periods and even light to moderate bladder needs.
  • Machine Washable:  Use over and over as Lunapads are machine wash and dry compatible.  Of course, feel free to hand wash if you’d prefer.

Lunapads Washable Reusable Performa Pads

So while reusable pads weren’t on my radar years ago, I’m so glad they are now.  Especially with a daughter whose nearing her teen years.  I have no intentions on buying her chemical filled disposables.  I’ve used Performa Lunapads and fallen in love with everything about them so that’s what I plan to have stocked up for her too (along with some chocolates too!)

Lunapads Washable Reusable Performa Pads

Simply wrap, snap, and wear Performa Pads day or night.  Change as needed and wash after wear.  They really allow wearers to feel dry and comfortable.  So join the thousands of others who have switched to Lunapads eco-friendly pads and liners and help make a difference!  Their collection of smart reusables meet the unique needs, lifestyles, and bodies of women everywhere.

Buy It: Head over to Lunapads to see for yourself the great selection of products they offer.

Connect: Don’t forget to like Lunapads on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to their Newsletter for all the latest news and promotions.

Win It: Lunapads is generously offering one of our lucky readers their very own Performa Pad 5 pack (size of the winners choosing)!  Just enter below for your chance to win.

Lunapads Giveaway

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Lauryn R

Monday 30th of October 2017

I would definitely give the Diva Cup a try! It sounds a little intimidating, but if it really works that well it would be so worth it!

Hannah Avery

Saturday 28th of October 2017

I want to try the diva cup!

Margarey Wise

Saturday 28th of October 2017

I'd like to try Meow Meow Tweet deodorant. (Hope I got the name right)

Ashley Chassereau Parks

Monday 23rd of October 2017

I would also like to try a Diva Cup once baby #3 comes!

Amelia Bayless

Friday 20th of October 2017

Their MAIA briefs looks really nice and comfy.


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