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EZPZ Feeding Set & Toddler Straw Cup Review

In the next couple of months, there are a few holidays where you may be searching for practical gifts for the little ones in your life. Whether wanting a fun little gift for your little Valentine, looking for an Easter basket stuffer, needing a birthday gift, or just wanting some new feeding sets for your kiddo; check out the lineup over at EZPZ.

EZPZ Feeding Set & Toddler Straw Cup Review

EZPZ Gifts For Ages and Stages

From baby through preschool, the EZPZ feeding line offers some really great choices. Once you start having kids, one thing that most parents quickly realize is that kids are messy!

EZPZ products have been designed by a baby-led weaning expert to help combat this and create a successful eating journey along the way.

EZPZ Feeding Set & Toddler Straw Cup Review + Giveaway

For Older Babies, Get the Mini Cup + Straw Training System

As your newborn grows and begins to reach the older infant stage, it’s a good idea to introduce a cup and the Mini Cup + Straw Training System from EZPZ is a great choice. Whether introducing breast milk (or formula), water, or delicious smoothies, offering this adorable straw cup will help your older baby learn how to safely use a straw.

kids cup 
EZPZ Feeding Set & Toddler Straw Cup Review + Giveaway

This developmental drinking system offers three methods of learning:

  1. Open Cup: You can start by having your little one practice drinking with an easy-to-grasp open cup. The mini size and silicone composition make this cup one of the best choices. Open cup drinking is an important developmental milestone as it supports healthy oral and speech development, aids with teething, and helps toddlers build a strong swallow; which can help decrease the chance of tooth decay.
  2. Beginner Training Straw: Simply place the mini straw into the mini cup lid with the sensory bumps outside of the cup. These bumps will keep little one’s lips more stable while the curvature and shorter length promote safe and successful straw drinking.
  3. Advanced Training Straw: After your child has mastered the above options and is no longer dependent on the sensory bumps, flip the straw over and place the bumps inside your cup. Congratulations! This is the final step as your toddler has developed the skills needed for successful straw drinking but you can still take advantage of the Mini Cup’s safe and well-thought-out design.
baby in high chair - EZPZ Feeding Set & Toddler Straw Cup Review + Giveaway

Benefits Of The Developmental Drinking System

  • Helps toddlers succeed with the 3-Phase Developmental Drinking Method (by Ms. Dawn Winkelmann, M.S, CCC-SLP)
  • Straw serves as both a Beginner Training Straw + an Advanced Training Straw
  • Reduces spillage
high chair and baby dishes - EZPZ Feeding Set & Toddler Straw Cup Review + Giveaway

For Toddlers Get the Mini Feeding Set

With the Mini Mat, Mini Spoon, and Mini Fork included; this Mini Feeding Set provides the developmental tools you need for independent mealtime with your toddler. Have them practice eating with a spoon (scooping) and fork (piercing) in style!

As your baby transitions to toddlerhood, they are ready to start practicing some new mealtime milestones. This includes eating a balanced meal with the family; a meal that features different food groups as they are learning how to eat.

EZPZ Feeding Set & Toddler Straw Cup Review + Giveaway

Benefits Of The Mini Feeding Set

  • This set provides the developmental tools you need to help your toddler meet mealtime milestones
  • Helps your toddler succeed with feeding independence
  • Compatible with the Mini Mat Lid
baby in high chair - EZPZ Feeding Set & Toddler Straw Cup Review + Giveaway

Plus, one of my favorite features of the Mini Feeding Set is that the mat suctions to tables and flat tops which decreases tipped plates! The three compartments also help remind parents to serve a well-balanced meal while the mat around the plate edges works to catch any messes.

The Mini Feeding Set is made from silicone and is dishwasher-safe and hypo-allergenic.

Dishwasher full of baby dishes - EZPZ Feeding Set & Toddler Straw Cup Review + Giveaway

For Preschoolers Get the Happy Utensils

Are you looking for a safe training knife? There is a developmentally appropriate training knife included in the Happy Utensils set so your munchkin can start working on their spreading and cutting skills!

child buttering corn - EZPZ Happy Utensils

My Final Thoughts

I’m super impressed with EZPZ products. My little one just turned one recently and we’ve been practicing baby-led weaning with her.

She hasn’t shown a ton of interest in table food yet but we still have her up by the table for family meals and have been introducing new foods and drinks slowly. The Mini Feeding Set and Straw Training System have been great tools to utilize on our journey.

kids plate and silverware - EZPZ Feeding Set & Toddler Straw Cup Review + Giveaway

Buy It:

Visit EZPZfun to grab your own EZPZ feeding products.


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Lauryn R

Wednesday 15th of February 2023

I love the Play Mat! The flower with compartments is such a great idea, to keep all of their activities organized and easy to reach. I would definitely get this for my little one!

Laurie Nykaza

Tuesday 14th of February 2023

The Bottle Brush is a must have .I want one now to clean my Hummingbird glass feeders too

Amy Hall

Sunday 12th of February 2023

I'd like to try the tiny pops. I hadn't even seen that they had those until I just clicked through the new portion of their site.

gloria patterson

Saturday 11th of February 2023

These feeding set looks like the perfect gift for a baby shower. I know a little early but would be nice to have anyway

Darlene Carbajal

Friday 10th of February 2023

I like the Mini Cup + Straw Training System.