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How To Make Easy Tie-Bleach Shirts!

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Maggie is all about customizing these days. It feels like she is asking me nearly every day about a new customization project she’s thought of, so I decided to surprise her with a little t-shirt customization project of my own: tie-bleach shirts! It was really such an easy, fun process, I thought I’d share it with all of you today.


  • Clorox®  Regular Bleach2 with CloroMax™ Technology, or Clorox® Regular-Bleach₁
  • Bucket (or a clean sink)
  • T-shirt (We found through trial and error that shirts with a blend of cotton and polyester. tend to retain more of the color, so look for that if you want a shirt like the red and teal ones pictured below, or go with 100% cotton if you’d like your shirt to look more like the white/pink shirt)
  • Rubber bands
  • Rubber Gloves


  1. Start by rolling your shirt . When I rolled the shirts, I rolled them diagonally and it really seemed to create nice color swirls.
  2. Wrap rubber bands tightly all around the shirt.
  3. Fill a bucket with enough bleach and water solution to cover the shirt once dropped in. For every gallon of water you should add 1 1/3 cups of Clorox®  Regular Bleach2 with CloroMax™ Technology. 
  4. Let the shirt soak for a few minutes. We let ours soak for about 3-5 minutes, making sure we turned it about every minute to make sure each side spent an equal amount of time in the Clorox® bleach.
  5. Take the shirt out of the Clorox® and run cold water over it to make sure it is rinsed well.
  6. Once you know it’s rinsed well, take the rubber bands off one by one (I used scissors to cut them off to make it quick and easy), running fresh water over the shirt as you remove them.
  7. Want a variation? Maggie first put rubber bands on random areas of her shirt (unrolled) and then slowly bunched it together into a circular shape, adding more rubber bands as she went.

These shirts are so much fun because every single one is unique and you can’t really go wrong with it. Fold it how you want, put the rubber bands on where you want — it was the perfect craft for my independent, DIYer, Maggie and her siblings! Check out our finished shirts!

Not only did the kids have a blast making these shirts, they were so proud to show them off and tell people how they helped to make them.

Speaking of Clorox® bleach, have you heard about CloroMax™? It’s just started appearing in stores, so maybe you’ve seen it! New Clorox®  Regular Bleach2 with CloroMax™ Technology packs the same whitening, dirt-fighting and disinfecting power we all already love and trust, plus it protects surfaces† and keeps clothes whiter longer* for a powerful, protecting and easier clean. When used as directed, the patented CloroMax™ Technology invisibly adheres to hard surfaces, forming a protective shield that repels stains to make cleaning quicker and easier. How awesome is that?! Dilution and usage instructions have changed slightly for some surfaces, laundry occasions, and disinfecting, so make sure you refer to the product label for instructions.

You can watch @Clorox and @AlfonsoRibeiro celebrate Taco Tuesday and the launch of new Clorox®  Regular Bleach2 with CloroMax™ Technology here:

Look for Clorox®  Regular Bleach2 with CloroMax™ Technology on your next trip to the grocery store and pick up the other supplies to create these fun tie bleach shirts with your kiddos!

Disclosures and Footnotes: This post is sponsored by Clorox, however all opinions are my own.

†by reducing soil adhesion
*vs. Clorox® Regular-Bleach

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Janet W.

Wednesday 17th of October 2018

These turned out looking great!! Sounds very easy to do!

Alice F.

Tuesday 16th of October 2018

Tie bleach shirts are so cool! I remember back to when I was in college and when we would have tie dye parties; tye were always so much fun. We would dye shirts and paints.

Nidhi Chauhan

Monday 9th of July 2018

I love this idea. We are going to do the same this weekend. thanks!

Dandi D

Wednesday 30th of May 2018

My children and I would have a lot of fun doing this!


Sunday 6th of May 2018

My granddaughter likes tie dye clothes but we have never tried to do it on our own. I think this would be a fun activity for us to do together.


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