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80 Easter Basket Ideas For Kids They Will LOVE!

Easter will be here before we know it! Do you have the Easter bunny visiting your house? Do you hide plastic eggs, dye eggs, and/or stuff baskets with treats for your kids? Have you figured out what gifts and treats you’re stuffing in those baskets and surprising the family with yet? 

While we are definitely celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on Easter morning, our family also enjoys taking part in giving some gifts and filling our kids’ Easter baskets. It’s a very fun holiday for our family.

We like to mix up what we surprise the family with on Easter morning.  A couple of larger gifts along with a basket of fun seems to be just about perfect for us!  So if you’re looking for some of the hottest ideas, our 2022 Easter Gift Guide will help you find the best gifts for all the loved ones in your life!

Creative Easter “Baskets”

While most people think of filling a basket on Easter, it doesn’t always HAVE to be a basket! Here are some creative Easter Basket Ideas for you. It’s a fun way to change things up this year!

  • Grab a pail and shovel and fill it with fun outdoor toys like bubbles, water guns, sidewalk chalk, jump rope, bubble machine, water bottle, ect.
  • Buy a new pair of rain boots and then fill them with a new umbrella, a new raincoat rolled up, and other fun toys they might enjoy playing with outside in the rain.
  • Similiar to the idea above, you can buy a new umbrella, open it, and turn it upside down, then fill it with lots of great spring-time items.
  • Turn a helmet upside down and inside fill it with a new water bottle, trail mix, and a photo of the new bike/scooter/skateboard/ect. that’s waiting for them outside!

Themed Easter Basket Ideas

I love doing theme gifts! It’s easy to make a themed basket. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Movie theme! Think things like popcorn, Cracker Jacks, a new DVD or BluRay, a gift card to the movie theater, and other movie snacks.
  • Bathtime Theme! All of my kids love taking baths. Go all out with new bubble bath, a bath bomb, new bath toys, a new bath towel, ect.
  • Beach Theme! Are you taking a trip to the beach this summer? Now is the time to load up on beach toys, a new beach towel, other fun things for the beach, and of course, sunscreen and new swimsuits!
  • Character Theme! Does you child have a favorite character or movie? Try to get them a basket full of items that all feature their favorite character/movie. We’ve got a great list of unicorn toys if your little girl is into that, Minecraft toys for the Minecraft fan, and Harry Potter toys and gift ideas too.
  • Art Theme! My kids love arts and crafts. Now is a great time to fill their baskets with new art and craft supplies, like glue, tape, markers, crayons, finger paint, sticker books and glitter. Another great addition would be new craft kits.
  • Summertime Theme! Get a new blow up pool and inflate it, then fill it with lots of great summer items, that way your kids will stay busy with lots of outdoor play during the summer months.

Best Easter Basket Gifts

We’ve compiled a list of fun Easter basket ideas for kids that includes more than just chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, Easter candy, and my all time favorites – Peeps!  While those Easter treats are yummy, you don’t want to overload your kids with too much sugar!

2020 Easter Gift Guide - {For All Ages!}

Easter Gift Guide - The Best Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Check out these awesome Easter Basket stuffers and gifts, perfect for surprising your kids this Easter!

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gloria patterson

Wednesday 6th of April 2022

I love gifts ideals............. I might not get them right now but the one's I make sure I save that information. and I found a lot to save

Ashley Parks

Monday 4th of April 2022

I love the ideas of the beach themed or art themed baskets. My kids love beach days and I often give them bathings suits or beach toys for Easter since they get used to much at our house. The art themed baskets would be great for my girls as they are getting older. They love paint by number kits and various crafts. Those would be well received!

Ashley Parks

Thursday 24th of March 2022

Wow!! So many great ideas for Easter! Our Easter baskets usually have spring/summer related things. Most of the time, the kids get a bathing suit, bubbles, pool toys, and some allergy safe candy. This year they are going to get some Gatorade water bottles (for summer camps and sports), a few wildlife matching games, a book, and some pool floats. I love the idea of the rainboots and Lego Build Easter Fun! Activity Book!! Those would be big hits around here too!

Peggy Nunn

Saturday 9th of October 2021

There are a lot of good ideas for Christmas in here too.

Amy D

Wednesday 7th of April 2021

I love the cute rain boots and Easter Legos for my daughters.