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Easiest House Pet Ever! – Froggy’s Lair BioSphere

We all know animals are a lot of work.  When I talk to other moms about house pets or potential house pets, the biggest issue holding everyone back is commitment.  As the mom, we know that if the kids don’t step up to care for their pet, the responsibility will fall to us.  Sometimes, the issue may lie in the fact that we chose a pet that too difficult for the age of the child.  Other times, the busy lifestyles we lead is the problem.  So if this sounds like you, we’ve discovered a solution!  And for that reason, we’ve teamed up with Froggy’s Lair to share them with you because they offer the easiest house pet ever.  (Plus, parents can earn bonus points for having a new class pet since many families have chosen to give homeschooling a try this year!)

frog - Easiest House Pet Ever! - Froggy’s Lair BioSphere

Easiest House Pet Ever! – Froggy’s Lair BioSphere

We all will have different ideas on what the ‘easiest house pet’ standards will be…but hear me out.  I’m going to share with you why I think the Froggy’s Lair BioSphere is the perfect choice.

frog - Easiest House Pet Ever! - Froggy’s Lair BioSphere

Low Maintenance

When I say low maintenance, I mean really low!  Each Froggy’s Lair tank cleans and conditions itself with very little care.  You will only have to replace the water every couple of months.

frog - Easiest House Pet Ever! - Froggy’s Lair BioSphere

Feeding Responsibilities

These sweet little frogs only need to be fed two very tiny pellets each, twice weekly.  This task literally takes about 30 seconds.

piano with frogs - Easiest House Pet Ever! - Froggy’s Lair BioSphere

Benefits Of An Easy House Pet

There are lots of benefits that we reap as pet owners.  But for children, there are some extras!  The Froggy’s Lair makes a perfect addition to the home because:

  1. New and emerging readers can practice reading short stories to their new pets.
  2. Nurturing a pet is an excellent way for kids to “parent play” as they practice being a caregiver.
  3. A BioSphere is a self-regulating ecosystem studied by both scientists and animal-lovers. Using the BioSphere, kids will learn about how an aquatic Nitrogen Cycle system works, which is a STEM concept.
  4. Kids can learn responsibility through feeding and caring for their pet.
  5. Children with pets display improved impulse control, social skills, and self-esteem.
  6. Being able to look back and share fond memories with siblings about their Froggy’s Lair pet will be a wonderful bonding experience.  

A couple notes:  Set up was super easy as Froggy’s Lair comes with step-by-step directions.  However, even being careful when pouring the water, you can still see our tank was slightly cloudy in the video.  Never fear, though, as the lair becomes clear within a day or two after everything settles back down again as you can see from the pictures above. 

kids with froggy lair - Easiest House Pet Ever! - Froggy’s Lair BioSphere

Overall, the Froggy’s Lair is a really neat little setup and the kids are enjoying!  It’s fun to sit by our African Dwarf Frogs and study them each day. 

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monique s

Saturday 26th of June 2021

such a cool lair. super interesting

Peggy Nunn

Sunday 1st of November 2020

I keep thinking of froggy. How is he doing? How is he working out at a pet? Are the children accepting responsibility? I would like one for my granddaughters.


Sunday 1st of November 2020

Hi Peggy.

The kids have actually been doing a really great job with feeding them and checking on them! I love that they are super low maintenance.

Deborah D

Saturday 17th of October 2020

These are neat.

gloria patterson

Wednesday 14th of October 2020

I told my niece about the frogs and that her daughter needed one. She told me yes she does and it can stay at my house. I know my great niece if I buy it she will take it home :-)

monique s

Tuesday 13th of October 2020

I think my kids would love having a froggie as a pet