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Double Ditto ~ The Game Of Quick Thinking & Matching

This post is sponsored by Inspiration Play to share their Double Ditto game.  All opinions are my own.

Well, it’s Minnesota so it wasn’t too surprising when the snow began to fly before Halloween this year.  Thankfully, it melted again so trick-or-treating was a bit more manageable.  But now that we’ve had another covering, the kids have been looking for things to do.  Of course, they DID go play in the snow but it’s been COLD here being down in the 20s already.  So they can only handle being out for a short time.  Well, Double Ditto came to the rescue!

Double Ditto - Great game for large groups


Fun Party Games

Not only have we been playing Double Ditto as a family, it’s going to be great for the upcoming holidays!  We get together several times with large groups of family and having games that can be played with everyone (or as many that want to) is always fun.  Almost every year, we try to play a new game and this year, I can’t wait to bring Double Ditto.

Double Ditto - Great game for large groups

Quick Thinking, Entertaining Matching

Double Ditto challenges players to be clever and quick.  As players take turns being the Ditto Master where they read a card out loud to the group, the rest of the group has 15 seconds to answer.  They do this by writing down two answers that come quickly to mind.  Once the time is up, everyone takes turns reading their answers and crossing off matches.

Double Ditto - Great game for large groups

The object of Double Ditto is to write down answers that you think others will say.  Match one answer and you score a “ditto”.  Get them both right and you just scored a “double ditto”.

For example, how would you answer these:

  • Commands you teach your dog?
  • Parts of the human body?
  • Things that go on your head?

Double Ditto - Great game for large groups

Fast Paced

Every round is fast-paced and filled with many hilarious surprises.  Because players create the answers, you get to be as creative and unique as you’d like!  Which means that no two games should ever be alike.

Double Ditto - Great game for large groups

Double Ditto For The Win

Not only is this a great large group game, it works with as few as 4 players too.  Geared for ages 10 and up, anyone who can read, write, and think quick can play.  The game comes complete with 400 playing cards, score sheets, and a 15 second timer.

Double Ditto - Great game for large groups

Seriously, if you want a game that is sure to deliver laughs, look no further!  Here it is!

Double Ditto - Great game for large groups

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Your Chance To Win

One of our lucky readers will win their very own copy of Double Ditto!  Just enter the GT widget below for your chance.  Good luck!

Cynthia R

Tuesday 14th of November 2017

I would play with my family, I like that a group can play and it is a word game.

Amanda Alvarado

Saturday 11th of November 2017

I like that you have to think quickly! I'd play this with my hubby's family! We have a big group when everyone is together for holidays!

Linda Manns Linneman

Thursday 9th of November 2017

I love that this is such a fun game and the family gets to share some laughs. I would love to play this with my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing

Deborah D

Thursday 9th of November 2017

I would play this with my nieces and nephews. I like that you have to think quickly.


Wednesday 8th of November 2017

I like that it can be played with a large group of different ages so it would be something my family could have fun with especially when I host a gathering like Thanksgiving dinner.