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DIY Pull Up Bar For Babies

I love DIY projects. And I have never loved them more than I do now that I am a mom. Babies seem to outgrow things so quickly and are always changing interests and abilities. Anytime I can save money by making something myself, I do it, especially when I can see the direct impact it has on my son and our family. Check out this DIY project you can do for under $15 in less than 15 minutes!

Today I’m sharing my step by step directions for a DIY pull up bar for babies. Some items featured in this post were gifted to me.

DIY Pull Up Bar For Babies

DIY pull up bar for babies

Why Build a DIY Pull Up Bar

Babies love to pull themselves up on things. Although my home is baby-proofed, it is not always safe for my son to grab onto just anything to pull himself up. Other things might not be the ideal height for him. This DIY pull up bar for babies is designed specifically for my baby‘s height and needs.

What You Need

(2) 24” pieces of 3/4” PVC piping
(4) 12” pieces of 3/4” PVC piping
(2) 14” pieces of 3/4” PVC piping
(4) 7” pieces of 3/4” PVC piping
4 elbow joints
4 “T” joints
4 end caps
Duct tape or athletic tape (optional)
Sand (optional)

DIY pull up bar for babies

Step 1

Chances are you will need to buy longer pieces of PVC piping (at least I did). Simply cut the piping down to size with a hand saw or with any means you have at home.

Step 2

Attach the “T” joints to the 14” pieces

DIY pull up bar for babies

Step 3

Attached the elbow joints to the 24″ pieces.

DIY pull up bar for babies

Step 4

Put the end caps on the 7″ pieces.

DIY pull up bar for babies

Step 5

Next added the 7″ pieces into the other side of the “T” of the “T” joints.

DIY pull up bar for babies

Step 6

After that, put the 12″ pieces into the third opening of the “T” joint.

DIY pull up bar for babies

Step 7

Finally, attached the 24″ pieces to the rest of the pieces and you’ll have your pull up bars!

DIY pull up bar for babies

Step 8 (optional)

You can add sand inside the poles to help weigh it down. I would advise gluing the poles together if you do this to ensure you don’t have a mess. We did not do this so that we can take it apart and store it more easily. You can also wrap duct tape or athletic tape around the top bars for added grip for your baby‘s small hands. 

Keeping Kids Safe

Even with this DIY pull up bar for babies, they are still bound to fall down a time or two, or a thousand! So, protect your baby with Sandra Aris padded kid’s pants.

3D Padded Pants For Babies And Toddlers

Our son has an adventure-themed nursery for a reason. If he is anything like his dad and me, he will be a bit of a thrill-seeker and not afraid of an adventure. You can’t bubble wrap your baby, but you can cushion the fall.

DIY pull up bar for babies

These pants are made with the same technology used in motocross clothing to help cushion the falls that are bound to happen. Using signature 3D triple-layer pads, these pants include knee protection for babies that is breathable, flexible, and comfortable. Plus, they also have butt-padding to boost comfort and resilience for your baby. These pants are much more practical and stylish than trying to attach a pillow to their bottom! They are also easy to use when practicing with this DIY pull up bar for babies.

DIY pull up bar for babies

These pants were created with moms in mind. They are handmade, washing machine safe and dryer friendly. What more could a mom of a busy boy ask for? These pants are currently available in 2 different patterns, 2 different styles, and range in size from 6 months to 3T, making them perfect for little crawlers to walkers and every busy body in between!

Our Experience

I understand that kids will fall down. I totally get this is a part of life. But I also think it is a good idea to try to keep our kids as safe as possible. Will I put these pants on our little one every morning? No. But I have been using them often as we practice new life skills.

DIY pull up bar for babies

When I introduced the DIY pull-up bar for babies, we had our “safety pants” as I call them, on. When we introduced him to his new indoor playground, we had the padded pants on. It is just an extra layer of protection from the inevitable falls.

DIY pull up bar for babies

It is amazing how quickly babies can learn a new skill. They develop muscle memory and that is how they become proficient at these new skills. I think that using the padded pants are a great way to protect your little one as they explore and grow. So check them out and get your little one a pair here.

DIY pull up bar for babies

Enter for your chance to win a pair of 3D Padded Pants for your little one!

Lauryn R

Monday 5th of April 2021

What a great idea, thank you so much for sharing! I love being able to save money and make things myself too, especially when it comes to baby/kids stuff. I never would have thought of this!

Shannon Mitchell

Sunday 22nd of November 2020

We just made the pull up bar and it was so easy to put together. Thanks for sharing about it. We’re going to let the baby try it out tomorrow.

Peggy Nunn

Tuesday 25th of February 2020

I showed this to a friend and they are making one for their child. Your instructions are so easy.

Tamra Phelps

Saturday 22nd of February 2020

This is a really neat idea. I like how inexpensive it is, for sure.


Saturday 22nd of February 2020

What a nifty idea for baby! Can't wait to see a photo of him doing it himself!