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The Diono Radian RXT Car Seat Gives Your Child a Safe and Comfortable Ride


I received a Diono radian rXT car seat at no cost to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

There is nothing more important than keeping your child(ren) safe. One of the most vital ways to do that is through car seat safety. Making sure you use an appropriate car seat for your child’s age and weight is imperative. I am going to share with you some startling statistics and essential information to help you through this process. I have partnered with Diono to bring you this crucial information.

Make sure to always put your child in a car seat, booster seat or seat belt (depending on the appropriate need for that child) before you turn on that ignition. According to the CDC, “One CDC study found that, in one year, more than 618,000 children ages 0-12 rode in vehicles without the use of a child safety seat or booster seat or a seat belt at least some of the time.” We can reduce those numbers down to a single zero if we just take an extra minute in the car before we start driving.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), “motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death in children ages 1-18. One in 3 children who die in a motor vehicle collision are unrestrained.” Reading this, I was beyond horrified! These numbers can drop dramatically if we take the necessary precautions to keep our children safe. The AAP goes on to say that, “in children younger than 1 year, using car seats decreases mortality by 71%. When compared to only using a seatbelt, car seats reduce the risk of injury by 54% in children 1-4 years old, and in children 4-8 years old, booster seats reduce the risk by 45%.”

While it is common for parents to complain about the weight of car seats, one can agree that their child’s safety is the #1 factor in choosing a seat. Yes, carrying around a 20lb. child inside of a hefty seat can be strenuous, but that is easily outweighed by the peace of mind that your child is safe and secure when traveling.

Diono, a leading manufacturer of child safety seats and producer of some of the best car seats for children, also understands that safety is paramount for your little ones. Parents continuously recommend their seats despite what they think of the weight, as the weight in Diono seats is incurred by the following, including but not limited to:

  • Full steel frame and aluminum reinforced sides
  • Energy absorbing EPS foam and side impact protection
  • Safe Stop® energy-absorbing harness
  • With the features on the Diono seats, heavy means safe. And heavy is good. VERY good.

Diono car seats are beyond impressive! It’s no wonder that they have won numerous awards; such as the Most Innovate Product Award, Best Junior Car Seat, Top Choice of the Year, PTPA Seal of Approval, Best Buy and Silver Award. The list goes on and on and the reason is simple… quality products with safety and smiles in mind! No wonder they are trusted by parents as one of the best baby gear brands!

I had the absolute pleasure of reviewing the Diono radian rXT car seat in black scarlet. This car seat is beyond the most amazing car seat I have ever laid my eyes on. I immediately regretted letting my daughter ride in her previous seats. The quality of this car seat is undeniable and makes me feel more at ease every time I buckle up my daughter.

diono radian RXT car seat

I appreciate that Diono has made their car seats with extended rear-facing use in mind. Babies and children from 5-45 lbs can comfortably sit in the rear-facing position. Plus, the plush head and body support cushions make for an extra comfortable ride even for the tiniest baby. These inserts can be taken out as your child outgrows this need.

diono radian RXT car seat

The Diono car seat also accommodates forward-facing children up to 80 lbs in a 5-point harness and converts to a booster for kids 50-120 lbs. You will notice in the pictures there is the reinforced adjustable head support, which is designed to provide additional side impact protection.

diono radian RXT car seat

Here are some Key Features of the Diono radian rXT car seat:

  • NEW! Premium plush interlock knit fabric (available in Black Cobalt, Black Mist, Black Plum, Black Scarlet and Essex colors)
  • Full steel frame and aluminum reinforced sides for unmatched safety
  • Comfortably seats rear-facing children from 5-45 lbs, forward-facing children from 20-80 lbs in a 5-point harness, then converts to a booster for children up to 120 lbs.
  • Unique SuperLATCH system that makes installation easy
  • Fits 3 across in most mid-size vehicles, folds flat for travel and is FAA certified
  • Energy absorbing EPS foam and side impact protection provides added safety
  • Safe Stop® energy-absorbing harness
  • 12-position adjustable headrest, 5 shoulder and 3 buckle positions deliver a comfortable ride.
  • Rear-facing tether capability
  • Expandable sides and long seat bottom allow proper leg support
  • Low-sitting profile makes it easy for your child to board
  • Angled cup holder keeps a variety of drinks upright and within easy reach
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Rubber bottom grips for no-slip installation
  • 10 year life

If you are unsure of what type of car seat you should have for your child, I found a helpful chart on depicting the age group of a child, the type of seat they should be in and general guidelines for each age group.


When purchasing a new car seat, I have found that installing them can be a bit of a chore. With reading all the directions, and trying to get the perfect fit for my car, it can be a challenge. Diono however, has taken the guess work out of the equation! Not only do they have a wonderful instruction booklet with all sorts of helpful information, but they also have videos! That’s right, you can visit their website and watch installation videos that show how to install their car seats. For example, they have videos for installing a rear-facing Diono car seat with lap/shoulder belt, installing the Diono angle adjuster, forward-facing Diono car seat using lap/shoulder belt and so much more! With 19 videos in total, you will surely find what you are looking for!

diono radian RXT car seat

Did you know that you can even use a Diono car seat on an airplane! The car seat I received to review is certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use as a harnessed restraint, which is absolutely amazing! Not sure how you would install it on an airplane? No worries, you can even watch videos on the installation process! Diono really has thought of everything!

Another feature that I find absolutely amazing is the ability to be able to fit three of these car seats in a row in your car! I don’t know of another car seat that has this ability, and most certainly not with all their other safety features!

diono radian RXT car seat

Not only do I absolutely love our new Diono car seat, but so does my daughter! She is relaxed and comfortable, no matter how long or short the ride has been. The installation was actually easy and I was thrilled with the included detachable base for her rear-facing position. She reclines at just the right angle without any fuss. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she loves the color of the car seat!

diono radian RXT car seat

Now, riding in our car, I feel much more at ease. With the Diono car seat’s steel frame, I know my daughter is seated in the safest seat possible, and that’s exactly what I want!

You can find out more about the Diono brand by visiting their websiteClick here to purchase the Diono radian rXT featured in this review.

Deborah D

Friday 29th of September 2023

What a nice car seat.


Thursday 22nd of December 2016

Comment up above this one! Please consider this family for your Diono Radian RXT Car seat!!! Thank you Michelle Baker


Thursday 22nd of December 2016

I am so impressed! 1997 is my youngest child. Car seats were nice back then, but now they are fancy looking with all the wants and needs! Safety first! I want to win the Diono Radian RXT carseat for a little baby that will be born in Feb. His name will be Mason? It would be Wonderful to start this momma out on the right foot with him? I would feel so Thankful to you!!! Michelle Baker

Amber Ludwig

Thursday 15th of December 2016

Seriously my most favorite seat ever!! Its a little heavy but once installed its a breeze to use and my son loves that he can climb in and out of it all by himself!!

Lauralee Hensley

Wednesday 7th of December 2016

It's nice that they have a model where 3 seats will fit side by side in most vehicles. Good for families that end up with multiples in a pregnancy/birth.