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Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

I received complimentary tickets for the Crayola Experience Mall of America (Crayola Experience MOA) to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

Have you had a chance to visit the Crayola Experience yet?  We absolutely love all that they offer!  Our family has been to the Mall of America location a couple of times now.  But there are actually a few locations scattered throughout the US.  Check them out in Minneapolis (Minnesota), Easton (Pennsylvania), Orlando (Florida), or the newest location, Plano (Texas).

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

What Is The Crayola Experience MOA?

As the name suggests, the Crayola Experience is a colorful attraction featuring exciting, hands-on fun.  The magic of Crayola comes to life for kids (of all ages!)  And while the website says to give 3-4 hours when heading to the Crayola Experience, our family feels you need much more.  When we visited last year, we spent about 8 hours and the kids still didn’t want to leave.  This time, we ended up being able to stay for only about 3 1/2 hours and we were nowhere near ready to go.   So we suggest you plan for an entire day of fun!

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

The Crayola Experience MOA Exhibits

Each Crayola Experience location is quite large.  The Minnesota Mall of America location runs at 60,000 square feet of creative fun.  Featuring 25 one-of-a-kind attractions, there is so much to do!  Today I wanted to share some of our favorite highlights from our last trip.

Say “Crayola”

Do your kids love to color?  Well, make it even more fun by creating coloring pages featuring THEM!

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Select a scene, pose, and snap!  Then you can either approve the results and print or try again.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Wrap It Up

Do you have a favorite crayon color name?  At the Wrap It Up station, now you get to decide!  Name your crayon after yourself, a pet, where you live, or anything.  You get the chance to personalize and print your very own custom Crayola Crayon, which makes for a great souvenir.  *This does require a token.  You receive two upon entry but additional tokens may be purchased for 50 cents each if you want to visit this particular station again.*

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Colossal Caddy

Take some time coloring at the Colossal Caddy station where you’ll see more crayons than ever before!  Thousands of crayons are at your fingertips for hours of coloring fun for all ages.  Plus, there are fun facts about Crayola Crayons that lines the walls.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

A Room Of Triple The Fun ~ Interactive Dark Room Attractions

Next up, there comes a room that features several areas of play.  Watch the screen as Crayola characters mirror your every move.  Wiggle, dance, and jump as the Crayon follows suit.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

The Stomp And Play floor was a HUGE highlight for our kids.  Use your feet in a series of changing games that kept us busy for quite some time!  We visited this particular exhibit several times throughout the day as we just couldn’t get enough.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Large doodle boards with giant screens align the walls of this room to create the perfect finishing touch of fun.  The vibrant neon colors explode and seem to come to life.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Modeling Fun

This collection of vending machines offer an array of modeling clay colors for purchase with tokens.  Definitely the best clay we’ve ever used, we took ours home for play.  This means, we end up with an additional few hours of Crayola fun once home too.  Super soft, this clay was easy to mold, sculpt, roll, blend, and twist.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Art Is Alive

A room lined with tablets lets kids and adults bring their creations to life!  Start from scratch or color a picture, then add special effects and watch it get projected on the wall.  Easy to do and fun, this digital art is exciting to see.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Crayon Factory

Join Scarlet & Turk and a real-life Crayonologist to learn how crayons are made in a live theatre show.  Learn some interesting facts, see the equipment behind the crayons, and even take home one of the crayons that was made!

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}


Experiment with melted wax and create paintings in a whole new way.  Choose from a variety of melted crayon colors and drip, splatter, and spread to your heart’s delight.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Puzzle It & Paint Palette

Design, color, and create your own scene and then run it through the puzzle maker for the perfect souvenir.  You can choose to have your creation cut into 6 or 12 pieces.  While we didn’t have time to play at the Paint Palette station, this station gives you everything you need to paint a masterpiece.  Then, put it in the larger-than-life dryers so you can safely transport home

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Rockin’ Paper

This area has guests decorate an animal (last time our daughter made a fairy but this time there were bats and ladybugs).  Once complete, attach the clips and place on the stage.  Then, it’s showtime!  See your paper creation turn, bop, and rock to the music.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Toddler Town

Our 3-year-old didn’t want to leave this area.  Large and spacious, there was a giant lighted peg board, adorable ride-on animals, and an indoor play structure.  Colorful and fun, this is the perfect place to burn off energy.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Color Playground

This two-story Crayola themed playground is the perfect play space for the bigger kids.  Climb, jump, skip, and crawl your way through the mazes.  A big hit with the rest of our kids, it was hard to pull the kids away.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Trading Post

Sweet treats and premium crafting is available here, for an extra fee.  Projects range from sand art to fabric art and more.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Rainbow Rain

An interactive experience that lets you dance in the Crayola rain.  The projection shows melted Crayon wax running down but the neat part is that it is deflected away from you!  Super neat, the kids really like to move and groove and watch the rain always move around them.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Scribble Square

Are you ready to color outside the lines?  This exhibit encourages kids to be creative and decorate a town of their very own.  Color the walls, doors, car, and even a dog!  The sky is the limit and the best part is that you can do it again and again.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

You Design

Another one of our favorites, grab a car or fashion model template and create your own virtual car or fashion show.  Once colored, upload onto the computer and select features and then watch the wall to see your vehicle or person come to life.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Color Magic

This augmented reality experience lets you color and then watch your dragon (or other creatures) become life-like.  Set the background and watch your creation come to life.  The touch screen allows your creature to follow your commands.  You can even take a snapshot and have it emailed home.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Drip Art

Load your crayons into the hopper and watch them melt and drip into a circling creation.  Control the design by adjusting the speed.  You’ll end up with a swirly-whirly masterpiece that you will love.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Melt And Mold

Ready to make your very own shape crayon?  Here’s the place!  Choose from Babe The Big Blue Ox, Race Car, or Ring mold.  Put in your normal crayon and watch it drip and form right before your very eyes.  Another perfect souvenir keepsake.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

Final Thoughts on our Crayola Experience MOA

So much fun!  Crayola Experience MOA has SO much to offer and I love that it’s educational too!  The kids had a blast (again) and want to head back for a third visit as soon as possible.  Our kids are 3, 5, 7, 10, and 13 and it was a great day trip for them all and quite entertaining for my husband and I too. You can find out more about the Crayola Experience MOA by visiting their website.

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}


Ready to head to a Crayola Experience near you?  Just visit Discounted Crayola Experience Tickets to get your tickets on sale!  This sale is good through the end of May, 2018 and purchased tickets are good to use a full year after the date purchased.

Don’t forget, you can select the tickets for any of the following Crayola Experience locations:

*Minneapolis, MN (MOA)
*Easton, PA
*Orlando, FL
*Plano, TX

Crayola Experience MOA Review {+ Discount}

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monique s

Thursday 5th of March 2020

So colorful and engaging. What a fun experience. I wish there was one near me.


Sunday 15th of April 2018

My children love Crayola so much . They can’t get over it any day. This place looks amazing for my Kids to visit this summer. They will be so excited to know about it.

Marcie M.

Tuesday 10th of April 2018

I think myself and my kiddos would LOVE to go here. My husband might be bored out of his mind though :)


Sunday 8th of April 2018

I am so impressed by how much there is to do and how kids of all ages can be entertained for a full day. If there were one by me, I would be sure to go there.

Christina H

Friday 6th of April 2018

What a fun and creative experience! I hadn't heard of this Crayola exhibit before but it sounds perfect to spend a day with the kids. Love all the opportunities to create and take artwork home.