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Christina F.’s Miscarriage Story

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The following is Christina F.’s miscarriage story in her own words. 

I experienced my own awhile ago but remember it like yesterday.

I was 12 weeks along when I started bleeding. It wasn’t very heavy but enough to make me go to the Dr. He did blood work and was going to make me wait 3 days for the results. Three days to see if my first baby was going to make it. My friend who was with me at the time yelled and advocated for me. He eventually listened and had my results fast tracked. I found out within a few hours that I had lost the baby, all my levels had declined drastically. He simply said sorry and it will pass on its own. Zero what to expect and zero real empathy.

So for the next week I just waited, the bleeding had stopped and then about 7 days later I began bleeding really bad. I went to the hospital where they too sent me home and said it’s part of the process. The next day I began experience the worst cramps I’d ever experienced up until that point (like contractions but constant). I was throwing up and just got really sick. Eventually my husband and my mom forced me to go back to the hospital where I had just left the day before. I didn’t want to go I was screaming they’d just send me home.

My mom decided to take me to a different hospital. I was taken in almost immediately where I was told I would need a D and C because the fetus wasn’t leaving on it’s own and causing an infection. After the D and C I felt so much better. I was on antibiotics for the week and then I had to cope with the emotional aspect. It was really tough and I wish it on no one. I think the emotional part is worse than the physical part.

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Saturday 22nd of July 2017

I'm sorry for your loss. I think it is horrible how you were treated by that doctor and first hospital! It's ridiculous how insensitive and unhelpful they were. I'm sorry you had to deal with that on top of your loss.

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