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You Never Forget Your Miscarried Baby – And That’s Okay!

Yesterday we were making a mad dash out the door for church (like every week, but especially after losing an hour of sleep because of the time change) and I opened up my jewelry box to throw on a necklace. As I scanned the drawer my eyes fell upon the necklace my good friend Heather …

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How Many Children Do I Have?

Pregnancy after miscarriage is nothing short of an emotional roller coaster. I’m SO excited to be expecting again, but still morning the loss of Quinn. It has definitely gotten easier with time, but as I approach what would have been my due date, I’m still sad that I’ll never have the chance to meet Quinn …

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It’s Been Two Months

I should preface this post by saying that tonight I’m just blogging for me. I have no tips or helpful reviews. I suppose I’m blogging tonight in hopes of some encouragement and support from some of you ladies who have also walked the path of pregnancy loss. Writing is therapeutic for me and tonight I …

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Callie G.’s Miscarriage Story

The following is Callie G.’s miscarriage story. I suffered a miscarriage. I lost my baby. Well, I didn’t lose it… But it lost it’s life. I know exactly where my baby is – It’s not growing in my belly anymore. I added ‘my’ to the title of this because, just like any other experience, it’s …

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Sarah H.’s Miscarriage Story

The following is Sarah’s account of her miscarriage, her baby was between 5-6 weeks gestation.  So, it’s hard to even compare what I went through to so many other women but I too found myself relentlessly googling for help here is my short story- So a week before my period started I knew I was …

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