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Burley Cub X Bike Trailer Review [Making Biking With Babies Easy] + Burley Giveaway!

I received a Burley Cub X in exchange for my honest review.  As always, all opinions are my own.

When I was pregnant, my husband and I would brag about how a new baby wouldn’t slow us down.  Well, we were [slightly] wrong. Having a new baby adds a whole new dimension to life.  However, thanks to the modern world we live in, our busy lifestyle doesn’t need to stop completely.

One of the things we loved to do before we had our son was to go on summer bike rides. Thanks to the Burley Cub X bike trailer, this tradition can continue on for years to come, baby and all!


Having The Right Gear

A couple of summers ago, my husband and I invested in really nice bikes. We went to several local bike shops, test road bikes and each picked one that was perfect for us and our needs. Let me tell you, having the right equipment has made a world of a difference in our rides! Now than our son will be along for the ride, we knew that he needed the right equipment as well. 

Burley Cub X Review

When we started the hunt for the perfect bike trailer for our almost 1-year-old, we knew there were several features we wanted. We needed something that would be as high performing as our bikes, so the bike trailer wouldn’t slow us down. We knew that our son needed to be comfortable, so he could last as long as we could. Plus, we needed something that could travel easily since we have to drive to our favorite bike trail. 

Burley Cub X review

Worth The Investment

As a Thrifty Nifty Mommy, I know how important it is to find a great deal. And as a mom, I know what a pain it can be to buy a discounted product and then have to replace it after a short time due to it not fitting our needs. We did not want to make this mistake yet again when buying a bike trailer.

Burley Cub X review

Minnesota is well known for only having a few short months of beautiful summer weather. This meant that we did not have time to waste on a mediocre bike trailer. The Burley Cub X would be an investment for many families, but it is well worth the money. If you are a family that loves to bike like us, you know that these trailers are less than the typical, high-quality adult bike and well worth the investment.

Burley Cub X Review

My family lives out in the country on a gravel road. Like I mentioned, we are 10 miles away from our favorite (and the closest) bike trail with no easy way to get there, So we often load up the vehicle and drive. However, sometimes on summer nights, we like to just go for a little ride close to home. Thankfully, the Burley Cub X bike trailer is made to handle any terrain and almost any weather situation! 

burley cub x

The heavy-duty Cub X kids bike trailer is built to perform in tough conditions.  It has a rugged plastic base and all the premium comfort features to ensure a comfortable ride for your little ones. Plus, it can easily convert for use when hiking, jogging, or skiing. This beast will get you anywhere, even on gravel!

Our Thoughts

The Burley Cub X is easy to use right from the start. Set up is quick and effortless. All you need to do is put on the wheels, attach it to your bike and hit the road. It easily attaches to the wheel hub of any adult bike. 

burley cub x

My husband will typically be the one pulling our son. He said that he barely even noticed the added weight of the trailer. The Burley Cub X weighs almost 38 pounds, yet it pulls like a dream! You can tell it is a high-quality product, with high-quality wheels because the ride is as smooth as butter. He did say it increases the workout when going up a hill, but he likes the added challenge. 

Top Three Things I Love About My Burley Cub X

Stroller Feature:

In addition to being a bike trailer, the Burley Cub X is also a stroller with no additional kits or accessories needed. It only takes a few minutes to take it off of the bike, flip the wheel down and use it in its stroller function. I was amazed to see that it pushes as smoothly, if not smoother, than my high-end stroller. This will be ideal for camping this summer because we only need to pack the bike trailer and don’t need to also bring the stroller. 

Burley Cub X Review


Family bike rides can be an all-day event. But just like with any team sport, you are only as strong as your weakest player. Of course I am just joking and do not consider our son a “weak link”. However, it is true that we often have to end activities early because he is over it long before we are ready to be done.

The Burley Cub X trailer is so comfortable, this has yet to be a problem! The seats have a 5 point harness which keeps him safe and secure. The padded seats and headrest provide all-around comfort. Plus, the reclining seats allow him to start in a seated position and later recline to one of the 3 levels for maximum comfort. 

Burley Cub X review

I can’t say from first-hand experience how the seats feel while riding in the Cub X bike trailer, but they look super comfortable! The padded seat, comfortable headrest, and plenty of passenger room lead me to believe this is a luxury ride. Plus the fact that my son often falls asleep during our rides makes me think they must be pretty comfortable.  You can also remove the seats for easy cleaning after a potentially messy ride.  

Burley Cub X Review


As a mom, I often worry about my child’s safety. I wouldn’t consider family bike rides to be a dangerous activity, but we know that accidents can happen when out on the bike. One thing I noticed about my Burley Cub X is all the safety features, like the 5 point harness to ensure my 9-month-old is safely strapped into his seat for any bumps and turns we encounter on our ride.

I love the added protection of the UV tinted side windows and adjustable sunshade. Of course, sunscreen is a good idea when you are out, but knowing he has extra UV protection gives me added comfort. All Burley bike trailers are rated at UPF 50+ and block 98% of UV light.

Burley Cub X Review

If the ride turns from sunny to wet, as Minnesota weather can sometimes do, the water-resistant cover and zippers provide added protection until we can make it back home. The Burley Cub X even includes safety features that I would not have necessarily thought to look for when buying a bike trailer, but sure do add peace of mind. These include things like the thoughtfully places reflective panels, parking brake and roll bar. 

Burley Cub X Review

Cub X Specific Features:

In addition to my three favorite features, the Burley Cub X is loaded with additional must haves such as:


Independent Seat Recline – Right now we only have one rider, but I remember what it was like to grow up with a sibling who never agreed with me.  That is why the independent seat recline will be perfect for the future when we have two riders. You can custom recline each seat to one of three levels for the perfect recline for each rider. 

Burley Cub X review

Rear Cargo Storage Area– When we go for bike rides, we are often gone for a few hours. The storage space allows us to bring everything we might need for our son and our dog! When we go camping this summer, we can pack things for the beach, a picnic lunch, really anything.  It’s large enough to fit anything you might need for a few hours of bike riding.

Burley cub X

Quick Receivers – Remember the Burley Cub X is both a bike trailer and stroller, all in one. However,  if you do choose to purchase additional kits for hiking, jogging or skiing you can easily convert the trailer with the quick receivers. It is super simple and can be done in less than 1 minute. Also, don’t forget to check out all the Burley accessories here.

Burley Cub X review

Adjustable Suspension – I love how easy it is to adjust the suspension on the Cub X. All you need to do it twist the knot and move it up or down to adjust the suspension. This feature is a huge plus for those traveling off the beaten path, or on gravel roads like us. This allows for a more comfortable ride for your little ones, even on the bumpiest ground.

Burley Cub X review

Hard Plastic Bottom– This is a must for anyone like us, who will often be out on unpaved terrain. The hard plastic bottom provides added durability. Plus it has drain holes for easy cleaning. We don’t have to worry about muddy boots, sandy feet or kicked up gravel. We can easily wash it out with the garden hose when we get home.

Burley Cub X review

Flat/Compact Fold– As I mentioned earlier, we like to drive to our favorite bike trail. Having a bike trailer that can be folded down and is easy to put in the back of my vehicle was essential. The trailer itself weighs almost 38 pounds, but I can still lift it in and out of the vehicle myself. Plus, there is still some trunk space left for other things we might need for the day. Making this a total win-win.

burley cub x

Standard Features on Every Burley Child Trailer

In addition to the Burley Cub X, Burley has a whole line of bike trailers that you can find here. Listed below are the standard features you can find on any Burley Child Trailer. 

  • Flex Connector allows the bike to lay flat while trailer remains upright
  • Full internal aluminum roll cage for protection in an accident
  • Hammock style seat provides passive suspension for rider comfort
  • Wheel guards for protection from unforeseen obstacles
  • Side battens create structured barrier between wheels and passenger
  • Recessed helmet pocket for extra headroom
  • Safety flag for visibility
  • Interior pockets in both cargo area and child seating area

burley cub x

Final Thoughts

My family loves our Burley Cub X for so many reasons and we are not alone. Burley makes child trailers, biking accessories, cargo and pet trailers, tag-along bikes and swag, ensuring nobody in your family is left behind. Check out the other Thrifty Nifty Mommy blog posts to see why the rest of our team loves Burley as much as I do! 

Buy It: Head over to the Burley Website to see for yourself the great selection of products they offer. 

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