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BULLYMAKE Subscription Box Review

Where to find tough toys for aggressive chewers.

I am excited to have received a complimentary box from BULLYMAKE for this BULLYMAKE Subscription box review.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Meet Savannah

Our German Shepard puppy, Savannah, is just a few months shy of her second birthday. She loves to go for walks, chase after our two Savannah cats and most of all, play with toys. Savannah does not discriminate when it comes to toys. Therefore, she loves every toy she can get her paws on. Especially if someone is willing to throw it so she can play fetch. However, we do not always love the quality of her toys.

BULLYMAKE Subscription Box review

A big problem is that Savannah is an aggressive chewer. She can and will destroy just about any toy you give her in record time. A few months ago, I bought her three new toys from the pet store and gave them all to her at once (big mistake) while I was unloading and putting away groceries. She had about $50 worth of brand new toys all destroyed by the time I was done. However, it’s not her fault! She just loves to play hard and chew harder.

BULLYMAKE Subscription Box review

BULLYMAKE Subscription Box Review

Starting back in 2014, BULLYMAKE subscription box was designed with a simple mission in mind: keep power chewing dogs (and their parents) happy and satisfied. Each monthly box is filled with extremely durable toys and delicious treats that are catered to your chomping pup. It is delivered directly to your door each month!

BULLYMAKE subscription box even creates unique toys and treats monthly that aren’t found anywhere else – and they also cater to allergy preferences. If your dog has severe allergies, don’t hesitate to let the company know and they will work with you to find a solution that works best for you and your dog. This includes a “toy only” option for those with extreme allergies.

BULLYMAKE Subscription Box review

BULLYMAKE subscription box is serious about durability and quality, offering a best-in-the-business 14-day guarantee on all of its products. If your dog does manage to somehow destroy a BULLYMAKE subscription box toy, they will send your dog something better suited, immediately, and at no cost to you!

Our Thoughts

For this BULLYMAKE subscription box review, we received three bags of treats and two super durable toys. This is standard, but some month’s boxes do come with three toys. Check their website for a coupon code (BULLYMAKE) to get a free bonus toy in every box for life! I loved that the treat bags are all clearly labeled with exactly what the ingredients are, the calorie count and the appropriate serving size for your dog. They are also Made in the USA and have a resealing top to ensure they do not dry out before they are gone!

BULLYMAKE Subscription Box review


Each month’s box has a theme. Our April BULLYMAKE subscription box theme was technology. It included what looks like a video game controller and a computer mouse. Savannah thought the mouse was a ball, which became her ultimate favorite toy in the house. As with all BULLYMAKE subscription box toys, it appears to be made of a very durable, rubbery material. It is mostly solid with a small hole in the center to allow for a little give when she chews.

BULLYMAKE Subscription Box review

The controller is hard, solid plastic. After one week, it is still in great shape. We often find that little pieces of plastic break off of her toys. Therefore, we have to throw them away to ensure she is not swallowing plastic. So far, that is not the case with this BULLYMAKE subscription box toy. We are pleased with the size of both toys. Small enough that she can easily chew and carry them around. But not so small that we are worried about them being a choking hazard.

BULLYMAKE Subscription Box review

I hope you liked my BULLYMAKE subscription box review. But don’t just take my word for it!  Order a box for your dog to see for yourself just how durable BULLYMAKE subscription box toys are with your aggressive chewer.

BULLYMAKE Subscription Box review

Sara Tarver

Saturday 4th of May 2019

Sounds like a great subscription box!

Antoinette M

Thursday 2nd of May 2019

Sounds like a great subscription box for any dog owner!

Lauryn R

Wednesday 1st of May 2019

Bullymake products definitely sound (and look) very durable! I haven't had a chance to see them work in person yet, but I have heard so many good things! I love that they have a subscription box, what a fun way to try their products! I love the cute shapes too. :) Thank you so much for sharing!


Wednesday 1st of May 2019

I need to check these out for sure. Our German Shepherd will be three on Sunday and our lab mix is just over a year. Both our girls love to play and our little one loves to chew! This may exactly what we are looking for. Thanks!

rochelle haynes

Wednesday 1st of May 2019

Looking good nice box