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InGenuity Cradle and Sway Swing Review

I was sent an InGenuity Cradle and Sway Swing at no cost to facilitate a review. 

During my pregnancy with Maggie, I was blessed to be given a lot of hand-me-downs from friends and family. One of the items given to me was a swing. It’s one of those swings that you can turn, so baby can either swing front to back or side to side. I loved that about it. But, there were a lot of things that I didn’t like about it:

  • It seemed like we were constantly changing batteries.
  • It was very, VERY noisy.
  • If you tried to put a blanket on the baby and it hung down at ALL belong the swing, the swing stopped working.
  • It has a hard, plastic body that doesn’t seem like it would be very comfortable, plus the cover is starting to come off.

I was recently sent the InGenuity Cradle and Sway Swing and I’m in love! My husband was nice enough to put the swing together, and it took him about 15-20 minutes. I am so thrilled with the look of the swing. The fabric is so soft and gender neutral. It also comes with a removable head rest for smaller babies. Even my husband, who doesn’t generally get too excited over baby items, couldn’t help but talk about how nice this swing is!

Here are some of the other things I love about the swing:

  • The seat! Is is basically a cushion wrapped around a frame. Therefore, when my girl is lying in it, I’m sure it feels almost hammock-like. It looks so much more comfortable than our old swing.
  • The tray! You can unhook one side, while leaving the other side attached. With our old swing, it just came all the way off. Now when I’m ready to put it back down, its right there where I need it.
  • The mobile! Our old swing did not have a mobile. Maggie loves looking at it.
  • Removable toys on the tray! This makes it easy to throw them in the wash or put on new, different toys when Maggie gets bored with the current ones.
  • Battery life! These batteries certainly have lasted longer in this swing already than they did in the last swing.
  • Swing Timer! There is a timer on the top of this swing (along with music/nature sound controls!) so you can set it to swing 30 ,45 or 60 minutes.
  • The noise–or lack there of! This swing is so quiet. Honestly, you can hardly hear a sound when it’s on (unless of course you’re using the nature sounds or music,which are great!)
Baby in Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing

There was only one thing about this swing that I would change. I would love to find a swing that has an option to plug into an electrical outlet. I have a habit of forgetting to pick up batteries when I’m out at the store, and it would be nice to have that power option. I’d love to see a little box on the opposite leg that holds a retractable power cord. Other than that, this swing satisfies all of my needs and wants in a baby swing!

InGenuity Cradle and Sway Swing Description

This swing allows you to provide the motion that best suits baby’s needs. The seat of the swing rotates 180° for either cradling motion, which provides a side-to-side movement; or swinging motion, which provides a traditional front-to-back movement. The innovative control unit on this swing, powered by Hybridrive™ Technology, is more efficient than any comparable swing and provides more than 2X the battery life.


  • TrueSpeed™ technology that maintains 6 swing speeds even as baby grows
  • Whisper Quiet™ operation for peaceful swinging
  • Battery Savings – more than 2X the battery life of comparable swings
  • Head rest and cushioned bolster system for ultimate comfort
  • Comfort Recline™ seat with 2 positions to suit baby’s needs
  • Easy-to-remove tray – can lift up left or right, or can be removed completely
  • Pivoting Toy Mobile – swings out of the way for easy access to baby
  • Swing timer with 3 settings: 30, 45, and 60 minutes
  • Soft, plush toys on tray and on mobile
  • 10 Melodies and Nature Sounds to soothe baby
  • Machine washable seat pad and head rest
  • 5 point safety Harness keeps baby secure

Age/Height/Weight Requirements

  • Weight/Height: 6 lbs to 25 lbs
  • Age: Birth & Up

Battery Requirements

  • 4 D (Not Included)

Here is a picture from underneath the swing so you can see what I mean about the lack of plastic seat. I love this so much!

The back of the Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing seat

Even though Maggie is almost 11 months old, I still find a swing to be very helpful at times. She still wakes up during the night and occasionally will not want to go back to bed in her crib. If I bring her into our bedroom and put her in the swing though, she drifts right back off to sleep. Also, she was pretty sick last week. I found that even though she couldn’t sleep well in her crib, the swing really helped to soothe her. I’m sure she’ll continue to use this swing for a little while longer, and I’m so happy that whenever baby number 2 comes along, he or she will get to enjoy this swing and all of its benefits from birth!

baby in the Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing
This Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing featured in this review is in the Briarcliff fashion. It is available right now exclusively at Target, both in stores or online. You can purchase this swing for just $129.99.  They also have other matching baby gear, including a playard and bouncer, with a high chair, and portable swing coming out very soon! Believe me, you want to add this collection to your registry!
Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing