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Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

 I received product to facilitate this Bogs Winter Boots for men and women post.  As always, all opinions are my own.

I can hardly believe it but the S word has already happened here in Minnesota.  Yes, I’m talking about SNOW!  This should NOT be happening in October yet.  While the kids all seem to love it, I’m less than pleased.  I do like to see some snow around Christmas but before Halloween is just too much for me.  We had to dig out all our snow gear this morning so the kids could go out and play.  The one solace I have is that the temps should hit 50 next week so whatever snow comes will not stay……for now. 

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

Getting Prepared For Winter

So as the seasons begin changing, I’m working on making sure my whole family is ready.  With five growing kids and two adults, someone is always outgrowing something.  This time, it was our growing teen and tween.  Hannah and Jack are now 12 1/2 and 14 1/2.  In the past year, they’ve outgrown children’s sizing and now need to shop in the adult sections.  So today, they’re upgrading their worn out, too small boots with brand new Bogs Winter Boots for men and women.

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

If you’ve never heard of Bogs before, you’ll definitely want to check them out this year.  They know more than a thing or two about the great outdoors.  This company is based in Oregon, the land of lumberjacks, trailblazers, dairy farmers, and cycling baristas with big, bushy beards.  Did you know that Oregon can be wet and cold and gloriously miserable.  But with Bogs, your feet are never miserable. Because Bogs has devoted their lives to making boots that are lighter and more comfortable than any other boot, in any kind of weather.

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

Bogs also puts their boots through the kind of testing that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, if you had one. The result? Boots that are warmer, dryer, more comfortable, easier to get on and off, and sometimes cuter, than just about anything you can put on your feet. Because Bogs not only has your back; they have your toes.  And your heels and your arches.  And most of your ankles, calves, and shins, as well.  

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

Ten Point Men’s Waterproof Hunting Boots

Whether you hunt or not, your hunt for the perfect boots is over because men will love these Ten Point Waterproof Hunting Boots!   These boots come in a Mossy Oak design and feature blaze orange lining along with DuraFresh natural bio-technology for fighting odors.   

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

We love that these boots are 100% waterproof, constructed with Neo-Tech waterproof insulation, as there is nothing worse than getting wet feet.  As long as feet stay warm and dry, the rest of your body stays warmer too.

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

With the perfect combination of flexibility and support, these boots are great for all sorts of activities, hobbies, and fun.

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

These boots also feature Bogs rebound proprietary cushioning technology that bounces back again, and again.  Which results in the most comfortable walk possible.  And the BioGrip slip resistant outsole helps keep traction as well.

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

The Ten Point Waterproof Hunting Boots are comfort rated to -40F / -40C.  So they will perform well in a variety of elements and temperatures.  A great outdoorsman boot that Jack is loving!

Neo-Classic Tall Spot StripesWomen’s Farm Boots

As I’ve mentioned before, we actually live on a dairy farm in Minnesota.  (Check out what life on a MN dairy farm is like over here.)  Farmers are outdoors in all sorts of weather.  We have animals to care for and pets to feed and check on as well.  We need boots that will perform.  So Hannah chose the Neo-Classic Tall Spot Farm Boots to help protect her feet this winter.

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

These boots are ridiculously tough but improbably light, giving us the best of both worlds.  Being 30% lighter than other boots but 100% tougher means high performance we see every time Hannah wears these boots.

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

Made with Seamless Construction, and featuring Bogs 7mm Neo-Tech waterproof insulation, these boots are 100% waterproof from top to bottom.  Plus, the DuraFresh organic bio-technology activates to fight unwanted odors while the contoured eco EVA footbed with gel cushioning offers comfortable wear.

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

The flex width insole system actually adjusts to fit foot width too.  Just remove the bottom pad for a wider fit.  And the 4 way stretch bootie provides insulation, warmth, and comfort. 

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

Overall, these are a great pair of boots for any kind of weather as they protect feet from all the elements!

Final Thoughts On Our Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

Our family has been customers of Bogs for 15+ years now.  Every single pair we’ve ever purchased has stood up to our expectations, many times even exceeding!  So it’s no surprise to us that the Ten Point Hunting Boots and Neo-Classic Tall Farm Boots are getting rave reviews from us.  Bogs has, once again, delivered an outstanding product that we highly recommend. 

Bogs Winter Boots For Men And Women

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Debbie Welchert

Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

Bog boots sound amazing. With cold and snowy winters here in Nebraska these would be perfect boots for my family.

Ronnell Storie

Sunday 20th of October 2019

I never heard of Bogs before. They sound like a well built rubber boot.


Saturday 19th of October 2019

Can these be used as rainboots? Is the neoprene waterproof?


Sunday 20th of October 2019

Hello Lisamarie,

We absolutely use these boots in the barn, where we get wet and need to wash them off. Yes, Bogs Neo-Tech™ is a flexible synthetic rubber which is 100% waterproof.

Peggy Nunn

Thursday 17th of October 2019

I love the boots but I cannot believe you have snow. i am in the south and 10 days ago we were at 102. That was out of character for us too.... but snow. That is why I live in the south. The boots will be good for our hunting season too.

Dana Rodriguez

Wednesday 16th of October 2019

We don't get snow here but those look like great boots. I like the styles too!