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Black + Decker Steam N’ Vac Review

Do you struggle with keeping your floors clean? Even before my husband and I had kids, I would scrub our floors every 3-4 weeks and vacuum bi-weekly. Now with five kids, birds, and a dog in the mix, floor cleaning is a chore that really should get done at least weekly; yet it doesn’t always happen. As you probably already know, it’s a hassle to sweep, vacuum, and scrub but having the right tools can really help! So today, I’ve partnered with Black + Decker to share more about why we ditched our carpet and what tools can help you clean more efficiently.

Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

Why We Ditched The Carpet

First off, I want to share the fact that we’ve basically ditched all carpet in our home about two years ago. The only place that still has carpeting is our stairs, as the flooring company talked us into keeping that. They said stairs can get slippery without carpet. (I wish we wouldn’t have listened, though, as we have several family members who have ditched their stair carpeting with no issues.)

We used to have carpeting in all the bedrooms, hallway, living room, and staircase. The biggest reason we ditched our carpeting was because it stained so easily. Even with my ‘no shoes in the house’ and ‘no eating in the living room’ policies, our carpeting looked horrid. The bedrooms had puke stains (those with kids can feel my pain on this one) which we struggled to get out. Even the living room had random stains that we couldn’t identify. We would even have professionals out to deep clean the carpets every year or so but it was no hope. Within a few days of the cleaning, those stains would work their way back through to the top. So out it went!

farmhouse kitchen/dinging room - Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review
game room - Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review
farmhouse living room - Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

Vinyl & Plank Flooring To The Rescue

Over the past two years, we’ve renovated and added on to our home. Our flooring now consists of three different options. Our ‘old part’ features sheet vinyl, aka – linoleum, while our recent addition features vinyl planking. Then we have our walk-in butlers pantry that has real hard wood flooring. So with all this non-carpeted area, I was on the hunt for an easier way to clean it. Enter my new favorite tool: the Black + Decker Steam N’ Vac.

boy with steam mop vac - Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

Black + Decker Steam N’ Vac Review

For a couple years now, I’ve been hearing about steam mops and I finally decided it was time to take the plunge and try one out. After looking around, I settled on the Black + Decker Steam N’ Vac.

woman with steam mop vacuum - Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

Easy Setup

After a quick set-up assembly that took less than five minutes, we got right to using. While we sweep about 4 times a week, my floors hadn’t been scrubbed for quite some time now… probably close to two months! Because I was so antsy to give my new toy a full try, I didn’t sweep or anything prior and just got right to using it in dual mode. After only doing our main traffic areas with the eco steam and vacuum combo, we had a good pile of dirt in our canister and the floor was looking good!

vacuum dirt canister - Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

Washable Stainless Steel Filter

I really appreciate when companies find ways to eliminate waste such as disposable filters. So I’m a huge fan of this easy to clean, washable stainless steel filter in my Stem ‘ N Vac.

Steam Mop Filter - Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

I’m a fairly weak person so I was happy at how easy it was to push and pull the Black + Decker Steam N’ Vac over my floors. While it wasn’t 100% effortless, it was much easier than any of the previous vacuums I’ve ever owned.

steam mop vacuum - Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

Lightweight Design

One thing I want to highlight is the fact that it’s also a fairly lightweight tool, weighing in at about 10 pounds. This makes it super easy to use anywhere in my home, including upstairs where we have our school room, bathroom, and two more bedrooms.

lady with steam mop - Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean

This Black + Decker Steam ‘N Vac kills up to 99% of germs and removes tough dirt and grime by just using water and the microfiber pad.  Mop as you vacuum for one step cleaning of hard surfaces!

lady using a stem mop - Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

Black + Decker Steam N’ Vac – Specifications At A Glance

  • 2-in-1 versatility: Steam Mop and Vacuum
  • White/Aqua Color
  • 1.2L Dust / 0.38L Water capacities
  • 1000W Steam / 500W Vac power
  • HEPA Washable Filter
  • 11.5” Cleaning pPath
  • Easy To Maneuver, Multi-Surface Solution
  • Stainless Steel Filter
  • Chemical Free Cleaning – 99% sanitation with no harsh chemicals, kills 99% of germs with only water
  • Variable Steam Control
  • Includes Mop Tray For Storage
  • Unlimited Cord Runtime
  • Weighs Just 10.05 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 45.55” 9.33” X 11.81” (H X W X D)
Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

Quick Video About The Steam ‘N Vac

Overall, I’ve been pretty impressed with my new floor cleaning tool and I think the Black + Decker Steam N’ Vac is a great option for hard floors.

Inside Your Box, You’ll Find:

Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

FAQ’s About The Black + Decker Steam N’ Vac

  1. Does it really vacuum and steam mop at the same time?
    A: Yes! You can choose between three setting options: vacuum, max steam, or eco steam. You can dually use vacuum with one of the steam options or use individually to clean your hard floors.
  2. Do you have to use any special attachments when choosing to use the vacuum only option?
    A: Nope, just click the vacuum setting and start pushing your Steam N’ Vac over your hard surface.
  3. What kind of cleaner do you need?
    A: NONE! With the Black + Decker Steam N’ Vac, you just use water, preferably distilled.
  4. Do you HAVE to use distilled water?
    A: No, you don’t have to use distilled water but it is recommended as that will help prevent build-up that you may see with regular tap water.
  5. How do you clean the mop pad?
    After I vacuum and steam mop my floors, I simply pull the mop pad off the frame and toss it in the washer. So simple!
  6. Is this steam mop / vac combo hard to operate?
    No, it’s extremely easy actually! Simply select your settings and if using the steam option, wait 20-25 seconds for the light to stop flashing (which means the steam feature is now ready), and then get pushing! It’s so simple that our 8 year old can operate easily.
  7. How long does a tank of water last?
    We were able to steam mop for about 25 minutes before it ran empty.
Black + Decker Steam N' Vac Review

So tell me, have you ever tried a steam mop or steam mop vacuum combo before? What did you think? Also, make sure to leave me any questions in the comment section and I’ll try to answer them!

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Wednesday 5th of April 2023

good information thank you :)

Hannah J Parrish

Thursday 2nd of September 2021

To confirm, does this safely clean real hardwood floors?


Wednesday 11th of August 2021

Does anyone know where to purchase replacement mop pads?


Friday 26th of November 2021

@Mary, same question i have. Imma look on the website though and then try amazon

Sara Smith

Friday 2nd of July 2021

I can't get the handle to attach correctly! Any tips?


Saturday 10th of July 2021

Hi Sara,

My 14 year old son actually assembled it! He just slid it together and then attached securely with the (included) screw.

monique s

Tuesday 15th of June 2021

I just bought a new vacuum and wish I had seen this first