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Bitvae Water Flosser: The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth

This ‘Bitvae Water Flosser Review: The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth’ is sponsored by Bitvae. As always, all opinions are my own.

Does your mouth and teeth feel as clean as you’d like? Or are you on the hunt for a tool to help you manage a deeper clean at home?

As a child, I was always good about brushing my teeth twice a day. Now as an adult, one of the first things I do after waking and the last thing I do before crawling into bed is brush my teeth. I also floss each night. Over the years, I’ve had times where I’d get a cavity but, thankfully, they’ve been few and far between. One issue I do seem to deal with on a daily basis, though, is having food and debris get ‘stuck’ between my teeth. After doing some research, I decided what I needed was a water flosser. If you’ve never heard about water flossers before, I’m sharing everything you need to know.

The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth

What Is A Water Flosser?

A water flosser is an oral health tool that typically provides a stream of pulsating water in an effort to floss between your teeth and below the gum line.

Bitvae Water Flosser: The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth

Is A Water Flosser As Good As Regular Flossing?

You may be surprised to learn that the majority of water floss users typically say their mouths feel fresher after use! This result tends to happen because water flossers are more effective at plaque removal than the traditional dental floss or disposable floss picks. Studies show that water flossers can remove up to 29% more plaque than string floss. Another benefit of water flossers is that they tend to be more gentle for people with gum sensitivity.

Bitvae Water Flosser: The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth

How Often Should You Use A Water Flosser?

Ideally, to maintain optimal oral health, the American Dental Association recommends that you floss at least once per day and brush your teeth at least twice per day. Of course, taking a few extra minutes to water floss two times a day, or after each meal, should result in even better results.

What Are The Biggest Pros Of A Water Flosser?

  • Water flossers can be a huge asset for people who find traditional string flossing difficult. Examples could be someone with arthritis or those with braces. If you’re finding yourself or a loved one skipping flossing altogether because ‘it’s too hard’, definitely give a water flosser a try.
  • Those with non-removable bridgework, crowns, and dental implants may find a water flosser extra helpful. The pulsing water is gentle on gums so as to prevent or reduce bleeding. Plus, if you use warm water, it can be soothing to the gums too. Water flossers also tend to get into hard-to-reach areas, such as tightly spaced teeth and periodontal pockets caused by gum disease, more easily.
  • Water flossers work. According to Healthline, research has shown there’s very little difference in plaque removal effectiveness between a water flosser and string floss.
Bitvae Water Flosser: The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth

Are There Any Disadvantages To Using A Water Flosser?

There’s definitely a lot to love about water flossers but some users may also consider the below disadvantages when deciding to make the switch.

  1. A water flosser may not remove all plaque from the surface of the teeth. Keep in mind that traditional floss may not either, however, if you were under the impression that a water flosser will immediately fix all your issues; it takes time and practice to do the best job. With continued use, a water flosser is a great tool.
  2. Deciding to get a water flosser is an investment. While there are some awesome, affordable water flosser options (like this one at just $35.99), regular string floss will be cheaper at the onset. Of course, long term, a water flosser could be a good investment since it won’t ‘run out’ like string floss does.
  3. There’s a learning curve. I have to admit that I’m glad there wasn’t a camera on me the very first time I used a water flosser! There was water EVERYWHERE! So be warned that it does take some getting used to as you learn to operate and control where the water goes.
Bitvae Water Flosser: The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth

Bitvae Dental Water Flosser Review

I’ve added flossing with the Bitvae Water Flosser to my daily dental routine and found it to be an easy to use tool that I appreciate. Small in stature, it delivers a punch in dental cleaning!

Bitvae Water Flosser: The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth

Features Of The Bitvae Dental Water Flosser

  • Wide Mouth Reservoir: The wide mouth reservoir makes it easy to fill with water as well as easy to clean, an important step to prevent bacteria growth. Featuring an upgraded detachable wide mouth water tank, users can completely clean the water fouling in the tank, which is impossible for the traditional water flosser picks with a small mouth water tank.
  • Large Capacity Water Reservoir: The reservoir is made to hold enough water for a full 60-seconds of use. That means you’ll have enough water to clean your mouth but not so much that the flosser is too heavy. Plus, there’s no need to pour out remaining water as you’ll use it all up!
  • Advanced 40-Day Battery Life: In the lowest pressure mode, battery life can last up to 40 days on the Bitvae Dental Water Flosser.
  • Cordless Design: Nobody appreciates being stuck to an outlet for the appliance they are using. This water flosser features a cordless design, making it convenient to use at home as well as on the go.
  • Three Pressure Settings: I’ve found that I work my way through my mouth utilizing the different pressure settings as I go. It’s nice to have a wider range of intensity options as this water flosser features (30-100 PSI).
  • Fairly Compact In Size: I feel this water flosser is designed well. The connection line is higher than the traditional water tank, preventing the bottom from being too large and heavy. The smaller size makes it perfect for daily use, small bathrooms, and travel.
Bitvae Water Flosser: The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth

Charging is super simple. There’s a port in the back and the charging cord is included.

Bitvae Water Flosser: The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth

Filling is EASY! The large opening after removing the top makes adding water simple.

Bitvae Water Flosser: The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth

In addition to the large filling reservoir, there is also a side port you can fill from too.

Bitvae Water Flosser: The Dental Tool You Need For A Healthy Mouth

Final Thoughts On The Bitvae Water Flosser

I am super impressed with the Bitvae Water Flosser. It works seamlessly and does the job it was designed to do.

Buy It

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Jonathan Kane

Thursday 13th of July 2023

Dental health is a topic of great importance for many individuals, and your post provides valuable guidance and tips to help readers maintain optimal oral health.


Tuesday 9th of May 2023

It looks like a very good dental tool.


Saturday 29th of April 2023

I want one! This sounds like it would be so helpful.

Maria Egan

Friday 28th of April 2023

This product does look like it would be worth learning to use, with all the benefits to remove plaque and keep our teeth clean.