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Best Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch For Vacation + CaliCase Discount & Giveaway

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While vacations were being canceled left and right last year, I’m hearing many people have rescheduled for summer 2021. I know after the past 12+ months, I could sure use a vacation! As a matter of fact, we are tentatively planning one to Florida at the end of summer! So with that in mind, I’m starting to gather the essentials we’ll want to bring along on our trip and that includes a universal waterproof phone pouch from CaliCase! Thank you to CaliCase for partnering with me on this post and also sponsoring a giveaway.

Vacation & Beach Essentials – Protect Your Phone!

While our trip doesn’t include a beach per se’, there are plans to visit Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventures. That means we’ll be experiencing water rides and fun, not to mention pool time back at the resort.

Girl holding phone in protective, waterproof case - Best Universal Waterproof Phone Case For Vacation - CaliCase

The most common item almost everyone brings with them on their vacations is their phone. Why? Because not only does your cell phone allow you to keep in touch with those back home or to find family members who may have split off for an activity, it’s the easiest way to capture memories. I love looking back on photos from previous vacations but all too often, I’ve left my phone behind because I was scare of it getting damaged. This year, water damage won’t be a worry for us as we’ll have our CaliCases to protect our phones!

Best Waterproof Case For Vacation - CaliCase

The CaliCase Universal Waterproof Floating Pouch Case

Have you ever heard about the CaliCase Universal Waterproof Floating Pouch before? If not, I’m super excited to share more with you today! One reason I dislike phone cases is the fact that every time anyone gets a new phone, I have to spend a bunch more money getting a case for each particular model and style. Well, not when I’m using the CaliCase to protect from water! Their cases are universal, come in two sizes, and can be used in conjunction with your normal protective case if you’d like.

phone cases/pouches in a lineup- Best Universal Waterproof Phone Case For Vacation - CaliCase

Funny Story – Flashback

When our oldest son was a toddler, he threw my (new!) iPhone in the toilet! So ever since, I’ve been especially nervous having our gadgets around any water sources. If you’ve ever had an accident with your phone and water, the CaliCase can provide you with the security you need.

phone protected in waterproof pouch - Best Universal Waterproof Phone Case For Vacation - CaliCase

There are so many times water has damaged phones. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of stories yourself. Personally, I’ve heard many stories of people jumping in water, forgetting about the fact their phone is in their pocket. I know several people personally who have found their phones slipping out of a pocket and into the toilet as they stood up in a restroom.

Girl with phone in protective, waterproof pouch - Best Universal Waterproof Phone Case For Vacation - CaliCase

The world famous CaliCase is the only waterproof pouch you will ever need!

These pouches are built to last, featuring double layer protection with the highest quality materials available.

phone at the beach - Best Universal Waterproof Phone Case For Vacation - CaliCase

3 Quick Reasons Why Everyone Loves The CaliCase:

  1. It Floats! The built in foam padding allows your phone to float on water when in the protection of a CaliCase. No more stressing out about losing your phone. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys boating, kayaking or going anywhere near deep water!
  2. 2 Layers Of Protections! It’s constructed with 2 layers of high quality PVC plastic, which ensures maximum waterproof protection and long term usability. Most of the cheaper competitor cases use just one layer of cheap plastic that is easy to puncture and ends up leaking. The CaliCase team decided to make a more premium case that will ensure no leaks and works hard to keep your valuables safe!
  3. Available In 15 Stylish Color Options! You want a case that suits your style and CaliCase has you covered with 15 unique color options: Black, White, Gold, Silver, Sky Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Blue glow in the dark, Yellow glow in the dark, Pink glow in the dark, Camo, American Flag, and Clear.
Best Universal Waterproof Phone Case For Vacation + CaliCase Discount (1)

Yes, It’s Truly A Universal Pouch That Will Fit Any Phone!

The CaliCase is available in two size options, universal and extra large. The universal size is made to fit all phones – however if you have a bigger size phone like the iPhone pro Max, Note 10 plus, or use a thick case like an OtterBox or Lifeproof; then they recommend their Extra Large version that will give you a little bit more room.

I have to say that I’m really excited to have CaliCases for our phones this summer. Even if our vacation ends up falling through, we live in the land of 10,000 lakes and I know they will come in handy for years to come!

girl with phone at the beach - Best Universal Waterproof Phone Case For Vacation - CaliCase

Connect With CaliCase

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Discount Code

Be sure to use the code ‘thriftynifty‘ at checkout to receive 20% off your very own CaliCase!

Best Universal Waterproof Phone Case For Vacation + CaliCase Discount & Giveaway

Enter To Win A CaliCase!

We’re so excited to team up with CaliCase for this giveaway because they are giving 20 (YES TWENTY!) lucky Thrifty Nifty Mommy readers their very own CaliCase Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch! Each winner may choose their color, based on availability. This giveaway is open to the US and Canada. Just enter the widget below for your chance to win. *The sponsor will receive emails of entrants. Good luck!

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