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My BEST Nadine West Subscription Package Yet!

When I used to look in my closet, I’d feel like ‘I had nothing to wear’.  Until a couple years ago, I actually still had some of the same clothes that I wore in HIGH SCHOOL!  (Spoiler:  I’m not THAT young!  I’ve been out of school for over 15 years already!)  Do any of you struggle with that same dread when you approach your closet each day?  If so, I wanted to suggest checking out a Nadine West Subscription Package.  They sent me another fantastic package for review and I’m super excited to share this one with you!

A Clothing Subscription Service?

It’s easy to see why clothing subscription services are all the rage these days.  Life is just so busy for everyone and they make it really handy to get fun new items.  The problem with most services though is the price.  While I’ve been wanting to try a clothing subscription for several years now, the cost of the products held me back from taking the leap.  That is, until I discovered Nadine West’s affordable clothes shipped right to my door!  Most items range from $7 to under $40!

My BEST Nadine West Subscription Package Yet! - You have to see this!

Nadine West Women’s Clothing Service

Finding a clothing subscription for women that fits your style and budget is easier than ever with Nadine West.  This fun fashion service sends their  subscribers custom packages filled with  personalized styles. 

Your pink package arrives each month filled with a variety of fashion items, hand chosen just for you.  Then, you get to try those items out from the comfort of your very own home.  This makes it easier to see how they fit into your current wardrobe as well as get opinions from your family and friends.

Then, simply return what you don’t love in the same pink envelope with the return label and tape that’s included.  (By the date specified on your invoice.)  And that’s it!  No hidden costs.  Just buy what you love.  Send back what you don’t!

My BEST Nadine West Subscription Package Yet!

I recently received my June package and am thrilled to share that it was my best Nadine West subscription package yet!  It was also one of my biggest.  Check out my live video unboxing for initial reactions.  (I will highlight almost every item in the rest of my post below but you’ll need to watch the video to see every piece received):

What’s Inside This Month:

Each package typically contains 4-6 fashion items but I’ve seen some with up to 10.  This can be any combination from a couple of tops, bottom, dress, and jewelry.  They will also sometimes include seasonal items such as scarves, sunglasses, or possibly even a beanie. 

So while your pretty pink package from Nadine West Subscription Service will always be a surprise, rest assured that it will contain a variety of amazing items!  I was super excited and surprised this month because I actually received a total of 14 items this time!  My package contained a variety of tops, bottoms, jewelry, and even a scarf.  

My Favorite Piece

While I loved a lot of the items in my Nadine West subscription package, my ultimate favorite was this pink flannel top.  I’ve always wanted a cute flannel but never took time to go shopping to find the perfect one.  However, I am thrilled with Nadine West because they definitely hit the nail on the head with this one!  Pink is one of my favorite colors and this top is super cute.

My BEST Nadine West Subscription Package Yet! - You have to see this!

It can be worn open or closed and I love the cute sleeve details and button option.  There’s also a little pocket on the one side which I think really adds an extra flair to tops.  Simple but cute, I will definitely be wearing this a lot come Fall.  The price on this top is $29.99 to keep.

If You’ve Been Following My Nadine West Posts…..

Over the months of my Nadine West reviews, I’ve shared that our oldest daughter, Hannah, and I actually share some clothes.  So she’s usually just as excited to see these bright pink packages arrive as I am.  And this month is no different.  We will definitely be sharing several items!  While I’ve confiscated the pink flannel as solely mine, most of the rest we’ll be rotating between the two of us.

My BEST Nadine West Subscription Package Yet! - You have to see this!

That includes this black top and black and white capris bottoms.   The price on this shirt is $30.49 to keep and the bottoms are $23.99.  Both are comfortable and super cute.

My BEST Nadine West Subscription Package Yet! - You have to see this!

Who Loves Cardigans!?!?

While not necessarily ‘summery’, I love cardigans.  On cooler days and especially all winter long, they are a must have.  Even during summer, the evenings can get cool and it’s great to have a comfy cardigan to grab.  So I was glad to see this keep pink-ish one in my package.  (It’s the other item that I called dibs on for solely my closet.)

My BEST Nadine West Subscription Package Yet! - You have to see this!

It’s a great length, not too long and not too short.  I love the muted pink color with grey-ish speckles mixed in.  It’s stretchy and soft, the perfect combination!  To keep, this cardigan is $36.99.  This is at the higher end of Nadine West pricing but still a fairly good price for a great cardigan.

Another Cute Outfit!

We’re also sharing this next adorable mix and match set.  The chevron rust colored top features a cute knotted front and unique pattern design.  The stripes alternate directions on each half of the shirt, really balancing out the color and pattern.  

My BEST Nadine West Subscription Package Yet! - You have to see this!

These black bottoms are capri length, perfect for the summer season.  If you look closely, you can see the slight design variation down the side of the legs.  Super cute and comfortable.  And the best part is that each side features a CELL PHONE POCKET!  Isn’t this outfit great!?  The top is $29.49 to keep while the bottoms run $24.99.

Shout Out For Shorts!

We all need a great pair of shorts for summer and our Nadine West subscription package definitely delivered!  This pair of floral print shorts features a cute front tie.  They are light and airy and work well for a hot summer day.

My BEST Nadine West Subscription Package Yet! - You have to see this!


The jewelry pieces this month were both winners for Hannah and I.  Simple, cute, and super fashionable.  I think both pieces are trendy and stylish and could be worn in a variety of settings.

My BEST Nadine West Subscription Package Yet! - You have to see this!

And finally, have you ever thought about using scarves and other accessories for other uses?  We received a gorgeous yellow floral scarf that looks fantastic on my accent table in our dining room!

My BEST Nadine West Subscription Package Yet! - You have to see this!

So what do you think?  Did you like what we received in this months Nadine West Subscription package?

Learn More:

Head over to Nadine West to learn more about what they offer.


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Missy Trame

Monday 8th of July 2019

I'm loving those shorts and really everything you showed in the package 😍 I might give it a try.

Mia E.

Sunday 30th of June 2019

Everything looks really good but my absolute favorite is the cardigan. Good choice to go with so many outfits.

Sandra Preti

Sunday 30th of June 2019

All very cute looks!

Lauryn R

Sunday 30th of June 2019

These are all super cute items that you received this time, thank you so much for sharing! I can definitely see why you kept the flannel and cardigan, both are beautiful! I am not good at shopping for clothes so this is definitely a service that I need to look into. I am also a fan of the fact that they send you workout/athletic clothing as well!

Jeanine Carlson

Sunday 30th of June 2019

You and Hannah are lucky to be able to share clothes like that! Very cute!!