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The Best Knives for Cutting Vegetables That are Affordable Too

We recently purchased a new home and with that new home has come a handful of new items we desperately needed. One of them was a set of knives and I wanted to get the best knives for cutting vegetables since we’re trying to eat more and more of those.

The knives we had were old and dull (like 15 years old) and they were pretty cheap to begin with. They had never been good for cutting vegetables and, although they did work for cutting other things, they didn’t work very well.

Have you ever seen those cooking shows where a chef is chopping away at vegetables so quickly? I have always wondered how they could do that because I just could not. It took me forever when it was time to cut vegetables. They made it look effortless!

Because cutting took me so long, that meant preparing good, wholesome recipes for my family took a long time. As a mom of 6, I just don’t have time for that!

I have a friend who is a pastry chef, a true pastry chef. She went to school and learned how to make these amazing pastry dishes. I love her macarons, cakes, specialty desserts, and all of the other delicious things she bakes!

So one day I asked her, “what’s the trick to preparing food fasting?” You know what she said? Cutting! There’s a proper way to cut food that makes it cut so much faster, but you also need a good set of knives to do that.

Ever since that conversation, I’ve been on the hunt for a great set of knives. I’ve talked to friends, family, and after trying out 3 different new sets over the last few months, I’m here to tell you that the best set of knives for cutting vegetables (and really cutting just about anything you need cut) is Cutluxe.

Cutluxe knives with vegetables

Home cooks, pastry chefs, fine dining chefs, professional chefs – it doesn’t matter what kind of cook, chef, or baker you are, a good knife if useful to anyone who spends time in the kitchen.

One of the first things I used my new set of Cutluxe knives for was to cut cilantro. I love having cilantro in dishes but I would always find that with other knives they never cut the leaves well. They would have marks all over them where they should have cut but did not.

Wow, cutting with my Cutluxe Chef’s knives set was a breeze! I chopped that cilantro in a minute and it was cut beautifully! I knew I was dealing with a great knife collection from that moment on.

Now that garden season is here, having a good set of knives will make it easier to enjoy your fresh vegetables and prepare them for canning and freezing too.

Cutluxe 8-Piece Knife Block Set Artisian Series Review

I’ve been trying out the 8-piece knife block set from Cutluxe for the past few months. It comes with an 8” Chef Knife, 5” Paring Knife, 7” Santoku Knife, 10” Bread Knife, 9” Carving Knife, 5” Utility Knife, 5” Serrated Utility Knife, 8” Honing Rod, and an Acadia Wood Storage Block that’s just gorgeous!

Cutluxe knives

You can purchase these knives separately but great the best value by purchasing them as a set.

I was so impressed with the sharp edge of these knives! They are definitely the kind of knives you don’t want to just stick in a sink of soapy water because you wouldn’t want to accidentally cut yourself on one.

Key Features of the Artisan Series Cutluxe Knives

  • German high-carbon stainless steel tempered to 56+ Rockwell for incredible edge retention
  • Full tang for maximum robustness. For those of you who don’t know what that means (don’t feel bad, I didn’t either!) “Full-tang” means it is one long piece of steel from tip down through the handle. Grips are attached from the sides. This knife is built to last a lifetime
  • Ergonomic pakkawood handle for superior strength, refinement, and beauty
  • Hand sharpened at 14-16° per side for peak performance handling kitchen tasks

Acadia Wood Storage Block

In the past, I have found the wood storage blocks that have come with my knife sets to be unattractive and so I’ve just gotten rid of them and put my knives in a drawer. This storage block is crafted with such beautiful wood that I was excited to display it on my counter.

This storage block is made to last with durable material and a classic look that’s timeless. It’s nice to have my knives within easy reach while I’m cooking.

8″ Chef Knife

I use this chef’s knife often to slice cuts of meats or even a whole chicken. I also like it a lot for hard veggies (like sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, etc.). It has sliced both soft and hard foods with excellence. I use this knife very frequently!

5” Paring Knife

Every kitchen needs a great paring knife. I use my paring knife a lot for cutting vegetables and fruit too. It has a razor-sharp edge for effortless peeling, slicing, and trimming of fruit and vegetables. It’s an ideal choice for peeling apples, peers, hulling tomatoes and slicing celery.

Hulling a tomato with a Cutluxe knife.

7” Santoku Knife

As someone who has no formal cooking education, I had no idea what Santoku knives were. Do you know? After a bit of research, I learned that the main difference between a Chef’s knife and a Santoku knife is the origin and blade shape. If you’ve ever seen a chef on television rocking a knife blade back and forth, that’s likely a Chef’s knife. Those blades are meant to be rocked like that to complete the cut.

On the other hand, a Santoku knife blade does not have a tip like a Chef’s knife and you’re meant to make a downward cut, slicing in one downward motion. Many say that using a Santoku knife is faster and more efficient.

Cutluxe knife

This Japanese-style knife is such a versatile knife and one I find myself reaching for often these days. It is an all-purpose kitchen knife. The name literally means three uses which are cutting, slicing, and chopping.

You can distinguish this type of knife easily because it has little oval-shaped indents on the knife. Why? They aren’t just there for looks. The grooves fill with fat and juices when slicing through meat, allowing more contact between the food and the blade for fast, easy cutting.

We recently had pork loin for dinner and slicing the pork was effortless with this knife.

Cutluxe Japanese style knife

It’s the best Japanese knife I’ve ever tried. I love it! I use it often for cutting tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and squash. It’s good for making thin slices.

10” Bread Knife

Okay, this post is about the best knives for cutting vegetables, but this set does come with a bread knife. I don’t want to just pass over this type of knife because bread knives get a lot of use, at least in our home. Plus, we often add veggies to bread, like homemade zucchini bread. Yum!

This large knife has a serrated blade that’s razor-sharp and makes slicing thick breads, toasts, bagels, baguettes, brioche, cakes, and more effortless. While it’s not a vegetable knife, it’s certainly a knife that will be used often in most households.

9” Carving Knife

Cutluxe describes this knife as, a perfectly engineered slicing knife tapered to a razor-sharp edge for effortless carving and slicing of roast, beef, pork, poultry as well other larger fruits and vegetables.

This knife has a long blade that’s good for slicing. It might not be the first knife you reach for when cutting vegetables, but it’s another blade that’s useful to have in your kitchen. It’s going to give you clean cuts for your meats every time with it’s broad blade.

5” Utility Knife

If you’re not comfortable using a longer knife then this 5″ utility knife is the one you’ll want to use for cutting vegetables. I really like this one for slicing tomatoes and peppers fresh from the garden. It’s also great for slicing lunch meat, cheeses, and sandwiches, filleting fish, and portioning meat.

5” Serrated Utility Knife

The sharp teeth on this knife are great for slicing smaller breads like baguettes and bagels. I’ve also used it at times to cut tomatoes and find it does a great job with those.

8” Honing Rod

I can’t forget to mention the honing rod. It’s an important tool that all kitchens should have to keep your knives sharp. This is a very good quality honing rod that you’ll want to use frequently.

How to Choose the Best Knife for Cutting Particular Vegetables

This answer is not going to be a one-size-fits-all kind of answer. Sorry! The right knife for me may not be the right knife for you. The size of your hand is also going to affect which knife or knives you end up preferring.

Some people prefer cutting most of their veggies with a larger knife life a chef’s knife, others always grab a Japenese-style santoku knife. Still, others prefer a smaller knife like the paring knife or utility for most vegetable cutting jobs. So much of it is a personal preference.

That’s why I highly recommend investing in a full set like this. It gives you the right tools you’ll need to always have a comfortable cutting and chopping experience. You will also be able to test out a variety of knives and see which one(s) you personally prefer.

Cutluxe knife

For me, I like the pairing knife for chopping smaller vegetables. I feel it’s also the best option for cutting up carrot sticks and celery stalks and chopping the ends off of my green beans.

When it comes to chopping vegetables quickly for something like stew, I tend to reach for the santoku knife.

Often I find myself using a combination of knives while cutting my vegetables. For example, I like the paring knife for peeling potatoes, but then I like to get out the chef’s knife to cut and dice them.

The chef’s knife and santoku knife work well for a wide variety of vegetables.

Cutluxe knife cutting a tomato

Overall Thoughts on This Cutluxe Knife Set

Cutluxe gets five out of five stars for presentation. The knives arrived in a beautiful box and were packaged so well. If you are thinking of giving this set as a gift, do it!

Cutluxe 8 piece artisian series knive set, the perfect knives for cutting vegetables.

I’ve been using these knives for a few months now and overall, I’m very impressed. They each have an ergonomic handle that offers a very comfortable grip while using. The polished pakkawood handle is beautiful! Each of the different sizes features a stainless steel blade that rivals any sharp blade I’ve ever used.

It’s great to have an assortment of knives to choose from so I can have the best type for each specific purpose. It’s been so nice to have so many knife types readily available to me!

These knives are not dishwasher safe however my older children have accidentally put them in the dishwasher on occasion and it’s turned out okay. I do try to hand wash them for longevity though. I want them to last as long as possible!

Speaking of my children, the blades provide a very sharp edge so you will definitely want to avoid letting young children handle them.

I’m very happy with this set of knives and would recommend to friends and family without reservation.

Buy Cutluxe Knives

These knives are sold on Amazon but are often at a more affordable price when purchased directly through the Cutluxe website. They have great customer support! You can purchase as a whole set or purchase individual knives too.

Cutluxe knife set

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gloria patterson

Monday 4th of July 2022

These really look and sound like a great set of knifes. I have to admit I have watched cooking shows cutting a green onion and they always slice so nice............. when I do it not so nice.

I am not a fan of knife blocks I have a metal magnet plate mounted on the wall. So easy to see which knife and reach for it.


Wednesday 29th of June 2022

They look like really good knives.

Mia E.

Monday 27th of June 2022

My set of knives is getting old and dull. Having a complete set of quality knives like this would make the job of preparing meals quicker and more efficient.