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The 30 Best Easter Books for Toddlers

I love reading books with my children! I start reading to them around 6 months of age and just continue on as long as they will let me!

Even my twelve-year-old still likes to sit and listen as I read picture books.

I use just about every holiday as an excuse to get my children new books. We all love them!

Toddlers typically don’t like to sit still for books that have a lot of wordy pages, but short books with colorful illustrations are always a hit!

A collection of Easter books for toddlers with a text overlay that says, "30 Best Easter books for toddlers."

I gathered together a list of my favorite Easter books for toddlers. Some of these are newer books and some are books that our family has treasured for years.

Some of these Easter books are Christian and some are secular Easter books.

I hope you and your children will find many Easter stories you love from this list!

Can’t buy all of these books? Of course not – who could!

But, what you can do, is use this list as a guide as you head to your local library to check out an assortment of great Easter books that young and older children alike will enjoy reading!

If you don’t currently use your local library, there is no time like the present! Trust me, it’s a good idea! My kids love going to the library to check out new books.

They may even have an additional list of Easter books or even a children’s Easter books section available to help you find even more great reading options.

Easter Books for Toddlers

I love reading to my children! When holidays come, I love giving each of them at least one new book. This year I took some time to round up a list of the best Easter books for toddlers. Young children love to sit on a lap and listen to stories. In fact, I try to read a book with my little boy every single day. It's such a great way to spend quality time together.

This Easter Sunday, give young readers a gift they will enjoy for years when you give them a new book!

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Ashley Parks

Saturday 26th of March 2022

These all look like great books! We actually have a few of these! We don't have the Llama Llama Easter Egg book though. We love llama llama books, but I haven't seen that one before. That would be a good addition this Easter!


Monday 14th of March 2022

My kids love bunny books.