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20+ Of The BEST Big Family Tips, Tricks, And Hacks {+ Staying Healthy With BioActive Nutrients}

This Big Family Tips, Tricks, And Hacks post is sponsored by BioActive Nutrients.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Okay, what defines a big family?  Some may say three kids.  Others say five.  Honesty, I’m more apt to say you have to have around eight kids to count as a ‘big family’.  But no matter the exact number, those of us with kids love to learn big family tips, tricks, and hacks, right!?!  So today, I’ve got some great ones for you!

The BEST Big Family Tips, Tricks, And Hacks 11

Big Family Tips, Tricks, And Hacks

I’m always on the hunt for ways to save money, make life easier, and just have more fun.  However, I don’t want to have to spend hours cutting coupons or searching for the best way.  So instead, I decided to round up the best of the best tricks of the trade for you all!  Get ready to try out some of these big family tips, tricks, and hacks.

Fast Food Party Platter

The next time you head to a fast food place, order a party platter instead of a bunch of combo meals!  It’s almost always the cheaper way to go!

The BEST Big Family Tips, Tricks, And Hacks

Skip The Hotel, Go AirBnb Or VRBO

Renting a house gives you plenty of space PLUS a fully functioning kitchen.  So not only do you save money from having to rent a giant suite or multiple hotel rooms, you are also able to save on food by cooking meals.

Rent Cars Using Turo

It’s like Airbnb for vehicles. When you go on vacation check out  Many times, you can get a vehicle for almost half the price of car rental agencies.

Go Big Or Go Home

Buy in bulk.  Sams Club and Costco have some great money saving options.  Example: Costco has bags of precut olives.  Just open it, then store in a container in the fridge. Soooo much cheaper than olives in cans, PLUS, saves time too because they are already cut.  Also check Amazon pricing.  Buy oatmeal, rice, wheat berries (get a grinder to make into flour) corn meal, lentils, sugar, salt, etc…….in 50 pound bags from Amazon with free shipping to save you time and money!

Color Code

You can color code almost anything!  Kid dishes, towels, notebooks, etc.  That way, you always know who the owner is!  You can even color code swimsuits (boys wear swim shirts too).  This also makes it easier to see exactly where each kid is with a quick glance at in the water.

The BEST Big Family Tips, Tricks, And Hacks

So Many Cups

If you’re tired of finding cups all over the place OR your family making all  your cups dirty all the time, this is a great big family tips, tricks, and hacks.  Color bands on glass mason jars for drinks.  (Who knew this color-coding can seriously work for EVERYTHING!)

Magic Flour

Just kidding.  The flour isn’t magic.  But it feels a little like it because you can turn it into SO many things!  Head to one of those club stores again for a giant bag and then make your own bread, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, homemade pizza crusts, and cinnamon rolls.  Plus, cakes and cookies!

Easy Non-Toxic Cleaner Recipe

Throw your leftover lemon and orange peels into a jar of vinegar for an all purpose non toxic cleaner.  So simple!  And it smells pretty good too.

Stay Healthy

With all the people in the house, you definitely want to find a way to stay healthy.  Learned about homeopathy, essential oils, oregano oil, and flower essences to keep healthy and from having to visit doctors offices.  Chiropractic care can also help!

Grow A Garden For More Than One Reason

Keep a garden for making quick, healthy, and fresh salads.  You can also make your own salsa and pasta sauces.  Can extras for use during the winter.  Plus, a garden doubles as a way to keep the littles busy all summer!

The BEST Big Family Tips, Tricks, And Hacks

Raise Animals

If you have the space or live out in the country, raise some animals for meat, eggs, and entertainment.  They serve a multitude of purposes.  If you’re really ambitious, you could always get a farm!

Make Laundry Manageable

Give each family member their own laundry hampers.   Help them learn to separate into 2 loads (whites and non-whites).  Place all white laundry in one “community basket” load and assign each person a day of the week to wash their ‘other load’.  By the time they are about 7, they’ll be able to do their own laundry!  

Ask About Group Rates

Did you realize that some places start their group discounts at just 8 to 12 people!?!   You do usually have to call ahead and register for a time slot as a group, but a ‘large’ family alone or with just a friend or two can qualify for the group rates.  (Just a few ideas of places that may offer discounts are: Waterslides, Apple Farm Tour, Group Horseback Rides, Pumpkin Farm, Museums, Movie Theaters.)

The BEST Big Family Tips, Tricks, And Hacks

Maybe Look At Celebrating Options Too

Along with checking for group rates, be sure to check out birthday party options.  Sometimes, it’s better to buy a birthday party so you get admission PLUS pizza!  🙂  

Don’t Count Out An Annual/Family Membership Either

So you only plan to go once?  That’s okay.  With big families, it’s still almost always cheaper to buy the annual family membership!  We went to a museum a couple years ago where we saved over $20 with the annual membership, versus just buying a day pass for everyone.  It was far enough away, we knew we’d never go again.  But saved money is saved money!

Create A Family Closet Laundry Room

This was THE best thing we’ve ever done.  Create closet space into the laundry room for the entire family.  We have hanging space, drawers, and shelves for all seven of us.  This keeps all clothes near the washer and dryer which saves SO MUCH time.  Plus, you gain more storage space because you can now use the closets in the bedrooms for other things.

Look For Fruit And Make A Deal

Find people in your area with fruit trees that are not being picked or maintained.  Offer to maintain in exchange for some of the produce!  Bonus because it’s almost always organic.  And then you can whip up delicious spreads like my grandma’s amazing Plum Apple Jelly!

The BEST Big Family Tips, Tricks, And Hacks

Choose Travel Times Wisely

Try to make travel plans for off season.  You can almost always find cheaper rates for the months of September, February, and April.


Do you find that you forget where you park?  From now on, try to always park in the same area of the parking lot each time so it’s easy to remember where your spot it.  And if you can find an area near a cart return, it makes for easier transport to the store by grabbing a cart as well as putting away once your done.  Another tip would be to park near a sidewalk and so your little ducklings can walk along the building and only cross traffic once!

Co-Ops For Better Pricing

Start or find a group co-op in your area.  We’ve found that we can sometimes save up to 50% on produce when buying directly from the seller with a small group in our community.  

20+ Of The BEST Big Family Tips, Tricks, And Hacks {+ Staying Healthy With BioActive Nutrients} 2

Stay Healthy With BioActive Nutrients Oregano Oil

Okay guys.  I’m going to get on my soapbox here for a little bit.  I can’t stand when sickness hits our house.  Because if one person gets sick, it used to be over a month of it running through the whole house!  (Nobody has time for that!!!)  So over the years, I’ve tried to find ways to prevent it, as I’m sure we all do.  Well, about 8+ years ago, a friend introduced me to BioActive Nutrients Oregano Oil.  She’s a mom to six and the whole family had been taking it for years as an immune booster.  So I gave it a go.  And now I’m also a firm believer!  This stuff really seems to work as our family has seen a huge decrease in illness as well as duration when something does hit the house!  

20+ Of The BEST Big Family Tips, Tricks, And Hacks {+ Staying Healthy With BioActive Nutrients} 1

Day-to-day living exposes our bodies to all kinds of challenges to our internal health.  This Oregano Oil is expertly formulated to help maintain immune system integrity, in support of stronger overall health. 


Everyone in my family takes a dose of Oregano Oil daily.  It definitely has a strong flavor so I actually take little shot-sized glasses and put a splash of grape juice in the bottom.  Then I add the 6 drops of oregano oil.  This mixture helps mask the flavor and my kids don’t even mind taking it.  

As a long-time customer, I can honestly say I absolutely 100% put my money where my mouth is on this.   We use Oregano Oil daily, year round!  

Stay Healthy With BioActive Nutrients Oregano Oil - Daily Immune Booster

BioActive Nutrients also has a variety of other great products to try as well.  Their Oregano Oil just happens to be my favorite!

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