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The Very Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for 2024 – Gifts Moms Really Appreciate And Use!

Are you pregnant or have some friends or family members that are? Miranda and I have worked together to come up with this list of our favorite baby shower gift ideas for 2022. Why should you take our advice? Well, Miranda has 6 children (her youngest was just born in January 2022) and I have 6 kids as well and I’m expecting my 7th in August.

We are basically parenting experts at this point and definitely very experienced in what things we’ve found helpful for the baby years. These are the items that we would want if someone hosted a baby shower for us!

The Very Best Baby Shower Gifts - Ones Moms Really Appreciate And Use!

The Best Baby Shower Gifts

We’ve worked together for weeks to come up with a comprehensive list of our favorite baby shower gift ideas that we think are perfect for any expecting or new parent.

Gifts From Her Baby Registry

First, I want to start by saying if the mom-to-be has a baby registry, check there first. The best baby shower gifts are ones the new mom will really use!

Moms put a lot of time and energy into their registries. If it’s on her baby registry, it’s obviously something she really wants. I can’t stress this enough! Shop her registry first, if she has one. Check to see if she has a Target Baby Registry, Amazon Baby Registry, or a Walmart Baby Registry.

Just because an item is something you don’t think she will actually use, it doesn’t mean she won’t! For example, a lot of people say that wipe warmers are a waste, but I happen to have loved mine. In the winter when our home is colder, I’ve always felt like my babies hated cold wipes, so the wipe warmer made them feel so much better at diaper change time.

Any item from her registry is always a perfect baby shower gift!

Gift Cards and Cash

Other things new moms always love and appreciate are gift cards and cash. Usually, there are some big-ticket items that aren’t given to them that they’ll still need to get. Money or a gift card is a great way to help make a dent in purchasing those bigger items.

Big-Ticket Items

If you are a close friend or relative planning to get one of those bigger baby gear items, like a stroller, car seat, crib, changing table, rocking chair, high chair, baby swing, or bouncer, please make sure you check her registry or talk to her personally about these items. Moms usually have a specific brand or item in mind for all of these and although I’m sure she will appreciate the gift no matter what, it’s just much better if you get her the specific one she wanted.

Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Useful gifts are a great thing to get pregnant moms, especially if this isn’t her first baby. I have always loved it when someone gifts me baby wipes and diapers! I know I will use them. Some moms are particular about the brand(s) they like to use, so you might want to check about that. Other practical gifts are things like receiving blankets, burp cloths, a white noise machine, crib sheets, a night light, a great thermometer, a diaper pail, and pacifier clips.

Baby Clothes

It’s so much fun to shop for baby clothes! If you want to purchase baby clothes for the new mom, just make sure you know that she needs clothes for her baby and try to match her style. We’ve got a great list of trendy baby girl clothes and accessories and timeless baby clothes for newborn boys that make precious keepsake gifts too.

Baby socks, baby onesies, and baby sleepers in various sizes always come in handy!

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Unique baby gifts are so much fun to bring to baby showers! You could make her a diaper cake or get a personalized item, like a blanket with the baby’s name on it. Another great unique gift idea – a cleaning service or something else to make household chores easier, like a robotic vacuum cleaner. You could also get her a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant for take-out on rough days.

A List of Our Favorite Baby Gifts for 2022

Best Baby Shower Gifts - Ideas She'll Love!

We've assembled a list of the very best baby shower gift ideas for 2022. These gifts are sure to delight a new mom and her baby!

If you’re checking out this blog post for ideas to add to your own baby registry, you’re probably also on the hunt for some great maternity clothes too. Make check out our Stylish Maternity Clothes From Kindred Bravely. And, while the items in this list are mainly focused on your baby, we also have great baby shower gift ideas for moms too.


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